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SHC10, episode-1 on Sunday 27th April  2008 at 5:45pm - 'Scrap Speed Record'
SHC10, episode-2 on Sunday 4th May 2008 at 6pm - 'Scooter Shooter'
SHC10, episode-3 on Sunday 11th May 2008 at 5:45pm - 'Superbikes'
SHC10, episode-4 on Sunday 18th May 2008 at 5:40pm - 'Decoration Dash'
SHC10, episode-5 on Sunday 25th May 2008 at 5:45pm - 'Dune Bashers'
SHC10, episode-6 on Sunday 1st June 2008 at 5:45pm - 'Powerboats'
SHC10, episode-7 on Sunday 8th June 2008 at 5:45pm - 'Rocket Railway'
SHC10, episode-8 on Sunday 15th June 2008 at 5:45pm - 'Fire Fighters'
First Semi-Final, episode-9 on Sunday 22nd June 2008 at 5:45pm - 'Snow Shifters'
Second Semi-Final, episode-10 on Sunday 29th June 2008 at 5:45pm - 'Deep Sea Treasure Hunt'
Series-10 FINAL, episode-11 on Sunday 6th July 2008 at 5:55pm - 'Land Tugs'
GRAND FINAL episode-12 on Sunday 13th July 2008 at 5:45pm - 'Manphibious Machines'
episode-13 on Sunday 27th July 2008 at 5:45pm  - 'Hovercraft'
episode-14 on Sunday 3rd August 2008 at 5:45pm  - 'Juice Free Dragsters'
episode-15 on Sunday 10th August 2008 at 4:45pm  - 'Giant Archery'
episode-16 on Sunday 10th August 2008 at 5:45pm - 'Ten Years of Scrapheap, the best off'


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1st October 2008 –  The fabulous 'Car Flinger' episode returns to our screens.

UK television on Sunday 5th October 2008 on the UK channel 'More4' at 10:05am
For anyone who may have missed this excellent episode from the past when the Jaguar engineers the Catalysts and Devonshire farmers the Barley Pickers, build car-flinging machines in just two days, the episode can be seen again on UK television on Sunday 5th October 2008 on the UK channel 'More4' at 10:05am available on both Sky and Freeview. The machines are so large  they barely fit into the workshops, but with machines designed to catapult a car down a disused runway this is hardly surprising.  This epsiode is immediately followed witha 'best of series' episode. at 11:10am.


10th August 2008 –  The end of series-10 finished with a 10th Anniversary special.

Tonight saw the final episode-16 'Scrapheap Challenge 10th Anniversary Best Of'.  What an excellent evening's entertainment with two episodes back-to-back, we saw the ever lovely Nicki Woolmore from past Scrapheap Challenge  and Scrappy Races, join the unforgettable Bowser along with past on-screen expert Tod Todeschini as the Scrapheap All Stars ......... who for the first time ever actually won, nice one guys and gals.  This was immediately followed by the 'Scrapheap Challenge 10th Anniversary Best Of' which as hoped for did bring the lovely Sally Gray to our screen once again, followed by Robert 'The Llew', Cathy Rogers and later Lisa Rogers who before you ask is not a relation to Cathy.  It was good to hear on screen the substance behind the idea by Cathy Rogers that started it all after the film Apollo 13 when the crew had to make 'something out of nothing' to survive.  The actual idea to use a Scrapheap was only after a brainstorming session and was mentioned by someone in the production team., can you image how the program may have turned out if that someone proposed the idea to use a car-boot sale to obtain materials .................. what a different show that would have been.  The original Hovercraft pilot episode back in 1998 was I felt very good just for it's pure raw quality, very much like the first true series with the yellow and orange teams each week.  In all the 'Scrapheap Challenge 10th Anniversary Best Of' was an excellent episode and the Steve G Scrapheap would like to thank not only the teams that took parts to build those wonderful machines, but also everyone  behind the scenes at RDF Television for making it all happen, the runners, the presenters, the camera/video/audio crews, the behind the scene engineering crews both old and new, the art department for those wonderful sets, the brilliant editing room people, the catering  for that excellent food, the directors and producers, and of course RDF Media / RDF Television the most up and coming independent media house in the UK as far as we are concerned.
We can now look forward to the new era with the new format Scrapheap Challenge series-11 hosted by Dick Strawbridge along with  Jim Milner and an expert that each week form the talented Dick's Diamonds when they challenge the public to build machines of invention and idea.  We cannot wait !
If any of you are taking part in any of the new format series-11 events that are being filmed at this very time, such as yesterday and today being filmed at the
Beaulieu Motor Museum, and you would like your teams creations to be featured on this Steve G Scrapheap after the show are seen on television, then you can contact us here for details on how to be included on this website.

8th August 2008 –  episode-15 and episode-16 both on Sunday 10th August 2008

Make sure that you do not miss the two episodes on UK Channel4 television as they are on the same date.  The penultimate episode-15 is on Sunday 10th August at 4:45pm when you can see a remake of the Giant Archery challenge  that was previously used in Scrappy Races but this time it takes place at Bodelwyddan Castle , and immediately after at 5:45pm you can see the final episode-16 in what is the 'Scrapheap Challenge 10 Years Best Of'.

