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A plump Papercourt Pike

One of the best things about Pike fishing for me - the Autumn colours, from the begining of October the pike season starts
and the fish are in their best condition.

This is the point where I must mention a few friends, although I have been known to fish alone from time to time sometimes it is nice to fish with friends, it also helps you to pick up on helpful tips and ways.

One of the most influential anglers I have known (for the best part of 25 years ) is Alan Beale.
Alan, has a passion for Pike angling and general course fishing, I have probably spent more time fishing with him than anyone else (He has also helped me make endless Ramrod & Specials disappear too!!).
All his experience has proved invaluable.

Another Angler that has been a constant source of information and runs countless fishing events and charities - Allan Stone,
Allan (Captain Methane)has raised thousands of pounds for his chosen charity (more information about that later) and also controls the bailiffs on quite a number of fisheries around the London/Surrey area, he is always worth asking if you are not sure of a water.

The Pike Anglers Club

The Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain
And Ireland

Before any prospective Pike angler begins fishing I must recommend that he or she joins the Pike Anglers Club.
By joining the Club you will recieve monthly magazines containing all the nessesary information regarding Rods and terminal tackle and any relavent information on the do's and dont's of Pike angling. The PAC will also be a valuable asset to you with regard to any problems you may incur during your new branch of angling.

The following pages may help you to
make a better decision with regards
to purchasing the correct tackle.

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Hi, I'm Terry Jones welcome to my fishing pages.
Over the next few pages I will be talking about fishing for my favourite species (Pike) and how I go about catching them

Ever since I first started fishing with my Dad (I was about six years old), I had a fascination for Pike, my Dad wasn't really interested in predators but he didn't stop me from scrounging one or two of his roach from the keepnet and trying my hand at a spot of livebaiting.
On one occasion I had a fright when a huge Pike came to the surface with my bait in it's jaws only to turn away stripping the 4oz Roach from the wire trace. My interest really comes from the "Mr Crabtree goes fishing" series. Mr"Crabtree for years was my fishing hero, nowdays some of his methods may seem a bit out of date (if not taboo) but the basic principals still apply.

After nearly 40 years of angling I have (I think) built up a fairly sound knowledge of how to go about tackling Pike in the correct manner. ( I can also remove the hooks now without the help of my Dad ).

Nowdays with all the improvements in tackle technology and a greater knowlege and understanding of how to go about catching them, Pike fishing is a much more popular passtime. Every angler should give Pike fishing a try, once you catch one or two you will soon get the bug!.

Frensham Great Pond

Alan Beale with Blenheim Palace Double

Allan Stone taking a break
from fishing and waiting for some
funny shaped balls at The Stoop
(NEC Harlequins).

All the pictures on this site
were created using a Sony Digital
8 Camcorder in Still mode.

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