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 10th September 2004 - Scrappy Races 2 begin filming the 2005 series

Links section updated to reflect new locations for the official Channel 4 websites.

I can confirm that the second series of Scrappy Races will begin filming next Tuesday 14th September 2004 so keep a look out for a crowd of weird and wonderful machines near to your home town. They will be travelling from the Eastern area of England taking a route through England and they will finish in the Scotland area. This year will see a series of five episodes, that involve four scrappy racer teams who after their starting area test will then take part in four specific challenges along the route. You will not only see the familiar faces of last years winners the Chaos Crew in their attempt to retain the crown but you will also see 'other' familiar faces amongst them. Due to my being out of the UK until October this website will be next updated in a few weeks time, my apologies for the delay.


1st September 2004 - The BRAND NEW Scrapheap series 7 begins on Sunday 5th September 2004

The fantastic news is that Scrapheap Challenge 2004 series 7 begins on Channel 4 television in the UK at 6.30pm on Sunday 5th September 2004. This opening program sees the 'Anoraks' battle it out against the fireman team named the 'Hoselliers' in a Sand Racing challenge. This series consists of 15 episodes, the first 13 episodes as previous years contain the heats, the final to decide this years winners, and then the grand final when this years winners take on the might of the reigning champions the Catalysts. The 14th and 15th episode are specials that are being edited as you read this that will consist of the results of the viewers votes as I mentioned below on 8th August 2004. I can also assure you from the e-mail that I have received that the makers RDF Media are indeed contacting many of those people who voted to decide who they will include as a part of the program doing an interview so YOU can personally give your reasons why you voted for a particular episode.

You can view a trailer of the 2004 series at Scrapheap Challenge 2004

Set those video recorders and don't miss a second of the latest offering from RDF Media for Channel 4.

For more Scrapheap Challenge information keep your eye on my sister website Steve G's Scrapheap for more information.


16th August 2004 - The 'Scrappy Races' theme music

We would to introduce you to a very special gentlemen by the name of Graham Reilly who is the creator of the Scrappy Races theme music. Check out his own website at and see what else this guys is up to. The 'Digital Suite' looks something special, and I can just imagine Graham at the keyboards whilst creating the Scrappy Races theme music. We have also added Graham's website to our Scrappy Races links section below.


14th August 2004 - The Barley Pickers 'Proper Job Chicken Shack' on show in Devon

I have spoken today with the Barley Pickers and can tell you that they will be showing the Proper Job chicken shack at the 'Honiton Hill Rally, at the Rising Sun, Stockland, Honiton, Devon during the August Bank Holiday period Sunday 29th & Monday 30th August 2004'.

I have been informed that all three team members should be there so maybe we might see a few of you guys in person


13th June 2004 - Scrappy Races .......... WILL RETURN !!!!!!!

Further to the continued rumour mill, my scrapheap investigators have uncovered evidence that means I can now confirm for all you Scrappy Races fans that 'Scrappy Races 2' will be returning to your screens for a season of fun and wild mechanical antics. The scrappy race will consist of new teams and of course the reining Scrappy Races champions, the 'Chaos Crew' will be on the grid in a bid to retain their title.

The planning is still in the early stages but the filming for the new show will take place later this year. After the series is filmed it will need to go into the studio for editing and therefore may not hit your screens until early 2005 but hit your screens it will. I will keep you all informed about developments and dates when they are confirmed late this year.

There is also more news about Scrapheap Challenge that can be found on the Steve G Scrapheap site


27th May 2004 - Scrappy Races .......... will it ...................or wont it ?

Well I am please to confirm for you that YES ...........SCRAPPY RACES WILL RETURN. I know I said that below already but now it is for real. The show have a production crew working on the project and the team selection process is being developed as you read this. The precise format of the show is nowhere near confirmed and even if it was ..........YOU KNOW I WOULDN'T TELL YOU ! Many other things have still yet to be put into place so I shall leave it at this for now. Get that welding mask on and start practising a good weld because you never know they may appear somewhere in your town and need a good engineer to help out.

If you want to keep up to date when new information is released later this year then bookmark this site.


2nd April 2004 - Scrappy Races turns it attention back to Scrapheap Challenge ...... just for now !