7th August 2008 –  C4 finally release information on the new format series-11

It is good to see that the Steve G Scrapheap is pretty well on the mark still.  Three days after this Steve G Scrapheap provided you with the gossip (read below) the Channel4 Scrapheap website has finally at 11am today provided a little more information regarding the test dates that you the fans can visit and enjoy, hopefully to end up on screen with some of your Scrapheap heroes and maybe get a few autographs.  The dates cover events at Beaulieu Motor Museum on August 9th and 10th (at the same time as the Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club meeting, so I hope nobody has chopped a classic Rolls for anything ... LOL) and Hever Castle on August 16th and 17th,  and Blair Castle on August 24th and 25th.  No need for us to re-write what has been written so have a peek at the C4 information here.  Dick's Diamonds consist of Dick Strawbridge with Jim Milner and an 'expert' for each challenge.  We have also heard that just two of the many guest 'experts' to join Dick's Diamonds are Richard 'Turbo' Vincent and Andy 'Chaos Crew' Middleton from the old Muncher days (Oh, the memories) and Andy 'Barley Picker' Barnes to name just a few.


4th August 2008 –  news on the new format Scrapheap Challenge series-11

Following on the earlier reports regarding the future of Scrapheap Challenge (see entries below dated 9th July and 10th June) things are now appearing much clearer.  The earlier confusing information has gradually been checked and verified by The Steve G Scrapheap and it appears that the new format show will retain the title of Scrapheap Challenge.  The new series does not have Robert or Lisa but is instead headed up by our old favorite Dick Strawbridge who will have an 'expert' to assist each week to build a machine to challenge home build teams.  Each week three various home built teams each have approx £450 to construct a machine that then take on the 'Dick's Diamonds' in the final challenge.  One of the episodes was recently filmed at Beaulieu Motor Museum on 12th July 2008 where some old Scrapheap teams such as the Rocketeers and the Beasts of Bodmin built machines powered by water to take on Dick's Diamonds ...... how did they get on, well you will have to wait and see when the show goes out.  During the series you will see more old faces from past Scrapheap teams, as well as new,  that each week assist Dick Strawbridge to build machines such as tennis ball guns, air powered cannons, and caber tossers to name just a few.  The new series will consist of an indoor film location as well as a conventional scrapyard.
Many thanks to the many Scrapheap fans, especially Michael who was present at Beaulieu,  who have been good enough to write in and keep us all informed.  If you have any news or information on the new format Scrapheap Challenge series-11 and would like to share you findings then contact the Steve G Scrapheap by clicking here.
More news later as we hear it.


27th July 2008 –  The 'Grunts' win the Scrapheap 10th Anniversary Challenge

In the special 10th Anniversary Challenge to celebrate the very first ever Scrapheap Challenge pilot episode the Grunts won the day when they built their version of a hovercraft ........... well almost a hover, but more like a surface skimmer :-).  Andy 'Barley Picker' Barnes along with Richard 'Turbo' Vincent  and Will 'Maximus' Tricket proved their worth as the Scrapheap All Star winners. (Note: look out for Richard 'Turbo' Vincent's face again in the new format show,read the entry below dated 9th July 2008 for more details)

On another note it has been mentioned already here that our beloved Scrapheap Challenge is presently being shown for the first time down under in Australia and the Steve G Scrapheap has been receiving various emails asking questions about the show. One particular man named Scott was compiling a comprehensive listing of all the UK Scrapheap Challenge episodes (excluding Junkyard Wars from the USA, or Full Metal Challenge, or Scrappy Races etc) so he could make sure he does not miss any.  Scott has been good enough to share his results with you all ....................... so the Steve G Scrapheap have added some ore detail to the list and clarified the filming/screening years. How many have you missed ?
The 10 Years of Scrapheap Challenge

Scrapheap Pilot Episode - Hovercraft

1998 series-1
Scrapheap Challenge S01E01 - Seige Headquarters - Yellow Team vs Orange Team
Scrapheap Challenge S01E02 - Power Puller - Yellow Team vs Orange Team
Scrapheap Challenge S01E03 - Sub Aqua - Yellow Team vs Orange Team
Scrapheap Challenge S01E04 - Offroad Challenge  - Yellow Team vs Orange Team
Scrapheap Challenge S01E05 - Power Boat - Yellow Team vs Orange Team
Scrapheap Challenge S01E06 - 1998 series-1 Final,Rockets - Yellow Team vs Orange Team

1999 series-2
Scrapheap Challenge S02E01 - Flying Machine
Scrapheap Challenge S02E02 - Cannon
Scrapheap Challenge S02E03 - Amphibious Car
Scrapheap Challenge S02E04 - Land Yacht
Scrapheap Challenge S02E05 - Mileage Marathon
Scrapheap Challenge S02E06 - Marine Salvage
Scrapheap Challenge S02E07 - 1999 series-2 Final, Walking Machine - Megalomaniacs vs Bodgers

