T H E   T Y P E   F A N T A S T I C
The Big K magazine type-ins list - Spectrum, QL

Apr'84 (p.83)Escape

May'84 (p.50)Alien City Adventure
May'84 (p.36)H.Bloc
May'84 (p.76)Plotting to Succeed

Jun'84 (p.34)Egbert
Jun'84 (p.68)Save the Chickens

Jul'84 (p.40)Daffy Cafe
Jul'84 (p.66)Deadly Tunnels of Zarnon, The
Jul'84 (p.46)Taylor-Made Graphics

Aug'84 (p.70)Platform Leaper
Aug'84 (p.40)Space Seeker

Aug,Sep'84 (p.68,98)Hi-Res Printing

Sep'84 (p.52)Hang Glider

Oct'84 (p.100)Airborne Attack
Oct'84 (p.74)Dungeon Master's Character Sheet
Oct'84 (p.84)Shooting Parlour

Oct,Nov'84 (p.92,98)3D Rotator

Nov'84 (p.54)Protector!
Nov'84 (p.82)Simon

Dec'84 (p.66)Frankie Goes to Pieces
Dec'84 (p.52)Killer Kong

Jan'85 (p.42)Cube Crawler
Jan'85 (p.48)Mower Mania

Feb'85 (p.10)SHAFTER!

Mar'85 (p.58)Casino Royale