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Kit and decal sheet releases

Latest, recent and newly-discovered releases of decal sheets and kits for aerobatic team aircraft.

Coumbian Mirage team decals

Aztec Models have released a decal sheet called "Amazonian Mirages" containing markings for a "rare" Columbian A.F Mirage M5COAM-equipped aerobatic team.

You can check it out and buy it from

March 2004. Thanks to SIG member Terry Mish, U.S.A.

New Indonesian Hawk team decals

Scale Nutz Productions of Singapore, have released a series of new 1/72nd scale decal sheets containing markings for BAe Hawks in Indonesian A.F service, including several aerobatic teams :

A72017 is for Hawk Mk 53 and includes markings for the Spirit 85 team :

A72018 is for Hawk Mk 53 and includes markings for the Jupiter and Jupiter Blue aerobatic teams, 2001 :

A72019 is for Hawk 109 & 209 and includes markings for the Jupiter Blue aerobatic team.

Actually getting hold of these decals is a little tricky, as they have no international distributors at present.... However, anyone interested can contact our Indonesian SIG member, Alex Sidharta, directly at :

March 2004. Thanks to SIG member Alex Sidharta, Indonesia.

2004 aerobatic team kit and decal releases

If all of these actually make it onto the shelves in the shops, it seems that we can look forward to several kit re-releases this year !

Hasegawa have announced the following :

Kit no. 00698 : 1/72nd scale Cessna T-37C, Asas de Portugal
Kit no. 00706 :1/72nd scale T-33A Shooting Star, RNLAF Whisky 4
Kit no. 00711 : 1/72nd scale Jaguar E "French Air Force 30th Anniversary" (although this is really just a special colour scheme, this aircraft was also actually used by the French Jaguar duo, Raffin Mike.)
Kit no. 08147 :1/32nd scale A-4F Skyhawk, Blue Angels (1976)

Expected release dates for all these are stated to be between April and June 2004.

Also, out now from Model Alliance is their new decal sheet no. MA-115, called "Foreign (BAE) Hawks", containing markings for the Indonesian Jupiter Blue team.

January 2004. Thanks to SIG members Gary Vincent (Canada), Adrian Balch and Phil Adams.

New Swifts decals - new colour scheme

Linden Hill Imports have announced the release of new decal sheets in both 1/72nd and 1/48th scales for the flashy new red/white/blue colour scheme of the Russian Swifts MiG-29 team.

The sheets allow you to build any one of the six team aircraft; both MiG-29s and MiG-29UBs - you can check out the decals at

Release date is scheduled for December 2003, final pricing T.B.A.

December 2003. Thanks to Guy Holroyd, Linden Hill Decals, U.S.A

New 1/48th scale Gnat kit

At Scale Modelworld 2003, Aeroclub launched their brand-new 1/48th scale kit of the Folland/H.S. Gnat T.1, which comes with decals for the RAF Yellowjacks and a number of marking variations for the Red Arrows.

The kit is "typically" Aeroclub, being a "mixed media" kit of injection moulded main components, additional white metal parts and vac-formed canopy (although some boxings may also include an injection moulded canopy as well). It's well moulded and appears accurate.

The kit is produced from short-life rubber moulds, which is reflected in the price of £26.50 each.

Currently available from Aeroclub, and shortly from Hannants.

December 2003.

More Patrouille de France decals

Also launched at Scale Modelworld 2003, Model Art added to their range of 1/72nd scale Patrouille de France decals with sheet number 72/046 : It contains markings for the "silver" Fouga Magisters of the 1968 team and also full markings for the 40th anniversary scheme on the Alpha Jets too, including all the serials and tailfin numbers for all ten aircraft, as well as the special gold "40" fin markings.

Now available from Hannants, priced £6.50 each.

December 2003.

New team decals from DACO

The latest releases from DACO Decals feature several team schemes :

In 1/48th scale, sheet number 48080 includes markings for two Royal Netherlands Air Force Gloster Meteor F.8 teams, Ruiten Vier and Whisky Four.

Also, in DACO's "Kits at War" series, 1/72nd scale sheet K7/10 includes decals for a Gloster Gladiator as used by the 1 Esc. "Comete" team in 1938-39. The same scheme is in 1/48th scale on sheet number K4/10.