2000 series-3
Scrapheap Challenge S03E01 - Demolition - Chaos Crew vs Beach Boys
Scrapheap Challenge S03E02 - Aerial bomber
Scrapheap Challenge S03E03 - Mini-sub
Scrapheap Challenge S03E04 - Windmill
Scrapheap Challenge S03E05 - Missile launcher
Scrapheap Challenge S03E06 - Bridging machine
Scrapheap Challenge S03E07 - Steam car
Scrapheap Challenge S03E08 - Giant mower
Scrapheap Challenge S03E09 - 2000 series-3 Final, Fireboat - Brothers in Arms vs NERDS
Scrapheap Challenge S03E10 - 2000 Grand Final, Dragster - Brothers in Arms vs Megalomaniacs
Scrapheap Challenge S03E11 - Trans-Atlantic Special, Car crusher Megalomaniacs (UK) vs Long Brothers (USA)

2001 series-4
Scrapheap Challenge S04E01 - Egg Shooter
Scrapheap Challenge S04E02 - Monster Truck
Scrapheap Challenge S04E03 - Torpedo
Scrapheap Challenge S04E04 - Street Cleaner
Scrapheap Challenge S04E05 - White Water Rider
Scrapheap Challenge S04E06 - Snowmobile
Scrapheap Challenge S04E07 - Mobile Crane
Scrapheap Challenge S04E08 - Minesweeper
Scrapheap Challenge S04E09 - Hill Climber
Scrapheap Challenge S04E10 - Tunneller
Scrapheap Challenge S04E11 - 2001 series-4 Final, Hydrofoil - Cat-alysts vs Mulewirghts
Scrapheap Challenge S04E12 - 2001 Grand Final, Car Jousting - Cat-alysts vs Megalomaniacs
Scrapheap Challenge S04E13 - Mega Challenge, All-terrain Marathon - Russian Bears v British Bulldogs v American Raptors

2002 series-5
Scrapheap Challenge S05E01 - Mud Monster
Scrapheap Challenge S05E02 - Hovercraft
Scrapheap Challenge S05E03 - Golfball Gatling Gun
Scrapheap Challenge S05E04 - Blind Navigation
Scrapheap Challenge S05E05 - Rail/Road Racer
Scrapheap Challenge S05E06 - Clockwork Car
Scrapheap Challenge S05E07 - Smooth Rider
Scrapheap Challenge S05E08 - Monowheel
Scrapheap Challenge S05E09 - Tugboat
Scrapheap Challenge S05E10 - Digger
Scrapheap Challenge S05E11 - 2002 series-5 Final, Destroyer - Barley Pickers vs Boat Bouys
Scrapheap Challenge S05E12 - 2002 Grand Final, Car Flinger, Barley Pickers vs Cat-alysts

2003 series-6
Scrapheap Challenge S06E01 - Wheelie Car
Scrapheap Challenge S06E02 - Bomb Disposal
Scrapheap Challenge S06E03 - Backpack Car
Scrapheap Challenge S06E04 - Amphi Bike
Scrapheap Challenge S06E05 - Ice Racer
Scrapheap Challenge S06E06 - Giant Darts
Scrapheap Challenge S06E07 - Jet Car
Scrapheap Challenge S06E08 - Speedboat
Scrapheap Challenge S06E09 - Fire Engine
Scrapheap Challenge S06E10 - Car Curler
Scrapheap Challenge S06E11 - 2003 series-6 Final, Tanks - Destroyers vs Hot Property
Scrapheap Challenge S06E12 - 2003 Grand Final, Grand Prix Destroyers vs Cat-alysts

2004 series-7
Scrapheap Challenge S07E01 - Dunebuggy
Scrapheap Challenge S07E02 - Dam Buster
Scrapheap Challenge S07E03 - Bowling Banger
Scrapheap Challenge S07E04 - Off Road Rescue
Scrapheap Challenge S07E05 - Jet Boat
Scrapheap Challenge S07E06 - Propeller Car
Scrapheap Challenge S07E07 - Power Rower
Scrapheap Challenge S07E08 - Spy Car
Scrapheap Challenge S07E09 - Landing Craft
Scrapheap Challenge S07E10 - Flame Flingers
Scrapheap Challenge S07E11 - 2004 series-7 Final, Roman Motor-Chariot - Anoraks vs Hairy Hogs
Scrapheap Challenge S07E12 - 2004 Grand Final, Juggernaut - Anoraks vs Cat-alysts

