"Greetings! My name is Tethtoril and I am the current Keeper of the Tomes in this Lair of Darkness. From here you may have access to all manner of scrolls, from Satanic writings through to tales of high adventure by such authors like H P Lovecraft. In my effort to expand my collection of writings, I constantly traverse many astral planes to obtain writings in which I feel you would find an interest in, so please visit this area often, as there will be new scrolls added regularly. If you believe yourself to be a scribe of some note, and would like some of your works to be published here, please feel free to get in contact with me, and I would be happy to place your work here and give you full credit if the piece be of your own creation.

Well, I have rambled on enough, tis time to leave you to delve into the these tomes, so I bid farewell and good luck brave adventurer! But before I go, if your interested in buying an occult book or an H.P. Lovercraft novel, search the below bookshop."  

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Testimony of a Mad Arab

Book of Entrance and of the Walking

The Conjuration of the Fire God

The Conjuration of the Watcher

The Incantations of the Gates

The Maklu text

The Book of Calling

The Book of Fifty Names

The Magan Text

The Urilia text

Sound file of the Necronomicon

50 Fun Things For Non Christians To Do

Aeonic Magick

Book of the Law

Countess Bathory

Computers in the Movies (humour)

How to make cheap and effective war swords

Magick Without Tears

Norse Mythology

Satan's Cheerleaders - Blackmetal Article

Satanic Ethics

Theory of Magick

The Unholy Bible of Doom

The Viking Longship

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What is Chaos Magick?

The following are some complete stories of H P Lovecraft

H P Lovecraft site Sell H.P. Lovercraft books and audio

Beyond the Wall of Sleep



Ex Oblivione

Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family

Herbert West: Reanimator


Poetry and the Gods


The Beast in the Cave

The Cats of Ulthar

The Crawling Chaos

The Doom That Came to Sarnath

The Music OF Erich Zann

The Nameless City

The Picture in the House

The Statement of Randolph Carter

The Street

The Terrible Old Man

The Tomb

The Tree

The White Ship

The Damned Thing By Ambrose G. Bierce

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