Available from Hannants.

December 2003.

"New" 1/48th scale Alpha Jet kit

Heller have released a 1/48th scale kit of the Alpha Jet, including Patrouille de France decals. The kit was originally released a few months back, but it has now hit the Hannants "new arrivals" list as their stock number HE80435.

I hesitate to use the word "new", as this kit is apparently produced straight from the old ESCI moulds and therefore sadly contains a number of inaccuracies - the worst of which is the wing being totally in the wrong place by over a quarter of an inch (so I'm reliably informed) !!

December 2003. Thanks to SIG members Jonathan Davies and Paul Tuckey.

New Patrouille de France F-84G decals

Hi Decal has released decal sheets in both 1/72nd & 1/48th scales for a French Air Force F-84G (1108909, 3-HP) from 3 Esc. based at Reims, 1953.... This was the original Patrouille de France team. Now available at Hannants

November 2003. Thanks to SIG member Terry Mish, U.S.A.

New Blue Angels Panther decals

Eagle Strike has released a 1/48th scale decal sheet for the F9F-5 Panther that contains markings for three of the 1953 Blue Angels team aircraft, numbers 1, 3 & 5.

Sheet number 48116 and available from Hannants.

November 2003. Thanks to SIG member Terry Mish, U.S.A.

New Ukrainian MiG-29 decals

CAM Decals has released a MiG-29 decal sheet which contains decals for the demo team often referred to as the "Ukranian Knights" (note - these are not the more well-known Ukrainian Falcons, this team was several years earlier than them).

The sheet is available in 1/72nd, 1/48th and 1/32nd scales and is now in stock at Hannants.

November 2003. Thanks to SIG member Terry Mish, U.S.A.

Airfix's 1/48th BAe Hawk is released

Originally revealed back in February 2003 (see below), Airfix's all-new 1/48th scale BAe Hawk kit is now on general release.

It has actually been released in two versions - a "standard" version and also a "Gift Set". The kits themselves are indentical, but the "Gift Set" also includes paintbrush, glue and six pots of paint. As previously revealed, there are decal options for the Red Arrows and the Finnish Midnight Hawks teams.

The kit is nicely moulded and you will be pleased to hear that it also includes a "proper" centreline smoke pod, for use on the Red Arrows aircraft ..... however, it doesn't include the three smoke pipes above the jet pipe....

The Red Arrows decals also include optional fin markings for the team's "2000" scheme. Sadly however, although a full set of serial numbers is included, the white pilot names are not.

The Midnight Hawks decals include not only a full set of serials, but also the team's temporary yellow fin numbers too. They are intended for the team's earlier camouflage scheme, but they could also be used for the current all-grey scheme as well.

The kits are now available from many model shops, including Hannants, for the very good price of around £9.99 for the "standard" kit and £12.99 for the "Gift Set".

September 2003. Thanks to SIG member Adrian Balch.

New French team decals from Model Art

To coincide with the Patrouille de France's 50th birthday this year, Model Art have now released a decal sheet which contains full markings for the special 50th anniversary scheme on the team's Alpha Jets. This is now in stock at Hannants as item MA72/044, price £6.25.

At the same time, Model Art have also released another sheet containing markings for the Fouga Magisters of the Patrouille de l'Ecole de l'Air team, from Salon de Provence - this team effectively became the Patrouille de France in 1964, although the decals represent an earlier version of the team colour scheme. This sheet too is now available from Hannants, item MA72/045, also priced at £6.25.

August 2003. Thanks to SIG member Adrian Balch.

Golden Wings decals available

Some years ago, Golden Wings produced 1/72nd scale decal sheets for the Blue Angels C-121J Constellation and their C-130 Hercules. These have been rather difficult to get hold of in recent times, but now, a stock of those original decals has become available again from Pacific Aero Press :

  • Golden Wings #1 is for the C-121, in either the all-blue scheme or the blue/white scheme
  • Golden Wings #2 is for the C-130, in either the blue/white or all-white scheme

Each sheet is USD $5.00 plus postage of 37cents US (overseas orders will vary). To order these sheets, or for further information, contact :

Pacific Aero Press,
Box 2643,
CA 92085-2643,

Or email

August 2003. Thanks to SIG member Terry Mish, USA.