Well with the first very successful series of Scrappy Races behind us it is now time to turn our attention to Scrapheap Challenge 2004. For the latest happenings why not visit my sister website at The Steve G - Scrapheap Website . When anything new happens regarding the next Scrappy Races then you can be sure that I will post it here, what's that you shout ...... "So will there be another Scrappy Races ?" OF COURSE THERE WILL BE. The show was so successful that Channel 4 television have already discussed the possibility of a new series. Watch this space.

visit the

Steve G - Scrapheap Website


25th February 2004 - The Scrappy Party and Awards presentations.

Well what a weekend that was. Last Sunday I met up with many of the team members at a Scrappy Party organised by Nikki of the Green Goddesses and Nosher of the Megalomaniacs at a hotel near to the M4. Every team member that could arrive did and a fantastic night was had by everyone. Most people arrived by 4pm when the drinking began and Nikki and friends arranged for a large screen projection television so that the first three episodes of Scrappy Races could be seen again leading up to the evenings live showing of the first every Scrappy Races final round. The falling down water continued to flow and just before the start off this evenings final the Megalomaniacs returned to the bar wearing their Awards overalls which just happen to look like the best fitting Tuxedos you have seen, and dressed for the occasion everyone settles down for the show. To get a feel for the atmosphere have a look at my new link in the photo gallery named 'Gallery Seven - The Scrappy Party Awards celebrations '.

the points score for this final actual 'water challenge' are :-

1st place are the Chaos Crew with 7 points

2nd place, 13 mins 55 secs, are the Green Goddesses with 5 points

3rd place, 17 mins 14 secs, are the Barley Pickers = 3 points

(failed to finish the water course) Megalomaniacs = 0 points

(failed to finish the water course) Boat Buoys = 0 points

So the final overall official score at the end of the show was

1st Chaos Crew = 21 points

2nd Green Goddesses = 11 points

3rd Barley Pickers = 8 points

4th Megalomaniacs = 0 points

5th Boat Buoys = 0 points

The MEGS and the Boat Buoys only received a final score of zero because the scrappy rules say that the teams MUST finish the water challenge to score any points. However I don't personally agree, and therefore using the cumulative points gained during the series my own Steve G Website score board is awarded as

1st Chaos Crew = 21 points

2nd Green Goddesses = 11 points

3rd Barley Pickers = 8 points

4th Megalomaniacs = 7 points

5th Boat Buoys = 2 points

it doesn't change the leader board and it makes the whole thing feel fair.

But that's not all folks so don't run away

The evening continued to the joy of the crowd that had now increased in size as the word spread locally that the Scrappy Racers were in town. Now it is time for the .......................


The Humour Award

went to the Green Goddesses for their continued good & bad jokes, their rendition of 'patta cake, patta cake' on the wall and generally good fun


The Sneaky Devils Award

went to the Boat Buoys for not always telling their captain what was happening and the way they left their outboard motors behind as they raced away at Pendine Sands


The Stops Award

went to the Barley Pickers for 'pulling out all the stops' and their non-stop effort to continue against all the odds, in the way they replaced their complete engine to make it to the off-road section, to the way that Robin pulled the mighty truck from the waters of Loch Lommond


The K.I.S.S. Award

went to the winner of Scrappy Races, the Chaos Crew, proving that 'Keeping It Simple' does really work. The idea of the cassette engine changing and the volume of welds that went into making the barrel stay together for the water challenge.


The Edit Out Award

went to RDF Media for not making everyone look like complete idiots, and for the thousands of hours of film that they gathered spending many more hours in the EDIT room to cut all this wonderful footage down to just four hours of viewing pleasure. The Megalomaniacs could also have named this the 'suck up' award to ensure their faces return to you screens in a future series of Scrappy Races


The Sneaky Tab Award

this went to Robert the Llew himself who apparently has never these day got any smokes and in the main has given up, but did however get caught by his Son and it was reported to Mum without delay .....opps.


The Non-Live Sync Award

went to our lovely Lisa for the manner in which she kept everyone entertained during what is know during filming as a 'high/wide shot'. This means that for a couple of minutes the cameraman, opps I mean the camera ladies and gentlemen (sorry Vron) film a high and wide view of the action during which Lisa has to just talk about anything to the teams so it looks as though she is still talking about the same subject as you viewed close up just seconds before. The only difference being is that Lisa can say anything, that is ANYTHING !!!!! and we love it, so the Non-Sync award is well deserved


The Award

this came as great surprise as I was doing the photo shoot of the awards for this very website. I had the great pleasure to accept from the Scrappy Racers themselves the award for my efforts to keep the viewer informed such as you are reading hear today. I received a Golden Mouse (computer type of course) which is taking pride of place above my PC at this very moment. The image of me in the Scrappy Party Awards celebrations photo gallery was taken by a friend afterwards.