2005 series-8 
Scrapheap Challenge S08E01 - Underwater Cars
Scrapheap Challenge S08E02 - Kung Fu Cars
Scrapheap Challenge S08E03 - Sharp Shooters
Scrapheap Challenge S08E04 - AC-DC Dairy Dash
Scrapheap Challenge S08E05 - Polar Pinball
Scrapheap Challenge S08E06 - Caber Tossers
Scrapheap Challenge S08E07 - Drag Boats
Scrapheap Challenge S08E08 - Car Fishing
Scrapheap Challenge S08E09 - Monster Drag
Scrapheap Challenge S08E10 - Steeplechase
Scrapheap Challenge S08E11 - 2005(2006) series-8 Final, Rock Crawler - Powerlifters vs Beasts of Bodmin
Scrapheap Challenge S08E12 - 2005(2006) Grand Final, Flying Machines - Powerlifters vs Anoraks

There was no Scrapheap televised during 2006

2007 series-9
(filmed during 2006, screened during 2007)
Scrapheap Challenge S09E01 - Human Cannonball
Scrapheap Challenge S09E02 - Monster Trikes
Scrapheap Challenge S09E03 - Muscle Trains
Scrapheap Challenge S09E04 - Snowmobiles
Scrapheap Challenge S09E05 - Giant Skateboards
Scrapheap Challenge S09E06 - Mechanical Mortars
Scrapheap Challenge S09E07 - Airboats
Scrapheap Challenge S09E08 - Skid Pan Sumo
Scrapheap Challenge S09E09 - Earth Movers
Scrapheap Challenge S09E10 - Drag Sleds
Scrapheap Challenge S09E11 - 2007 series-9 Final, Swamp Racers - Woof Justice vs Beach Bums
Scrapheap Challenge S09E12 - 2007 Grand Final, Dozers - Woof Justice vs Powerlifters
Scrapheap Challenge S09E13 - Special - Paddle Boats - Clagsters (UK) vs NERDS (USA)
Scrapheap Challenge S09E14 - Special - Sofa Speedway
Scrapheap Challenge S09E15 - Special - Welly Wanging

2008 series-10
(filmed during 2007, screened during 2008)
Scrapheap Challenge S10E01 - Scrap Speed Record
Scrapheap Challenge S10E02 - Scooter Shooters
Scrapheap Challenge S10E03 - Superbikes
Scrapheap Challenge S10E04 - Decoration Dash
Scrapheap Challenge S10E05 - Dune Bashers
Scrapheap Challenge S10E06 - Powerboats
Scrapheap Challenge S10E07 - Rocket Railway
Scrapheap Challenge S10E08 - Fire Fighters
Scrapheap Challenge S10E09 - Snow Shifters
Scrapheap Challenge S10E10 - Deep Sea Treasure
Scrapheap Challenge S10E11 - 2008 series-10 Final, Land Tugs - Rusty Regiment vs Dark Riders
Scrapheap Challenge S10E12 - 2008 Grand Final, Manphibious Machines - Rusty Regiment vs Woof Justice
Scrapheap Challenge S10E13 -  Hovercraft, a celebration 10 year anniversary of Scrapheap Challenge
Scrapheap Challenge S10E14 -  Juice Free Dragsters, Scrapheap Challenge Roadshow at 2007 Wroughton Classic show
Scrapheap Challenge S10E15 -  Giant Archery, Scrapheap Challenge Roadshow at 2007 Bodelwyddan Medieval Festival
Scrapheap Challenge S10E16 -  The BIG ONE, celebration highlights for ten years of Scrapheap Challenge

200x series-11
(filmed during 2008, screening dates yet to be advised)
A completely new format show and only the Scrapheap Challenge name remains the same.

Scrapheap Challenge S11E01 - Dicks Diamonds verse three public builds
Scrapheap Challenge S11E02 - Dicks Diamonds verse three public builds
Scrapheap Challenge S11E03 - Dicks Diamonds verse three public builds
Scrapheap Challenge S11E04 - Dicks Diamonds verse three public builds
Scrapheap Challenge S11E05 - Dicks Diamonds verse three public builds
Scrapheap Challenge S11E06 - Dicks Diamonds verse three public builds
Scrapheap Challenge S11E07 - Dicks Diamonds verse three public builds

19th July 2008 –  'Bright Sparks' and the 'Grunts' build a hovercraft

Courtesy of a Scrapheap fan and visitor to this website (thank you Jamie) I have been informed that after last weeks Grand Final, Scrapheap is taking a short break and will return in two weeks time on Sunday 27th July 2008 on UK Channel4 television at 5:45pm when two special teams are challenged to build hovercraft using items from from the scrapyard. Two special teams have been created from the best shows of the past ten years which means the Bright Sparks and the Grunts fight it out to skim the ground and water on a cushion of air.


13th July 2008 –  Woof Justice are the 2008 Champions of Champions

After being told to walk on water by making a Manphibious Machine without using engines Woof Justice has come back as the previous champions and done it again when they beat the Rusty Regiment to the title of 2008 Champion of Champions.
The following four weeks bring you three special episodes culminating in a very special Ten Years of Scrapheap.
As for the future have a read of the entry below dated 9th July where you will find that although we have lost both Robert and Lisa, we have gained Dick Strawbridge in a completely new format of Scrapheap.  Here is to the future of Scrapheap.