Flight Colours decals available again

The range of decals produced by Flight Colours several years ago included several sheets for aerobatic team aircraft. They have been rather difficult to obtain in recent years, but now, some Flight Colours decals are readily available again from JBot Decals.

The aerobatic team decals are all 1/72nd scale and include :-

  • T-33 support/hack aircraft of both the Snowbirds (all-white scheme) and the Golden Centennaires
  • Golden Hawks Canadair Sabres

To order and see these and the other Flight Colours decals available, go to

July 2003. Thanks to SIG member Jim Botaitis, Canada.

A bunch of new aerobatic team decals from JBot

JBot Decals have released a number of new decal sheets aerobatic team aircraft, which are :-

  • Four U.S. teams : F-80's and T-33's of the Acrojets, based at Williams AFB; T-33's of the USAFE Acrojets, based at Furstenfeldbruck, Germany; and F-80's of the original USAFE Skyblazers team.
  • Piaggio P-149D, flown by Hptm. Lutz, FFS "S", Wunstorf, Germany;
  • Pitts Specials of the Chilean Halcones team;

The decals are ALPS-printed and available in all scales -check them out at

July 2003. Thanks to SIG member Jim Botaitis, Canada.

New Brazilian resin kit

Brazilian Company, Duarte, has released a resin kit of a little known aircraft, the T-25 Universal, including markings for an even more little-known Brazilian aerobatic team called Cometa Branco (White Comet).

The kit is currently being distributed by FCM Decals in Brazil - to contact them, see

July 2003. Thanks to SIG member Marcus Sampaio, Brazil.

New Esquadrilha da Fumaca decals

Another Brazilian Company, RPM, have produced new 1/72nd scale decals for the Esquadrilha da Fumaca's Tucanos - both the original scheme and the new/current scheme of blue/yellow/green. The modeller is responsible for painting all the colour panels on the aircraft, but all the pinstripes and demarcation lines are provided on the decal sheets.

The decals are currently being distributed by LPS Hobby in Brazil - check out

At the time of writing, the Esquadrilha da Fumaca decals are not actually listed on the website, but can still be ordered from there - they are sheet number RPM 72013 for the original scheme, and RPG 72034 for the new/current scheme.

July 2003. Thanks to SIG members Marcus Sampaio, Brazil and Terry Mish, USA.

1/72nd Pitts Special kit discontinued already !!

The re-release of the old LS 1/72nd scale Pitts Special kit by Japanese Company Platz (see below) was obviously a very limited edition : It seems that HobbyLink Japan have run out of stock, have been unable to get any more and say that the manufacturers "have no plans to produce any more in the foreseeable future"....

If you see one, snap it up quick !

July 2003. Thanks to SIG member Terry Mish, USA.

Starfighters Team kits from Hasegawa

Hasegawa have announced that they intend to release kits of the U.S. civilian Starfighters team in both 1/72nd and 1/48th scale. The kits are said to include some metal parts and the 1/72nd scale kit will be a "2 in 1" boxing, including both the CF-104 and the two seat CF-104D !

Release date is expected to be June 2003 in Japan, but it is not yet known if they will be generally available internationally.

April 2003. Thanks to SIG member Masato Ota, Japan.

1/72nd LS Pitts Special kit re-released

Japanese Company, Platz, have released an aerobatic team Pitts Special kit, which is actually from the moulds of the old, out-of-production 1/72nd scale LS Pitts S-2A kit (remember the one...? Originally released as Canadian Reds and Rothmans Team versions). This re-release by Platz actually includes two kits in the same box, and comes with decals for the Japanese civilian AIRock team. However.... the AIRock team use modified Pitts Specials, which have airframe design/shape changes and a large, single canopy over both of the two seats - but the kits are the same as the original LS releases, being "normal" Pitts S-2A shape and only containing a pilot's windscreen.... which means you will have to do some modifications to the kits in order to produce true representations of the AIRock aircraft.