The Big Help Award

This was dedicated to all the helpers involved to ensure the teams vehicles managed to pass the SVA testing. Without their help and support the project just seemed impossible.


Well guys and gals that is what happened at the Scrappy Awards. We continued into the night and then into the morning and most people stayed at the hotel to continue over breakfast. It was a fantastic evening that did truly reflect the character of every team member and every RDF crew member proving that when you work together you can make anything happen. The teams did not regret a thing and yes I did ask the teams the big question before we parted "Would you do it all again ?", and without any hesitation and a look of tears and hope in their eyes they answered "WE WOULD RETURN WITHOUT ANY HESITATION WHATSOEVER, WE HAD SOME OF THE BEST DAYS OF OUR LIVES".


Long live Scrappy Races and in the meantime enjoy my new Scrappy Party Awards photo gallery.


This is however still not the end. During next week I will be adding a new line in the Contents section above titled 'Viewers e-mails - Question & Answers' so that everyone can share the information.

Very best wishes to you all

Steve G

The Steve G - Scrapheap Website - for Scrapheap Challenge UK series-7 due to begin later this year

The Steve G - Scrappy Races Website - for Steve G's behind-the-scenes Scrappy Races information

Scrappy Races - The Official C4 Website - This the official RDF / C4 website for Scrappy Races


Note: Regarding the Barley Pickers engine, due to file type error in the RR Eagle engine data sheet it is not possbile to upload it at this time. When the problem is resolved I shall upload it in the newsdesk.


22nd February 2004 - The Chaos Crew win Scrappy Races 2004 ...............

The Chaos Crew are the champions of Scrappy Races 2004 in the first of a new series from the maker of Scrapheap Challenge. It was a close call for all teams as they pre-built their own vehicle to reflect each teams character, and then raced 1000 miles around the UK stopping at three destinations to modify their vehicles in England, Wales and then Scotland to race on sand, mud and water. It was however finally the all round ability of the Chaos Cab that won the day. It must be said that one element of this new series that has scored points in the viewers hearts was how each team assisted their opponents in times of need to achieve the same goal and provide us the viewers with an excellent series. It brings back those good old days of Scrapheap Challenge and I have received many e-mails from fans of the show expressing their enjoyment. The official Scrappy Races chat forum has been well visited with questions of interest asking how the teams built their cars and how they felt about being in Scrappy Races, and just like their own friendly on-screen character many of the actual team members have been on-line to answer the questions.

I have added additional images to the Photo Gallery below which also some include images supplied by Nosher (MEGS) and Andy (Chaos Crew) that show their vehicles during the 30 day build period. Later this week I shall also add a new section that has pictures of the Scrappy Racers celebrations that took place during the transmission of the final episode. I have also received an e-mail from 'David S' who has located a specification sheet to throw more light on that Barley Picker Rolls Royce Eagle engine as being a six cylinder 12.17 litre unit producing 300 HP at 1950 rpm, thank you David for this excellent information and when I receive a scan of the full specifications I shall make this available on-line. There have been a number of other questions from fans and I intend to create a new line in the Contents section above titled 'Viewers e-mails - Question & Answers' so that everyone can share the information.

So until later enjoy the additional images in the Photo Gallery and if you have any questions that you would like answering in the forthcoming 'Viewers e-mails - Question & Answers' section then send them to me and I shall see what the scrapheap bloodhound can do.

Steve G


16th February 2004 - Scrappy Races website update after the final show ...............

Just to let you all know that after the final episode this Steve G Scrappy Races site will be automatically uploaded at 19.30 hrs (GMT) on Sunday 22nd Feb 2004 with a new homepage and additional images due to my personally being with the teams for a gathering to celebrate the end of the show. A further website update will also take place later during the week following to include more gossip and stories from the teams themselves and also pictures of everyone celebrating the end of a brilliant first series. RDF Media have really pulled the stops out for Scrappy Races and the viewing figures already indicate interest in a second series that is rumoured to be bigger, better and more interesting due to a new idea such as ................... well you really didn't think I was going to say did you ?

