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Dover Straits Earthquake April 28th 2007

An earthquake of at least 4.3 magnitude hits parts of Kent, on Saturday 28th April damaging homes and leaving thousands without power. The British Geological Survey said the tremor, which occurred at 0818 BST, was the largest British earthquake since one in Dudley, West Midlands, in 2002. The chart above set for the epicentre is that of the time of this UK earthquake.

Dumfries Earthquake Dec. 26th 2006

An earthquake measuring 3.5 on the Richter scale has shaken parts of Dumfries and Galloway. People living in and around Dumfries said they felt two tremors at about 1040 GMT on Boxing Day.

The 4th harmonic astrological chart for this earthquake is shown below.


BGS have received a number of reports via the media, Dumfries Police and from a number of residents in the Dumfries area of Dumfries & Galloway of a felt event at approximately 10:40 UTC this morning. Reports described, "people came out into the street", "we felt one big bump", "a tremendous crack and rumble" and "the whole house shook".

The following preliminary information is available for this earthquake:

DATE : 26 December 2006
ORIGIN TIME : 10:40 03.7s UTC
LAT/LONG : 55.10º North / 3.64º West
GRID REF : 295.5 kmE / 580.0 kmN
DEPTH : 7.4 km
LOCALITY : Dumfries, Dumfries & Galloway

Today's event locates in a similar location to the magnitude 3.0 ML Dumfries earthquake of 13 May 2001, which was felt with intensities of 5 EMS in the epicentral area.

The 4th harmonic chart for the Dumfries Earthquake Dec. 26th 2006.

At the moment that this quake hit. Uranus was square the local MC of the epicentre and Mars was shortly to conjunct the local MC. Both Uranus and the young fast Moon were due East.

The relationship between Mars and Uranus and the local MC can be seen more clearly in the 4th harmonic chart (above). Notice how these three form a cardinal cross with the Sun, and 'Fortuna'. The current Mercury Pluto conjunction tightly oppose the local 4th harmonicascendant and square Venus. This is a very complex picture.

Earthquake shakes west Highlands June 8th 2006

An earthquake has shaken the west Highlands causing floors to vibrate and sounds resembling an explosion.

The quake was centred near Applecross, Wester Ross. It measured 3.1 on the Richter scale and happened at 1223 BST.

The British Geological Survey (BGS), which monitors earthquakes, said there were about eight events of this magnitude in the UK each year.

An earthquake which killed 6,000 people in Java, Indonesia, on 27 May was of a magnitude of 6.2.

Stirling Earthquake 21st Jan 2005

A mild earthquake hit Perthshire late on Thursday evening, police have confirmed.

The epicentre of the tremor was five kilometres north west of Killin, north of Stirling.

Several householders called Central Scotland Police after hearing a mystery large bang at about 2220 GMT.

Dudley Earthquake September 23rd 2002.

The quake occurred, shortly before local midnight and shortly before the moment of Autumn Equinox, with the Sun forming a very tight mutable T-square with the MC of the epicentre and Saturn. Pluto was due west at the time. The astrological chart for the moment is very complex.

Globally there were three square aspects within 1.5 degrees of exactitude. Mars was square Pluto, Venus square Jupiter and the Sun was square Saturn. The Moon still very full and high in the UK skies formed a fiery grand trine and Kite pattern with Pluto, Jupiter and Neptune. Further power is embedded into the time and place with the local ascendant forming a finger of fate pattern with the Sun and Uranus. The Mercury/Mars midpoint was almost exactly (8 mins of arc) conjunct the local MC.

Melton Mowbray earthquake. 28th October 2001.

This quake occurred shortly before Sunset today. Mars recently arrived in tropical Aquarius was on the Uranus MC midpoint and was tightly square the Taurean Ascendant. Uranus was on the Pluto Ascendant midpoint, and on the Saturn Ascendant midpoint. The Moon was on the Uranus Ascendant midpoint.

Map from the British Geological Survey

FRIDAY June 1st 2001.

BBC News reports:- Earthquake experts are investigating a tremor measuring 3.6 on the Richter scale which was felt across Devon and Cornwall. The tremor happened at around 00-45 BST on Friday, and lasted for several seconds. The British Geological Survey estimates that the epicentre was in the Bristol Channel area, about 35km west of Hartland Point in north Devon. It described the quake as being "quite significant" for the UK, which has about 300 earthquakes a year. It is the strongest tremor since last September, when an earthquake in Warwick measured 4.2 and was felt across central England. An earthquake measuring 2.9 on the Richter scale shook Dumfries in Scotland on 13 May this year. Six thousand earthquakes measuring more than 4.0 on the Richter scale occur in the world every year. The largest earthquake in Britain was in 1931, off the Dogger Bank in the North Sea, which measured 6.0 on the Richter scale.

Astrologically, the Earthquake chart has Uranus rising in Aquarius with Pluto on the MC in Sagittarius. Uranus is especially strong being Stationary and on the Venus Mars midpoint. The Jupiter Pluto midpoint is conjunct the Vertex of the location. Globally there was a Kite pattern in the skies manifest at this time. The Moon, Neptune and the Sun were in airy grand trine with the Sun applying opposition to Pluto.


Mars conjuncts equatorial ascendant, Jupiter/Pluto opposition rides the MC/IC axis, Uranus conjuncts the Vertex. The tightest planetary aspect Moon square Venus has its midpoint on the ascendant degree. Quite a chart!