10th July 2008 –  Rusty Regiment in accident on M4 motorway

This article has been sent in by a local Scrapheap fan that was found in a local paper from the location area of the new filmset ..............

The Rusty Regiment suffered a knockout blow on the M4 near Newbury on Monday [7th July 2008 ???], after being involved in a crash as they prepared for a new series being made by the producers of Scrapheap Challenge.
The team were towing a modified truck, capable of firing tennis balls, on a trailer to Gloucester, when the accident happened at about 3.30pm, near junction 13 for the A34.   Mr Lindsell [Bob the captain] said: "The trailer kicked off and smashed up the truck, Paul's vehicle and everything on board, which was part of our project, so we are well and truly stuffed." Mr Lindsell said no one was hurt but the team would not now take part in the series.

The Steve G Scrapheap has no idea of the Rusty's involvment in the new format series, or what the tennis ball truck firing machine is about, and we are not able to provide any more information.  Watch this space for more details as soon as we hear.


9th July 2008 –  RED HOT NEWS  !!!! The Scrapheap legend will live on but in a new format

One month ago on the 10th June 2008 (see below)  this 'Steve G Scrapheap' informed you all about the end of Scrapheap Challenge as we know it and this I am sad to say remains true.  However as this present series-10 comes to it's Grand Final climax next Sunday we are pleased to say that as predicted the scrapheap will live on but in a very new format, and how can we be sure ? well because the new series is set in stone and  filming has commenced at a new location in Gloucestershire.  The second part of the prediction that has come to reality is that it does involve Dick Strawbridge along with a few other faces that Scrapheap fans will have seen before.  The show will have a new 'feel' to it as the production is now been taken on by the Bristol branch of RDF Television using a new production team under the working title of SHC11 (ScrapHeap Challenge series-11).   A number of the items and names mentioned previously in the Steve G 10th June newsdesk entry below have come true however not in quite the way we originally suspected.  Some of the names previously mentioned are involved but not on camera, instead their wealth of scrapheap knowledge is being put to good use behind-the-scene. The new filming is using both an open scrapyard and a secondary location possibly inside a building.  Although the working title is SHC11 sources indicate that the final show has not been named, it could retain the Scrapheap Challenge name for viewer identification but it could just as easily end up with a completely new title.  One thing is for sure, the format will be different to anything you have seen on Scrapheap so far and when we have something more to share with you then indeed we will, so watch this space.


6th July 2008 –  The Rusty Regiment take the series-10 final as Scrapheap winners

As the end of an era come towards it's final hours it is the Rusty Regiment who win the series-10 Scrapheap Challenge title.  This means that next week it is the Grand Final episode on UK television Sunday 13th July 2008 at 5:45pm when the Rusty Regiment take on the reigning series-9 'Champion of Champions' Woof Justice to build 'Manphibious Machines' for the Rings of Steel trophy.


3rd July 2008 –  The full TV listing for the final epsiodes of the final Scrapheap series

The Steve G Scrapheap has decided to release for you the full list of episodes (see above) for this final series-10 of Scrapheap Challenge.  Hopefully you will all see at least a few of your favorites from the past ten years on the very special final epsiode-16 for 'Highlights, Ten Years of Scrapheap'.


29th June 2008 –  The Dark Riders vs. the Rusty Regiment in the series-10 final 

So now we have it, the Dark Riders take on the Rusty Regiment who won this week Deep Sea Treasure challenge.  Join the teams on Sunday 6th July at 5:55pm on UK on Channel 4 television at 5:55pm to see who takes the series-10 2008 place of honour after the Land Tugs do their duty.  Place your bets please :-)


25th June 2008 –  additional dates and TX times added ................. 

After the first semi-final we already know that the Dark Riders are through to the final, so now it is left to decide if it will be the Supermodels or the Rusty Regiment that go through to the final ..................... Hmmm !  In the last rounds the Supermodels Fire Fighter and the Rusty Regiments Powerboat were both very good machines so the past cannot indicate the way, however the Supermodels did appear to put more soul and effort into their show than the Rusty Regiment ........ but this means nothing on the Scrapheap as there is often so much 'luck' and 'chance' that the Scrapheap is more like a gambling den than a challenge. The second semi-final can be seen on Sunday 29th June at 5:45pm on UK on Channel 4 television.
The final that will be seen the following week on Sunday 6th July at 5:55pm on UK on Channel 4 television will be the 11th episode out of an expected 16 show series and it will be one hum-dinger of a challenge when the teams are asked to build machine capable of pulling a Jumbo jet along a runway.   
It is the Grand Final for episode 12 on Sunday 13th July 2008 when this years winners take on the 2006(2007) reigning 'Champion of Champions' Woof Justice for the series-10 Rings of Steel trophy.  As for the final four episodes 13 to 16 that are scheduled ............ watch this space for more information later when the challenge details will posted at the top of this homepage.