Anyway enjoy the final program and remember that the first place in the next round win the team 7 points so it seems that the Chaos Crew only really need to finish the course and get 1 point to win the first series BUT will they sink ? will they complete the water section course without technical problems ? because if any team fails to complete the water section for ANY reason ................ they will loose Scrappy Races. Stay seated on the edge of your chair and grip tight for a thrilling final show.

Steve G


15th February 2004 - Episode 3 and the off-road challenge ...............

Well the Chaos Crew with their chaos cab are certainly causing chaos for the other teams after once again taking the top slot in the second special challenge where the Scrappy Races machines all had to be modified for the off-road section challenge.

The real time date is Wednesday July 23rd 2003 and after their long eventful journey from Wales to the North of England near to Bradford I meet up with all the teams at their hotel near to Bradford where many of the hardcore were already at the bar sharing stories of their events so far. All their wonderful machines are secured in a special area of the hotel car park under security guard. Although if anyone was stupid enough to nick one they surely couldn't have got very far with a description of "It looks just like a boat officer" or something like "Well it looks like a truck but is the size of a bus, oh and it is painted bright yellow officer", I can just imagine they would think we were taking the p!$$ and lock us up. The Barley Pickers were the last to arrive at the hotel and were greeted to a rapturous applause from the teams at all their effort and determination to get to the North of England after replacing the engine in Wales.

Tonight was special as everyone was going out to a famous Bradford Indian restaurant for a meal and I was invited to join them, so as the long line of ordered taxis queued outside the hotel doors we all piled in and off we went. At the restaurant the Chaos Crew were joined by their original team member 'Spike' who you will recall from those fantastic days of the Muncher of Scrapheap Challenge, Spike was unable to join the guys for Scrappy Races due to extreme commitments at work preventing him from having the two weeks off that was required for the filming. This was the reason that Andy and John's father Ray joined the team in the absence of Spike. Having now seen the program Spike has admitted that he feels absolutely gutted to not have been with them and if the future presented another opportunity he will be with them without fail. One of the first to rise from his seat to greet Spike with open arms was Robert the Llew who we are sure has always had a fond spot for the Chaos Crew since their appearance back in 2000. The meal was great and then all back into the taxi and off to the hotel for some more bevies of beer and banter.

It's now Thursday July 24th 2003 and at day break the teams and production crew all rise and fire up the scrappy machines of wonder and navigate their way to a local scrapyard ready for a day of gas-axing and welding to modify their machines ready for one of the most challenging off-road course in the North of England. The MEGS needed to consider stability and traction issues and concentrated on outriggers and wheel modifications to ensure grip, the Barley Pickers main concern was also traction so they concentrated on modifying their truck into a 4WD machine using a drop box within a modified prop shaft drive, the Chaos Crew felt that once again raw power was the basic requirement and opted to install the second power unit into the rear (the end without the flames) of the chaos cab, they also protected the sump using an old Citroen bonnet and secured it to the sides of the chaos cab with welds and foam to improve the dispersing of water. The main components of the electrical and electronic systems in the chaos cab were also encased in old plastic Tupperware boxes to avoid water ingress problems. The Green Goddesses removed the wings from their Beetle to avoid mud jamming the wheel arches and increased the suspension height, they also fitted larger rear wheels/tyres. The Boat Buoys, well .........., the Boat Buoys spent almost eight hours in a attempt to convert their 2WD ambulance chassis into a 4WD machine by changing the front axle and using and drop box ....... unfortunately things did not quite go as hoped and the decision was made to revert back to what was basically the machine they began with other than some larger wheels.. Then all back to the hotel for a short rest before the sound of glasses filled with falling down water rang out in the bar area. The teams are all dedicated to the show and are saving themselves for a real party when they finish the UK tour because tomorrow is another challenges not too long after midnight off to bed.

Early on Friday July 25th 2003 the teams are reunited with their vehicles and off they go to the off-road course ready to do battle. Oh that rain it did fall .....oh did it fall, still just what is needed to make the off-road section even more challenging. The teams run each round individually against the clock and as you all saw in tonight's show (15th Feb 2004) the Chaos Crew's captain Andy flew around the course with Ray and John hanging on for dear life and this time the cameramen and women decided to not stay inside the vehicles ..... good move guys. As all the teams took the challenge some things broke, the Green Goddesses got washed out in the lake, the Boat Buoys machine went bang as the gearbox failed and the Barley Pickers managed to complete their first challenge after missing the Pendine speed challenge. After the challenge all the vehicles retired to a nearby barn area where all their machine had to be de-prepared back into road legal trim ready for it all to start again the very next day (yes for real it was the very next day) and travel up to Scotland ready to walk on water in Loch Lommond .... but that is all for next week.