The Platz kits appear to only be available in Japan at this time, but are available from HobbyLink Japan... see

April 2003. Thanks to SIG member Gary Vincent, Canada.

Heller Patrouille de France "boxed set"

Heller have announced that they are releasing a combined "boxed set" of Patrouille de France 1/72nd scale kits, to coincide with the team's 50th anniversary this year. They released one before, for the team's 35th anniversary, but the new version features more kits : It should include the F-84G Thunderjet (1953 scheme), Ouragan (1956 scheme), Fouga Magister (1968 and 1978 schemes) and the Alpha Jet in 2003 markings.

It is kit number 52303 and should be available in late April or early May 2003.

April 2003. Thanks to SIG member Didier Peltre, France.

L-39 Albatros with Team Rus decals

The new 1/72nd scale L-39C Albatros kit released by Eduard comes with decals for the Russian Team Rus scheme of 1992. This is basically a three-tone camouflaged aircraft, but with the Team Rus badge/logo on the fuselage sides.

The kit itself seems to be of excellent quality and comes with colour marking/painting diagrams, as well as a total of four decal options.

April 2003. Thanks to SIG member Gary Vincent, Canada.

1/72nd Patrouille de France Mystere IVa

The old Matchbox 1/72nd scale Dassault Mystere IVa kit has been re-issued by Revell, and now includes Patrouille de France decals. No doubt this is to coincide with 2003 being the 50th anniversary of the Patrouille de France !

It is now in stock at Hannants, listed as kit number RV4320, £3.49 each.

February 2003. Thanks to SIG member Adrian Balch.

New Skyblazers F-86F kit announced

Fujimi have announced that they intend to release a 1/72nd scale F-86F Sabre kit including USAFE Skyblazers decals. It is not known which particular Skyblazers scheme this will be, nor when the planned release date is..... but it may be only released in Japan.

February 2003. Thanks to SIG member Terry Mish, U.S.A.

1/48th BAe Hawk kit with two aerobatic team decal options

Airfix's forthcoming 1/48th scale BAe Hawk kit looks set to be released with decal options for two aerobatic teams - the RAF Red Arrows AND the Finnish Air Force Academy's Midnight Hawks !

The kit itself will be from brand new tooling and should hopefully be available by June 2003. We can thank Finnish SIG member Perttu Karivalo for "persuading" them to include Midnight Hawks decals !

February 2003. Thanks to SIG member Perttu Karivalo, Finland.

Guatemalan team decals from Aztec

Latin American manufacturer Aztec Models are now advertising a new decal sheet called "Coin Warriors", which includes markings for the A-37's of the Guatemalan display team, Quetzales.

The team's aircraft are basically in standard camouflage markings, with yellow tip tanks and rudder - you can see the instruction sheet on Aztec's website at :

It is not yet known if any distributors or shops have taken these on-board.

February 2003. Thanks to SIG member Terry Mish, U.S.A.

1/48th Snowbirds Tutor kit

Hobbycraft have announced a 1/48th scale injection moulded kit of the Canadair CT-114 Tutor, including Snowbirds markings. The release date is not known, but it is expected to appear shortly.

January 2003.

1/32nd Thunderbirds F-100D kit

Far Eastern manufacturer Trumpeter have announced their intention to release a 1/32nd scale kit of the F-100D Super Sabre - possibly including decals for the USAF Thunderbirds. Even if it doesn't contain Thunderbirds decals, a big-scale "hun" must be high on the wish-list of many modellers !

No release date has been stated, but it should hopefully be sometime this year...

January 2003. Thanks to SIG member Adrian Balch.

New 1/48th MB-326 kit and Alouettes decals

A new manufacturer in Brazil has announced a 1/48th scale kit of the MB-326 ..... in resin ! The kit also comes with decals for the little-known Brazilian Air Force Alouettes display team. Click here to see a photo of a completed model.

The kits are being produced by a guy called Joao Gilberto, and he is also selling the decal sheets separately from the kit. Prices are US$20.00 for the full kit including Alouettes decals, and US$5.00 for the Alouettes decal sheet only.

For more details and ordering information, contact

December 2002. Thanks to SIG member Marcus Sampaio, Brazil.

