"Ho there traveller!"

"This here part of the Bastion of the Dark Faith deals with its fighting arm, the Legio Mortis, servitors of the Dark Lords. This mighty Legion of humans, dragons, orges and a variety of other fearsome creatures has struck terror into the hearts of our enemies and those foolish enough to oppose us for over 4 centuries now. We blend sword and sorcery and use any means to obtain our goals, no matter how vile. Our War Wizards can create towering walls of blue flame, our warriors can strike fear deep into the souls of our enemy, our fortresses pierce the skies daring any fool to attack their mighty walls which have been washed crimson in the blood of our enemies. The heavens fill with the Dragonriders, spitting fiery death from above, the heavens fill with the beastial chants of the berserker companies lusting for the blood of our foes. The sun glints off the burnished steel of Dark Templars mounted upon their armoured steeds and the wind toys with banners proclaiming death to all who oppose. In the distance, a howl of a Daemon Lord can be heard."

"This is Legio Mortis, who dares stand against us?"


Too long since you've bloodied the tip of your sword? Your arrow points haven't been stained by the slime of enemy guts in a while? Come to the Lair of Darkness, chapterhouse for Legio Mortis, and discover the thrill of unfettered and unrepentant combat.

- Legio Mortis Recruitment poster

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