In my Photo Gallery below you will find a new section called Gallery Four - The Off-Road challenge near Bradford that includes numerous off-road challenge pictures and also a few pictures taken at the barn afterwards where the teams were returning their machines back to road legal trim.

So the points score for the 'off-road' challenge stand at :-

1st place 2 mins 47 secs are the Chaos Crew = 7 points

2nd place 3 mins 44 secs are the Barley Pickers = 5 points

3rd place 5 mins 12 secs are the Green Goddesses = 3 points

4th place 5 mins 46 secs are the Megalomaniacs = 2 points

5th place (failed to finish) Boat Buoys = 0 points

therefore the present overall Scrappy Races challenge points and places are :-

1st Chaos Crew = 14 points

2nd Megalomaniacs = 7 points

3rd Green Goddesses = 6 points

4th Barley Pickers = 5 points

5th Boat Buoys = 2 points

Don't forget the official Channel 4 Scrappy Races website at Scrappy Races - The Official Website for all the scores and present positions.

Have fun and see you next week ..................

Steve G


8th February 2004 - Episode 2 and Sand Racing at Pendine Sands, and other stuff ........

Well the Barley Picker's have left an impression with their engine antics, or as the Scrappy teams said off-screen 'the Barley Picker's may have left an impression on any unfortunate passing satellite at the time'. Whilst the other teams were sand racing the Barley's did work very hard back at the heap and you will see the results of their labour next week.

So the points score for the 'speed' challenge stand at :-

1st Chaos Crew = 7 points

2nd Megalomaniacs = 5 points

3rd Green Goddesses = 3 points

4th Boat Buoys = 2 points

5th Barley Pickers = 0 points (as they did not make the race due the engine failure)

The actual Scrappy Races took place during the month of July 2003 and as I had worked with many of these teams in the past they knew how much I would have liked to have been with them and I received regular text messages about their progress. I recall during the evening of Friday 18th July 2003 as the teams were racing from their starting point near Swindon that my mobile phone beeped to life and Nosher said "We have arrived at the Welsh destination and we're all f*&%ed". I had another message from Captain Andy Chaos himself saying "Still going strong but I think the Barley Pickers have broken the front axle or something [Steve G note: this didn't come out in the show] and the Green Goddesses have blown their engine/gearbox [which DID come out in the show]" I was sitting at home desperate to drive to Wales and get my hands dirty. The next evening on Sat 19th July 2003 after all the teams day at the scrapheap making modifications for the speed challenge I received another text message that relates to what you all witnessed in tonight's episode, it read "Steve, the Barley Pickers have blown up their engine" Oh dear I felt knowing all the hard work they had put into the machine but it was already underway that a search party went out from the film set to trace and locate a replacement engine of some kind that could be transplanted in time for them to continue in Scrappy Races. What happened and what they found as a new power plant you will all see on next weeks show.

The next day on Sunday 20th July 2003 my mobile sparked into life once again around early evening and it was Nosher telling me of the Megalomaniacs outcome. The message from Nosher read "Fantastic day and the MEGS came 2nd in the sand race". At that time I wondered 'second to who ?', but I didn't need to wait very long when the news came through from the Chaos Crew ...... the message read "2x 1st places for the Chaos cab". I was absolutely overjoyed that the two teams I had the great pleasure to work with on Scrapheap as their teams expert had both taken the top slots.

As I said above, they are now racing to the North of England near to Bradford to once again modify their vehicles at a nearby scrapyard ready for the off-road challenge. This time I was able to join them both at their hotel and the full race day and I took the opportunity to take numerous pictures that I can share with you all on my Photo Gallery after the off-road show next week.

Steve G


2nd February 2004 - Episode 1 and the Scrappy Races viewer feedback is great ...............

