Y o u r   S p e c t r u m / S i n c l a i r
DigiTape symbol
" D i g i ' T ' a p e s "


The YS "Digi'T'apes" were advertised for sale in most issues of Your Spectrum (and subsequently Your Sinclair) from July 1985 to May 1987, and are extremely rare (although one assumes that they must have sold a fair few given that they kept on advertising them for nearly two years). Each mag had an accompanying tape sold separately via mail-order, which was supposed to contain the type-in programs marked as "available on DigiTape" in that issue. Unfortunately they sometimes forgot to mark which programs were on the tape, and even when they did the contents of the tape were not always what they'd marked, plus they sometimes contained extra programs which weren't printed in the mag.

The issues for which I have confirmed contents for the DigiTape are listed in bold text; for the other issues I have listed those programs marked as "available on DigiTape" in normal text. There were some issues which included a DigiTape advertisement, but there were no programs marked in the issue as being on the tape, in which case the programs are listed in italic text.

There was no DigiTape advertisement in the March 1987 issue of Your Sinclair; in that issue it was announced that the tapes would subsequently be produced bi-monthly. This was presumably to save money against falling sales, but it didn't work, as the service was no longer advertised after May 1987.

Almost all the programs listed here are included in the Your Spectrum or Your Sinclair sections of the TTFn archive. The Frontlines news feature "We've Got It Taped" from the July 1985 issue of Your Spectrum, about the DigiTape service, is in the YrUA? archive.

Your Spectrum
July'85(#16)1   3D Daze, Copy Right, Edit Key, Miner Mania
Aug'85(#17)2   3D Turbo Code, Escape from Castle Rathbone, Quazzi
Sep'85(#18)3   Bounzai, Get Organised
Oct'85(#19)4   Macroids, Second Opinion
Nov'85(#20)5   Proportional Printing, SamSynth, Shoot Out, Shrink
Dec'85(#21)6   The Grid
Your Sinclair
Jan'86(#1)1   Chopper Mission, Droid Wars, Morse Code Tutor, Snake (Worm)
Feb'86(#2)2   Aliens, Hot-Shot, Maclone
Mar'86(#3)3   Battle Fleet Orion, Mega-Bert, Switcha
Apr'86(#4)4   AutoFade, Cherry Run, Codebuster, Font Designer
May'86(#5)5   Mooniron, Short Circuit, Turboloader
Jun'86(#6)6   George and the Deadly Meteor, SuperColour
Jul'86(#7)7   Invadas, Secret of Little Hodcome
Aug'86(#8)8   Rock 'n' Roll, Speech System 3 (Speech Melba), The Trainspotter Game
Sep'86(#9)9   Bubble Trouble, Defusion, Repton, Repton Editor
Oct'86(#10)10   Azimuth Alignment Kit, Elite Hacker & Designer, Tune-a-Fish (Tune-a-Paté)
Nov'86(#11)11   Azimuth Alignment Kit, Forest of Long Shadows, Time Bomb
Dec'86(#12)12   Planet Proton, Rock 'n' Roll Tuner
Jan'87(#13)13   Mega-Sphere (Bubble Trouble 2)
Feb'87(#14)14   UFO, Fighting Obelix
Mar'87(#15)15   Check Mate, Judge Dredd adventure, Marathon Runner
Apr'87(#16)16   Hex Loader, Network
May'87(#17)17   Hacking Away & Task Force routines, Pixy the Microdot, Soft Corn