Searching For Lambs - traditional

This has long been one of Ruth’s favourite songs. We knew this was going to be a perfect Nuada song from the first time we played it. Above we see Ruth’s husband, Robert, searching for lambs up in the hills in Dorset. He is standing on the edge of the Kingston Russell stone circle. A truly magical place...but no lambs were found.

Ferris - sopranino recorder
Ruth - hurdy gurdy, vocals
Sam - bouzouki

As I rode out one May morning
One May morning betimes
I met a maid from home had strayed
All as the sun did shine

What makes you rise so soon my dear
Your journey to pursue
Your pretty little feet they tread so neat
Strike off the morning dew

I go to feed my father’s flocks
His young and tender lambs
That over hills and over dales
Go searching for their dams

Oh stay oh stay you handsome maid
And rest a moment here
For there is none but you alone
That I do love so dear

How gloriously the sun do shine
How lovely is the air
I’d rather rest on my true love’s breast
Than any other where

For I am thine and thou art mine
And no man shall uncomfort be
We’ll join our hands in wedlock bands
And married we shall be
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