Abigor Discography


Ash Nazgh 10/93

Lux Devicta 12/93

Promo tape II/94 2/94

Moonrise 3/94

Verwustüstung/ Invoke the Dark Age
9/94 NPR005

  1. Universe of Black Divine
  2. Kingdom of Darkness
  3. Beneath a Steel Sky
  4. Eye to eye at Armageddon
  5. In Sin
  6. My soft vision in Blood
  7. Weeping Midwinter tears
  8. Diabolic Unity
  9. A Spell of Dark and Evil

Orkblut- The Retaliation

Orkblut - The Retaliation
  1. The Prophecy
  2. Bloodsoaked Overture
  3. Remembering Pagan Origins
  4. The rising of our tribe
  5. Medieval Echoes
  6. Emptiness/Menschenfeind/Untamed Devastation
  7. ...To the final strike
  8. Battlefield Orphans
  9. The Soft and last sleep
  10. Severance
  11. Langsum verhallte des Lebens Schmerz

Nachthymnen (From the Twilight Kingdom)

  1. Unleashed Axe Age
  2. Scars in the landscape of God
  3. Reborn through the gates of three moons
  4. Dornen
  5. As astral images darken reality
  6. The dark kiss
  7. I face the eternal Winter
  8. Revealed secrets of the whispering Moon
  9. A frozen soul in a wintershadow

Opus IV

Opus IV

Horns Lurk Beyond the Stars Pt. 1

  1. Crimson horizons and Ashen skies
  2. Eerie constellation
  3. Mirages for the eyes of the blind
  4. A breath from worlds beyond

Blut Aus Aeonen Pt.2

  1. The Elder God {My Dragon Magic}
  2. Dimensions of thy unforgotten sins/Part 1
  3. Dimensions of thy unforgotten sins/Part 2
  4. Spektrale Schattenlichter


  1. Celestial
  2. Verwustung
  3. Ein Hauch von Kalte
  4. Hyperwelt
  5. Tu es Diaboli juna
  6. Ublique daemon

Supreme Immortal Art

Supreme Immortal Art
  1. Satan in me
  2. Supreme Immortal Art
  3. Soil of Souls
  4. Eclipse my heart, Crown me King
  5. The Spirit of Venus
  6. Blood and soil
  7. Magic Glass Monument
  8. Exhausted remains

7" (first recordings of Supreme Immortal Art)

  1. The Spirit of Venus

  2. Magic glass Monument

origo regium 1993-1994
fall 98

Origo Regium
  1. Filii Septemtrionum {Intro}
  2. Kingdom of Darkness
  3. Eye to Eye at armageddon
  4. Animae Totae
  5. My soft vision in blood
  6. Abysmal scorn
  7. Shadowlord
  8. Midwinters/Obliteration {Outro}

Channeling the Quintessence of Satan

Channeling The Quintessence of Satan
  1. Dawn Of Human Dust
  2. Pandemonic Revelation
  3. Equilibrium Pass By
  4. Wildfire And Desire
  5. Utopia Consumed
  6. Demon's Vortex
  7. Towards Beyond
  8. Pandora's Miasmic Breath


In Memory - banned cover

1.Terrible Certainty {Kreator cover}

2.Crionics {Slayer cover}

3.Shadowlord {unreleased}


In Memory

1.Terrible Certainty



4.Crimson Horizons


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