22nd June 2008 –  The Dark Riders win the first semi-final round for SHC series-10

In the first semi-final for this series-10 the  Blackpool motorcycle enthusiasts the Dark Riders and the Dorset-based Aquarium Crew were set the challenge to build snow-shifting machines strong enough to plough through snow drifts while competing in a 10 degree uphill race.  Assisting the teams are Ken Campbell for the Dark Riders, and for the Aquarium Crew we have Mark Haile.  Both these experts are old hands on Scrapheap with Ken having appeared in series-9 with the Earthmover episode, and Mark back during series-7 with the Juggernaut episode.
After a battle with the old 4x4 it was bad luck for the Dark Riders when their machine blew the clutch, seemingly leaving the Aquarium Crew to take the win .............. until the Aquarium Crew suffer the dreaded Scrapheap curse of using chains when their chain broke instantly seizing their snow flail engine just before they reached the distance
travelled by the Dark Riders.  Although the Dark Riders did travel the greater distance this was in reality only because they had one final speedy launch at the snow drift and managed to land on top of it, so who decided the winners. This meant that the final call on who were the winners went to the Judge and based on the view that the Dark Riders provided the stronger and more focused build strategy, as well as the fact that for whatever reason they did travel the furthest, it was announced that the Dark Riders go through to the series-10  finals.  
Next week Scrapheap goes underwater for a 'Deep Sea Treasure Hunt' on UK Channel 4 television at 5:54pm on Sunday 29th June 2008.
(apologies to Mark Haile for not having any official Channel 4 links to his previous SHC 2004 series-7 episode but this is due to an error on the Channel 4 website, we have therefore linked to alternative websites for information on the Juggernaut epsiode sometimes referred to as the 2004 Power Puller)

16th June 2008 –  Fire Fighters Challenge, and the Scrapheap Challenge Roadshow !

Well done to the Supermodel who beat the Crash Bang Clan and their drag racing fire fighter expert Tony Wilkins, in the Fire Fighter challenge.  It is not the first time that a centrifuge pump has been constructed from scrap material (see the NERDS back in 2000 when they went up against the mighty Brothers In Arms in the Fireboat challenge) but it does have to be said that the pump design and build by the Supermodels expert Gavin Cole really did the job proud.
. . . . . . . .  and speaking about the Brothers In Arms that leads me nicely into the next item of Hot News that  involves
Dick Strawbridge (Hmmm, read below) who along with other well known faces is taking part in the next Scrapheap Roadshow that is happening  at the Beaulieu National Motor Museum on Saturday July 12th 2008.  All members of the public are welcome to attend and watch the show being filmed.  For more details have a look at the Channel4 website.
DID YOU KNOW ? ........ that during the last Scrapheap Roadshow held at
the Beaulieu National Motor Museum, filmed back in 2006, that Andy 'Barley Picker' Barnes actually broke his ribs in the on screen crash that occurred during the 'Sofa Speedway' event.


10th June 2008 –  Scrapheap Challenge without the Llew or Lisa, IN FACT WITHOUT ANYTHING !

Frequent visitors to the Steve G Scrapheap may recall my entry below dated 19th May 2008, when I suggested (how dare I) that we may have reached the end of the Scrapheap line ............. as we know it.  Well as promised I have been digging deep and as Scrapheap series-10 is well into it's episodes, I  feel I have a little more information to share with you all.
Indeed it is now confirmed that Robert 'The Llew' Llewellyn is not returning to the heap (have a look at the excellent Llew Tube video that Robert made personally when series-10 finished filming a couple of years ago), also much to my surprise it appears that the lovely Lisa is  no longer going to bless our screens within the scrapheap. In fact to my knowledge a Scrapheap series-11 has not been filmed.  So what is going to happen ? and is this really the end ? and the answer is maybe not although a number of things have happened recently. Firstly I understand that the scrapheap itself has now been cleared of scrap so basically there is no filmset anymore. Secondly, and I am not too sure about this, but it appears that RDF Television (part of RDF Media)  are no longer in charge of any future Scrapheap Challenge project from the London office, so this means it will either go abroad (i.e. across the pond to L.A.) or to another RDF branch such as Bristol etc.  Thirdly the 'idea being bounced around' is to produce a new version of Scrapheap that is more comparable to the early days when you see the same teams (or possibly just one team) each week except this time the team leader will also be the solo host presenter, this is where the name Dick Strawbridge has been heard on the grapevine but Steve G feels this may be just a name used to equate the feel of the new format show to be something similar to Dick's TV ventures over the past few years.  This role could also be suited for people such as 'Zero to Hero' series host Jem Stansfield who you all saw in last weeks Rocket Railway episode as the water-jet expert, especially as Jem has also worked many times as behind the Scrapheap scenes as engineering crew.  All these names are just rumours without at this time any substance. Fourthly, it has been put onto the table that the teams (or team) could be made up of an ex-Scrapheap 'all star' group such as Andy 'Barley Picker' Barnes, or maybe Nosher from the MEGS, or maybe the Chaos Crew, or maybe Hadrian Spooner himself who you can all thank along with his team for many of the machines that finally work correctly on the day of challenge with the safety elements added.  Whatever the final decision be it another new series, or not as the case may be, we are all sure in for one hell of a change.
To me personally it appears that everyone involved really had a good idea what was going to happen to Scrapheap Challenge in it's present form after the series-10 that is being aired at the moment.  The challenges and the editing have that feel of "If were going to do it, then we will do it now !"  The series so far has that 'edge' to it that has been lacking for a few years now, brilliant machines, that work and work well.
The Steve G website would like to thank everyone involved for the Scrapheap Challenge, Junkyard Wars and Scrappy Races legends over the past ten years, from the origins of Cathy Rogers, Sally Gray as the original pilot show host, then Robert Llewellyn with Cathy, and later the brilliant  Lisa Rogers, and the whole of the RDF team, and last but not least the teams and experts themselves.  
So in the meantime savour those wonderful moments such as when a team have the challenge to pull a Jumbo Jet along the runway ............ Opps ! silly me, you haven't seen that .............. YET !    No matter, I would call that a 'teaser' not a 'spoiler'.

