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"Welcome to this Lair of Darkness."

"This here raven haunted citadel of Darkness serves as the Chapter House of the Legio Mortis. You will be able to visit certain areas of this Bastion of the Dark faith and if you should ever become lost within this vaulted maze, look to Centurion Drachenfels for help, and he will guide you back to this Great Hall." Centurion Drachenfels

"Using the luminous glass in your possession and your 'mouse' ( a slothful familiar, unwilling to so much as move without your helping hand), you will be able to travel to various areas of this Lair. The Lair has currently been reorganised, and the armoury and fortification sections can be found in the area of this citadel dealing with Legio Mortis, Bastions of the Dark Faith. If ye be looking for black metal, enter the Creatures of the Battle Hymns. For black metal mp3s and videos and more enter the Battle Hymns."

"Another area, known as Portals, has been completed (also known as webrings). Myself being a warrior, I do not fully understand the magic by these 'webrings'. I am told however that they have the ability to transport you to another realm, much like the Lair of Darkness, by means I do not fully comprehend. Lord Jasen however, asks me to tell you to explore theses other realms as they are extremely interesting."

"Well, that's me pretty much finished. I still need draw up battle plans for the upcoming Black Crusade in our effort to eradicate those you oppose the Legio Mortis and all that it stands for, so I had best be leaving now. If you at anytime find the desire to contact Lord Jasen, please speak to the mages of the School of Summoning who will help you gain a hearing from him."

"Well farewell dear adventurer and if we should ever meet on the field on battle I will grant you a warrior's death!!!

mortals have had their souls stripped from them and been consumed by the deity of hate

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