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The Whiskies

The Malt Whisky used is primarily Tamdhu from Speyside, although the Company reserves the right to use a comparable Malt should there be an interruption in supply. Comparable malts would be Cardhu, Glenlivet or other malts from this specific region of Speyside. Tamdhu is described by Collins as appealing to most tastes but requiring a palate with a little more experience of Whisky than an occasional drinker and very pleasing. Michael Jackson describes Tamdhu as being "a delicate, soft, rounded single malt. It has hints of smokiness in the nose but its final accent is towards sweetness. A typically Livet leaning Speyside malt of excellent quality". The west side of the Spey river in this area contains some five distilleries- Cardhu, Tamdhu, Knockando, Imperial and Macallan. Blended Whisky is obtained from a leading Whisky broker in Glagow and is blended to the Company's requirements containing such amounts of Malt as are considered for the market at the time. Bottles are either standard round, 2 pinch rectangular or of "The Glenkinchie type".

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