It does seem that Scrappy Races was well received by all. The SVA issue just evolved in the Barley Pickers favour as time and situations developed. I remember talking with Andy 'BP' Barnes when I visited him just before they started the build and it was clear to me they thought that the SVA was on the cards for them as well. The rules of agricultural machinery and also as you have already pointed out above the additional situation regarding showman vehicles meant that the Barley Pickers avoided such pitfalls as the SVA, and fair play to them as well, or should we say Proper Job. The Green Goddesses also had a little luck as the chassis was not heavily modified and therefore also did not require an SVA test. Remember that all the teams have got a lot to contend with yet during their tour of the UK with, speed, off-road, water, and no single vehicle is yet fully a master of all these challenges so the local scrapyard modification will be crucial.

Now then what about that 'clothes line crash' that the Barley Pickers had with Andy BP Barnes at the wheel in his back garden ? The big question is did he really dump his wife's washing? So I had no choice but to telephone Andy a moment ago and I hear that in the heat of enthusiastic driving his wife ain't none to pleased about the state of her washing so Yup the clothes really did bite the mud.

When the GG's VW car was found to be beyond real use due to rust, yes the floor pans could have been done but the question was how many other problems were in store ? so they decided to go for another VW bug and the source of the machine was near to the Scrapheap set so that is were the Green Goddesses work continued. Where there was muck the GG's were in it, excellent.

I just hope that the next episode brings out the full flavour of their journey to South Wales with all it pitfalls and problems that needed to be attended to in real time. They have a great race to complete at Pendine Sands but they have to all get there first.

During their time on the road my mobile phone was red hot with text messages and calls from teams eager to share their emotions and experiences. At the end of this series I will be posting on this site details of many of the 'other' things that happened to the teams during their epic journey through the UK. Watch how the Chaos Crew make good use of some extra horsepower, look and listen in awe how the Barley Pickers demonstrate the limits of a Rolls Royce engine, see how a lake is dealt with Green Goddesses style, experience how the Megalomaniacs endure the bad weather on their exposed trike, and how the Boat Buoys have the help of their extra team member Mr Bongo.

Steve G


1st February 2004 - The Scrappy Races are on ...............

Tonight the teams finished their wonderful machines and the MEGS, the Chaos Crew, and the Boat Buoys also passed the severe SVA (Single Vehicle Approval) test to enable them to drive on the UK roads. Luck was with the Green Goddesses because they did not make any major chassis alterations to the VW beetle, and the Barley Pickers as their build was classed as agricultural, meaning that they did not have to endure the might of the SVA testing. I have added a few images to my Photo Gallery below but the major volume of images will be posted in two weeks time. After next weeks show you will be able to find here some secret behind the scenes happening that occurred on the way to the first challenge. I have also updated the links section below including the link to the official channel 4 website for this show.

Tune in next Sunday for the Pendine sand races in South Wales and let see who and if they all get there without problems ........ Hmmm! Watch the fun unfold and it gets better all the time.


22nd January 2004 - The Show Is On The Road - Sunday 1st February 2004

HOT NEWS off the press tonight I have heard that the producer of this fantastic new four part series has been informed by Channel 4 television that Scrappy Races will be on the road and ready to run on Sunday 1st February 2004 on UK channel 4 television here in the UK. The time slot appears to be 6.30pm so make sure you all put those stickers on the fridge and reminders on the front door and don't leave the house.

we must all remember

Sunday 1st February 2004 on UK channel 4 television at 6.30pm

Scrappy Races


The Chaos Crew

The Megalomaniacs

The Barley Pickers

Green Goddesses

The Boat Buoys

presented by

Robert Llewellyn and Lisa Rogers

judged by Hadrian Spooner

spread the word to the whole family and especially those who like engines, cars, fun, and scrap.

I will posted the link for the official channel 4 / RDF media Scrappy Races website as soon as I know what it is. In the meantime I will post what news and information I have for you all on this dedicated very site


17th January 2004 - There is still no news yet from Channel 4 television as to when Scrappy Races is likely to be broadcast. No reason has been given for the delay and I have spoken with a number of the team members and to date no one has been informed of any transmission dates. I did however source from one of my many contacts that the Channel 4 rumour mill has 'whispered' a date as late as August / September 2004 ...................... but no one wants to believe such a late date. Watch this space.


2nd November 2003 - Addition of the pre-show teaser images of the cars viewable by clicking on the header images above or from the Photo Gallery section below.

19th October 2003 - Minor text changes and tests ready for the launch of this new series.

13th September 2003 - Various Scrapheap links have been updated due to changes on the channel 4 website.