1/48th Singapore Black Knights decals

A "new" Company called Horizon Modeltech have announced that they now have decals available in 1/48th scale for the Singapore A.F. Black Knights A-4SU Skyhawks.

They also appear to be planning to release them in 1/72nd scale too, along with resin conversion sets to make the unique-to-Singapore A-4SU Skyhawk variant.

Check them out at :-

September 2002.

Two Patrouille Suisse F-5E kits

Italeri have re-issued their 1/72nd scale F-5E kit with Patrouille Suisse decals. This time, the nose has been altered to the "flat", "shark-nose" style and also features the leading edge root extensions (LERX) - both as utilised on Swiss A.F. aircraft. However, initial reports indicate that the nose is still not "flat" enough, and the LERX are too small - but this is the best attempt yet at a Swiss Tiger in 1/72nd.

Revell have also announced a 1/32nd scale F-5E kit with Patrouille Suisse markings - this is apparently the Hasegawa moulds, but we do not know at this stage if they have been altered as above, to make a "true" Swiss version.

The "bad" news is that both of these are only available as limited edition kits in Switzerland.... But if you want one, you could try

September 2002. Thanks to SIG members Peter Mueller, Switzerland, and Masato Ota, Japan.

New Blue Impulse kits

Hasegawa are to release 1/72nd and 1/48th scale kits of Blue Impulse T-4 aircraft with 2002 markings. Kit numbers are 00379 for the 1/72nd kit and 09450 for the 1/48th kit, their release date planned for October in Japan.

August 2002. Thanks to SIG member Jonathan Davies.

New Argentine Meteor team decals

The next set of decals for aerobatic teams from Argentina have been reIeased by Aerocalcas Argentinas. This time, the team is a Meteor IV-equipped team from 1962, in a very smart red and white colour scheme.

Sheet number 72014 is in 1/72nd scale, while 48010 is the equivalent in 1/48th.

You can see them at :-

February 2002. Thanks to SIG member Terry Mish, USA, and Alejandro Serra, Aerocalcas Argentinas.

New Spitfire aerobatic team kit

ICM have released a 1/48th scale kit of a Spitfire IXE including decals for 51° Stormo, Italian Air Force. 51° Stormo had an unofficial and short-lived aerobatic team of these Spitfires in 1947.

February 2002. Thanks to SIG member Eugene Pooshkarev, Russia.

Cruz del Sur Sabre decals in two scales

Aerocalcas Argentinas have not only re-released their 1/72nd scale decals for the Sabres of the Argentine Air Force Cruz del Sur team, they have also produced a new sheet in 1/48th scale too !

You can see them at :-

January 2002. Thanks to Alejandro Serra, Aerocalcas Argentinas.

New Team 60 kit now available

Anticipated for some time, Marivox have at last released their revised 1/72nd scale kit of the Saab 105/SK.60.

The new kit contains the original decal sheet, but also a new sheet including markings for the Swedish Team 60 in their new colour scheme of blue and yellow underside markings.

Other additions to this revised kit include etched brass details and a fully revised instruction/decal placement sheet.

Expected to be available at Hannants soon....

January 2002. Thanks to Ted Burnett, IPMS(UK) Swedish AF SIG.

New 1/72nd Swifts MiG-29 kit

Russian firm Bercut have released a MiG-29 kit including decals for the Swifts. It comes in a new special box and the decals have been excellently printed by Anna&Co.

December 2001. Thanks to SIG Member Eugene Pooshkarev, Russia.

Utterley Butterley Stearman decals

Mike Grant Decals has released decal sheets for the British civilian wing-walking team Utterley Butterleys Stearman and Super Stearman.

The decals are designed to fit the Revell 1/72nd scale kit and the Lindberg 1/48th scale kit and the sheets include markings for any one of the three aircraft in the team. The decals are produced on an ALPS printer and printed to order. Prices are $14 US or £12.00 for the 1/72nd sheet and $18 US or £16.00 for the 1/48th scale decals (which consist of two A4 decal sheets).

You can see the decals at :

To order, contact Mike direct at :

December 2001. Thanks to SIG Member Adrian Balch.