8th June 2008 –  The Aquarium Crew take on the Brum Brum with their Rocket Railway ...................

The Auqarium Crew led by Lotte with scavengers Wally and Nutty,  took on the Brum Brums who are are Mo, Derek and Cliff in the Rocket Railway challenge.  Choose one of the named links to read more on the C4 website.


1st June 2008 –  The Rusty Regiment take the Powerboat win, plus Lisa wets her pants ...................

and they break the Scrapheap water borne curse .............. the boat did aqua-plane.

A team of military vehicle enthusiasts named the Rusty Regiment led by Bob with scavengers Paul and Mario,  took on the Somerset Scramblers who are are Kenny, Chris and Mike aided by expert 'Kitten' Stephens, to battle it out in the Powerboat challenge.  Assisted by their team expert John Fuller the Rusty Regiment  they built a brilliant oil-barrel boat with a styled flat plane base that absolutely wreaked havoc upon any hope the Somerset Scramblers may have been wishing for.  It was a great shame that the design by Kitten failed to provide the goods  as expected especially after the hard work and full-on effort by the Somerset Scramblers, but that is Scrapheap Challenge at it's best.   At the end of the day, despite the lack of true effort by Mario,  the build design by John 'JF' Fuller was just what was needed to take the win for the Rusty Regiment.  Bad luck to the Somerset Scramblers but I would love to see them appear another time as they clearly have potential.

The final word comes from Lisa herself after her experience at the helm of the powerboat built by Neil Holmes at Southampton.................................
"That's quite exciting,......
I mean,
you know,  
really ........... quite ..... exciting .................
I think I might have wet my pants !"
Lisa Rogers, SHC-10, episode 6

Steve G: I have to say that I am amazed Lisa's words got l through the edit room, as the look on her face and the tone in her voice indicates her statement has nothing at all to do with a bladder issue or any water that may have spilled into the boat :-)


27th May 2008 –  Scrapheap Challenge in Australia

The company I work for, Liebherr, has a world-wide employment base which means that you grow friends all around the world.  It was therefore possible for my work companion to greet me today at work and announce he received a call from his Aussie mate last night saying he has just seen Steve G on the box building a brick eating Muncher.  Oh, the memories of those days on the heap. Anyway good to hear the the old episodes haven't died and are put to good use down under.  If anyone in the Southern hemisphere is reading this it would be great to hear from you guys, so click here and send me a message.  Have a Scraptastic time down there !


22nd May 2008 –  Challenge episode TV listing updated

Added title and transmission times for episode-6 on June 1st 2008, see above.

19th May 2008 –  Robert Llewellyn is rumoured to be leaving Scrapheap Challenge

Hot of the press it appears that rumours are in the air about Robert 'The Llew' Llewellyn finally hanging up the scrapheap presenters coat.  We have no details at present but as filming does appear to continue for Scrapheap Challenge due to C4 having renewed it's interest and commissioned another series, we hear that after this season things may change.  It has been further rumoured, but not yet confirmed, that the word is out they are hoping our old friend Dick Strawbridge may step into the presenters shoes for future SHC series.  Even more interesting is that the format 'may' change and include the presenter, or shall we say anchor person, to become a part of the actual build team.  This new information is all very vague and not at all confirmed but watch this space ........................................
now read the follow-up information on this subject posted above dated
10th June 2008 –  Scrapheap Challenge without the Llew or Lisa, IN FACT WITHOUT ANYTHING !


18th May 2008 –  The Crash Bang Clan win the Decoration Dash challenge

Well, what can we say about that ? Both teams actually put in a lot of hard work to construct their machines ................ but for what ? Let's be honest about this the challenge was pretty poor from the word go.  Even more surprising was the fact that yet again we had another re-run expert in the form of  Richard 'nice cap' Little  who still appears to have learnt nothing from all his past experiences on the heap.   Read more about the Decoration Dash and this weeks teams the Crash Bang Clan and the Cyborgs on the C4 website.  We all look forward to seeing the full potential of the Crash Bang Clan in their next round.
Hopefully the Dark Riders and the Happy Campers will produce a more thrilling challenge on next weeks episode-5 called 'Dune Bashers' where you will witness the biker team pit their skill against a team of camper van fanatics.