 20th August 2003 - BRAND NEW show called Scrappy Races with some of you old favourite teams back on screen

Well as I have been mentioning for some time on my Steve G Scrapheap Website there is a BRAND NEW show due to hit your TV screens after the showing of this years UK series-6 Scrapheap Challenge 2003. This new show Scrappy Races takes the form of five of old and new favourite teams to battle it out in a race around the United kingdom in vehicles that they have built for the road ..... YES, ROAD GOING VEHICLES. Each team must race around the UK stopping at specific locations to modify their machines at a local scrapyard ready to take on the might of special challenging courses at each location. I was fortunate enough to see the filming in progress and witness first hand what will without doubt prove to be a winner series from RDF the makers of Scrapheap Challenge and Junkyard Wars amongst other well known programs. There must be a number of people who were travelling the UK roads during July 2003 that could not believe their eyes when they saw these Scrappy Racers on the UK highways.

Have a look at this official announcement by the makers RDF on the Scrappy Races series. The following text is an extract from that website

Scrapheap Challenge heads out of the scrapyard and onto the open road, as five of Britain's funniest bodging threesomes go head-to-head to build the Ultimate all-round Vehicle for a crazy 'race' around England, Wales and Scotland.

It's a thoroughly modern Wacky Races with a Scrapheap twist. Our teams' home-made scrap-built super-vehicles face not one but three rigorous challenges at some of Britain's most stunning and iconic locations from Welsh beaches to Scottish lochs. The ludicrous Scrappy Races motorcade of oversized, plug-ugly contraptions faces a round-Britain course through country lanes and along motorways - quite a sight for the unsuspecting public they meet en route!

The teams must bodge up and modify their vehicles at designated scrapyards along the way ready for some gruelling tests - tackling the UK's toughest 4x4 course in the Peak District, a dragster style speed event at Pendine Sands in Wales, and the grand finale - making their vehicles amphibious for a trip on Loch Lomond!

Scrappy Races is presented by Robert Llewellyn and Lisa Rogers and features five teams of Scrapheap Challenge favourites: Devon Farmers the Barley Pickers, the Boat Buoys (& Mr Bongo), biker Nosher and the Megalomaniacs, female scientists Green Goddesses and the Chaos Crew from Yorkshire.

Additionally the film crew and the teams were spotted at one of the challenge sites by the Western Telegraph local to the area concerned. The Western Telegraph wrote .......

Heaps of drama in the Scrappy Races
Jenny Hanson
31 July 2003
CONTESTANTS of a new TV programme called Scrappy Races - an offshoot of the popular series Scrapheap Challenge - paid a flying visit to Pembrokeshire last week.
And they used Halfway Motor Spares in Johnston as a base to prepare their weird and wonderful vehicles for a race on Pendine Sands.
Five teams - Chaos Crew, Barley Pickers, Green Goddesses, Boat Buoys and Megalomaniacs - are travelling the UK to compete on different types of terrain. Before each race the teams have to modify their vehicles, which range from a Volkswagen Beetle to a six-ton truck, to cope with the demands of different courses.
"It's a new series made by RDF Media Productions for Channel 4," said assistant producer Richard Higson. "The contestants had to create vehicles that reflected the spirit of their team and then complete a road test, an off-road test and an aquatic test. We came to the area to test the vehicles on sand."
The race at Pendine beach has been captured on film, but Richard would not reveal which team snatched victory.
"I can't tell you," he told the Western Telegraph. "You'll just have to watch the programme!"
Martin Lewis, of Halfway Motor Spares, said he enjoyed having the teams at the yard. "It was certainly an experience," he said. "I didn't realise how much went into things like this. There were 50 or 60 people here at one point!"
Scrappy Races is due to be screened this Christmas, so keep an eye out for footage of Johnston and Pendine.

The logistics to set up this incredible schedule of filming to transport crew and equipment all around the UK and to follow the teams in real time as they travel the UK soil was nothing short of a miracle. Having already known a number of those involved during my involvement with Scrapheap Challenge I have been allowed access to areas rarely seen and when the show airs on your screen you can be sure that I shall tell you all what happened. This will be supported by a number of images in the Photo Gallery after the show is aired. No special effects, no cheating tactics, just dam good old fashioned Scrapheap style teamwork in the brand new show called SCRAPPY RACES. For transmission dates watch this very website Scrappy Races - The Steve G website

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