Canadian Voodoo decals

Two new decal sheets from Canadian manufacturer Belcher Bits : 1/72nd scale sheet number BD10 contains a whole load of markings, numbers, stripes, badges etc., for Canadian CF-101 Voodoos, a number of which were members of squadron aerobatic teams.

Sheet number BD9 is the equivalent, but in 1/48th scale.

December 2001.

New Air Barons decals

American Company, Eagle Strike, have released a 1/48th scale decal sheet containing markings for one A-4L of the 1970 Air Barons team from VA-209, US Naval Reserve.

Sheet number 48023, entitled "A-4 Skyhawks Part 1".

December 2001.

New Blue Angels Skyhawk decals

CAM Decals have released a sheet of 1/72nd scale decals for the Blue Angels A-4F Skyhawks, which allow you to make any aircraft from the 1978 team.

Sheet number CAM72041

December 2001. Thanks to SIG Member Jonathan Davies.

New decals from IPMS Austria

IPMS Austria have announced a new decal sheet designed for the 1/48th scale Fouga Magister kit from Fonderie Miniature. The sheet is printed with an ALPS printer and features several markings of Austrian Magisters including one flown by the Silver Birds aerobatic team.

The sheet can be purchased directly from IPMS Austria for ATS 75,- + p&p, and they will be bringing their decals along to the IPMS Austria stand at IPMS(UK) Scale Modelworld 2001, at Telford.

September 2001. Thanks to Rainer Selisko, IPMS Austria.

Forthcoming Hasegawa releases

Hasegawa's planned releases for the near future include several aerobatic team kits :-

  • 1/48th scale Thunderbirds F-4E Phantom
    Kit # 09398
    October/November 2001 release.
  • 1/48th scale Blue Angels F-4J Phantom
    Kit # 09403
    New engine nozzle parts & decals for 1969 team
    December 2001 release.
  • 1/48th scale Thunderbirds F-16D
    Kit # 09406
    Current team markings
    January 2002 release.
  • 1/72nd scale Thunderbirds F-16D
    Kit # 00284
    Current team markings
    February 2002 release.

September 2001. Thanks to Ed Rhodes, USA..

New Blue Angels decals

Yellowhammer have recently released Blue Angels decal sheets for their A-4 Skyhawks in both 1/48th and 1/32nd scale, for the Hasegawa kits.

1/48th Blue Angels A-4 decals have also been released by a Company called Victory Productions, also designed for the Hasegawa kit.

September 2001. Thanks to Ed Rhodes, USA..

New aerobatic team kits from Trumpeter

Trumpeter have recently announce the release of several kits including decals for aerobatic team aircraft. They are :-

In 1/48th scale :

  • Su-27 - Russian Test Pilots duo
  • Su-30 - Russian Test Pilots duo
  • Su-27 - Russian Knights

And it also seems that they are to release a 1/32nd scale MiG-19 with the obscure-never-performed-in-public East German duo markings !

Take a look at this web site to see them :

July 2001. Thanks to SIG member Masato Ota, Japan.

New Cruz Del Sur Sabre decals

Brazillian decal manufacturer FCM Decals have announced a new 1/72nd scale decal sheet for the Argentine AF Cruz Del Sur team's Sabres.

You can see the decals, marked as "coming soon" on their web site at

June 2001. Thanks to SIG member Terry Mish, USA.

1/48th Swifts MiG-29 kit

To be released in July 2001, Hasegawa have announced a 1/48th scale kit of a MiG-29 including decals for the Russian Swifts aerobatic team.

The actual kit itself is the Revell kit, which Hasegawa will re-box and include the Swifts decals.

June 2001. Thanks to SIG Member Masato Ota, Japan.

RSAF Black Knights F-16A kits in two scales

Hasegawa have announced the release of two F-16A kits containing markings for the Republic of Singapore Air Force's Black Knights aerobatic team - one in 1/72nd scale and one in 1/48th.

The 1/72nd scale kit, which will also include a resin drag chute housing, is set to be released in June, while the 1/48th scale version is scheduled for release in July 2001.

Click here to see the prototype model

Click here to see the decal sheet and resin part.