11th May 2008 –  The Supermodels win the Superbike round, read on  ..........................

In an excellent episode-3 in this series-10 of Scrapheap Challenge the Supermodels take the flag for the win against the Rescuers in the Superbike Challenge.  Read more detail about this Superbike challenge on the Channel 4 website.


6th May 2008 –  A little piece of Scrapheap history is available ..........................

It has to be said that the short video clip from this weeks 'Scooter Shooter' SHC-10 episode-2 showing the Warwick Castle Trebuchet  was amazing when it threw that fireball clean and straight across the sky into the far distance.  The judge for this weeks episode is the keeper and guardian of the the Warwick Castle Trebuchet and their website is well worth a visit to see their time-lapse flash-movie video of the building of the monster.  
Some of you scrapheap fans may be interested in a memorable piece of Scrapheap that has just recently become available on ebay, click here for details.  It is one of the metal Fireball Cages as used by the Anoraks and their  team expert  Paul Denny when they won the challenge against Up 'n Atoms in the  2004 episode named Flame Flingers.  What makes this item  special is the fact that once again Paul Denny was up against his opposite number Richard Little who previously beat Paul in the famous Barley Picker vs. Catalysts Car Flinger episode back in 2002.  However this time in 2004 Paul took the honours with the Flame Flinger. I can validate that this is one of the original items as used on the show.


5th May 2008 –  and the second round challenge was  .............................
.......  a battle to build two machine capable of throwing a 100kg scooter as far as possible. This challenge was taken up by the Balloonatics from Liverpool led by Captain Seemore, up against the Aquarium Crew from Dorset led by Captain Lotte.  It was interesting to see two good old scrapheap veterans in the form of 
Tod Todeschini for the Balloonatics, and Don Mansfield for the Aquarium Crew.  Tod has appeared on Scrapheap before for example in the 'Rapid Fire' episode back in 2002 and then later in the 'Sharp Shooters' episode in 2005,  and Don Mansfield was 'THE FIRST' team expert for the 'THE FIRST' episode of 'THE FIRST' series of Scrapheap Challenge with Dick Strawbridge in the Yellow Team when they built a 'Siege Engine'. This all happened many moons ago back in 1998 when it was a more basic and 'down to earth' event with two teams, orange verse yellow ........... Oh those were the days just after our eyes were graced with Sally Gray for the few people who watched the 'pilot episode' in late 1997....... anyway back to the point.......  In fact the Balloonatics did propose a trebuchet to Tod who expressed his comments that such a machine has a bad reputation (oh for the love of hindsight), this however was precisely the method taken up by the Aquarium Crew with their modified version of under-slung trebuchet, that I am sure was referred to by one team member as having a 'girlie' type of throw. A 'girlie' throw it may have been but it certainly threw the scooter further than the over engineered and under-powered modified crossbow design.   Well done to the Aquarium Crew and many thanks for the very funny out-takes of your piece to camera outside your place of work.

27th April 2008 –  New  Scrapheap land speed record win for the Rocketeers

In true Scrapheap fashion we witnessed the Rocketeers and the Brum Brums build land speed cars that begin as one design idea that actually ends up completely different at the end of the day.  Within the opening scenes the teams are talking of speeds in excess of 100 mph (Hmmm !) but no matter the Catalyst's record of 72 mph has been broken when the Brum Brums decided to simply ditch their far too small turbo and roared home to win the challenge with a new Scrapheap land speed record of 82.3 mph.
To read more details of this challenge visit the Channel 4 website by clicking here.

Next week on
Sunday 4th May 2008 at a slightly later time of 6pm you will see two teams have at go at 'Scooter Shooters' when they each have 10 hours to build a device to throw a 100kg scooter as far as they can, however they are not allowed to use compressed air or explosive devices.


20th April 2008 –  Scrapheap Challenge returns to UK television

Scrapheap Challenge is returning to UK television screen on Sunday 27th April 2008 at 5:45pm with episode-1 named as 'Scrap Speed Record'.   To "celebrate a decade of engineering ingenuity, Robert Llewellyn and Lisa Rogers power open the Scrapheap's rusty doors".   In this first episode for the long awaited series-10 we have pyrotechnicians team the Rocketeers from Bath and  the Brum Brums who are a team of mechanics from Birmingham and these teams have to break the Scrapheap Challenge land speed record, presently held   by series-6 winning team the Catalysts

This will be followed the following Sunday 4th May 2008 at 6pm with epsiode-2 called 'Scooter Shooters' when the teams have 10 hours to build a device to throw a 100kg scooter as far as they can, however they are not allowed to use compressed air or explosive devices.

Also don't forget that this month of April is the closing date for any interested teams to apply for possible future episodes.  If your interested have a look at the official webpage here on the C4 scrapheap.


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