Let's face it. The internet has been around for a few years so most of the information you're probably looking for is almost certainly out there already. I see no reason why I should waste time rehashing other peoples web sites when it would be much easier to point you in the direction you need for the expertise you want.

Listed below are the addresses of web sites that we have found useful in the past and which may be of use to you. We intend to add more addresses as time goes on.

If you know of any sites that we might like to add tell us about them.

http://www.scotland.gov.uk/                      The Scottish Office website. Hot blasts of
                                                                              news from the very seat of government.

http://www.acas.org.uk/                          The ACAS website.
                                                                              They've fixed more fights than your average
                                                                              wrestling promoter
http://www.unison.org.uk                        The national UNISON website. It's got
                                                                              more information than you could shake a
                                                                              stick at  - if stick shaking is your thing.

http://www.open.gov.uk/hse                    Home of the Health and Safety Executive.

http://www.cf.ac.uk/ccin                          A Cyber Picket Line. National and
                                                                              International Trade Union Links

http://www.fah00d.demon.co.uk             A resource site for trade union activists, shop
                                                                               stewards and health and safety reps.
                                                                                          -bloody good site n'all.

http://www.emplaw.co.uk                      Free advice on Employment Law

http://www.hamsterdance.com               Dancing hamsters

http://www.newgrounds.com                  Dancing hamsters you can kill

http://www.trading standards                 Ever been ripped off?  Bite back!
                                                                              Let the consumer watchdogs know.

http://www.beano.co.uk                           A national institution.

http://www.amnesty.org.uk                     Amnesty Internationals Website.
                                                                              Save a life from the comfort of your own home