Photos taken at the 2001 Shizuoka Hobby Show, Japan.

June 2001. Thanks to SIG Member Masato Ota, Japan.

New 1/32nd scale Christen Eagle kit

Airshow Models have announced the release of a mixed-media 1/32nd scale Christen Eagle kit, including full decals for the Eagles aerobatic team aircraft.

Check out this and their other offerings at

June 2001.

World's smallest aerobatic team kit...?

Pitroad, is a Japanese manufacturer who produce mainly 1/700th scale warship kits. They have recently re-released their set of 1/700th scale aircraft, this time with an additional decal sheet for Blue Impulse T-4's !!

It is kit number S-16s, and also contains 1/700th scale Mitsubishi F-1, T-2, F-2, Boeing E-767 and some ground vehicles for the Patriot missile system.

Surely, this must be the smallest aerobatic team kit ever produced...??!

April 2001. Thanks to SIG Member Masato Ota, Japan.

Revell Red Arrows Hawk

Revell have released a 1/72nd scale BAe Hawk T.1including Red Arrows decals.

The kit is actually from the Italeri moulds, but the decals are completely new (designed by Dick Ward), and also include the "2000" logo fin marking carried by the team during the 2000 display season.

The bad news though is that, yet again, the Red Arrows smoke oil pod is not included. The Revell kit instructions actually show you how to "make" one - by simply cutting the gun barrel off the Aden cannon !! Ludicrous !

Kit number 04622

April 2001.

New releases from Hasegawa

Hasegawa have announced new releases of aerobatic team kits in Japan for February 2001. These are :-

Thunderbirds T-33A
1/72nd scale - Kit number 00169

Blue Angels F-11F1 Tiger
1/72nd scale - Kit number 00170

Both are stated to be "limited editions". The Thunderbirds T-33 is presumeably a re-release, but it is unknown if the decals and packaging are different this time around.

The good news is that the Blue Angels Tiger is an early short-nosed version !! We originally thought that this must be a whole new kit with new moulds, as I'm not aware that a short-nosed Tiger has ever been released in 1/72nd scale previously. However, latest reports indicate that the kit includes a resin nose, so it may be the original "long nosed" Tiger kit which Hasegawa released some years ago, with the inclusion of resin conversion items. But the really good news is that the kit includes decals for the "different" team markings, which had "Blue Angels" in block letters on the air intakes.

February 2001. Thanks to SIG Member Masato Ota, Japan.

New release from Tamiya too

Tamiya have also announced the release of an aerobatic team kit in Japan for February 2001. Theirs is a 1/72nd scale Thunderbirds F-84G.

They are also realeasing a 1/72nd scale F-100D at the same time, but there has been no announcement about the decals included in the kit at this time......

February 2001. Thanks to SIG Member Masato Ota, Japan.

New aerobatic kits from Trumpeter

Trumpeter have announced the release of a 1/32nd scale MiG-21. Their adverts indicate that it is a two-seat version, and show it in markings for the Czech Stress Team.

It also seems that Trumpeter have either released, or are intending to release two 1/48th scale Su-27 kits as well, including markings for the Russian Knights and the Test Pilots Duo.

February 2001. Thanks to SIG Member Masato Ota, Japan.

Fouga Magister team decals released

As reported below, Max Decals have now issued their new Fouga Magister decal sheet, featuring markings for several aerobatic teams.

As well as containing full decals for the Luftwaffe FFS "A" Acro Team which existed from 1959 to 1962 at Landsberg Air Base, Germany, it also includes complete markings (and team badge) for the Irish Air Corps Silver Swallows and as a bonus, it also contains markings for several aircraft of the Finnish Air Force. The Finnish Air Force flew several Magister-equipped aerobatic teams from Kauhava Air Base before being re-equipped with BAe Hawks, and the team being officially named Midnight Hawks. The Magister teams (often incorrectly referred to as "Jasska 4") flew with standard aircraft in normal operational training markings, and so the decals on this new Max Decal sheet could also be used for aircraft of a Finnish Magister team too.

It is sheet number 7205 and you can see it on Max Decals website at :-

January 2001. Thanks to SIG Member Perttu Karivalo, Finland.