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The above links are to pages with the programs listed in alphabetical order by title.
A separate Magazine Issue Lists page links to pages with the programs listed in magazine issue #/date order.
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This site is an index and archive of the type-in programming articles and readers' programs for the Sinclair Research range of computers published during the 1980s-early 1990s in those magazines listed above. Thanks to Michael Bruhn for organising the original version of this archive at Desert Island Disks.
This site currently lists 4,675 programs, 2,540 of which are available here. At the top of each index page there's some issue statistics, and a note on which issues of the title are covered and any missing issues for which information is still needed.

The last TTFn update was on 12th October 2023

(see the "What's Typed In, Doc?" page for details)
Well, enjoy checking through these lists and trying out these programs. If you have any of the programs in the lists which are not yet archived here, then please send them to me: withinthehills@gmail.com . Previous contributors are listed in the Hall of Good Eggs.


If there's any particular type-ins not on file which you'd like to see - and they're in a magazine which is on the Available Issues List - then send me a request and I'll probably type them up sometime.


  • To make entering Spectrum programs much easier, I'd suggest using an external text editor for typing them in (eg. I use Power Edit - it's old, but good) and then use my TXT2Emu program to load them into the emulator. TXT2Emu uses the native ROM's syntax & editor routines for checking & correcting the programs as they are loaded. Full instructions are included in the program listing (Z80 assembler).
  • Highlighted entries in the listings are:
    • Excellent Examples in Wonderful White
    • Interesting Items in Admirable Aqua
    • Spooky Specimens in Ghastly Gray
  • Main titles listed in strikethrough have a listing in the magazine which is either incomplete, partly illegible or garbled; so it's impractical to get a working version.
  • Main titles listed in italics indicate a reprinted listing (either a correction or a duplicate) which is not counted in the totals.
  • Most programs are consolidated into monthly archives, so selecting any particular program will usually retrieve an archive containing all the available programs from that month's issue (or issues, in the case of the weekly magazines) of the respective publication.
  • Program file names use the form: CCYYMMWIIIPPP followed by the program title; where:
    CC=magazine, YY=year, MM=month, W=week, III=issue, PPP=page; eg. PW83034012008Escape.z80
  • You'll need an emulator to run the programs in these files. Check my Links page for some suggestions, or the Emulators page at World of Spectrum.
Each list consists of these columns:
  • Program Title (with a separate Article Title underneath if it was different)
  • Author
  • Issue Date (character string)
  • Page Number
  • File Type: (eg.) SNA, TAP, Z80 for Spectrum (TAP preferred); P for ZX81; MDV for QL
  • Computer Type: 80=ZX80, 81=ZX81, SP=Spectrum, QL=QL, SC=SAM Coupé
  • Program Type: A=Adventure, B=Business, D=Domestic, E=Educational, G=Game, U=Utility
  • Language: B=Basic, C=machine code, D=Basic+m/code, F=Forth
  • Information? N=no, P=yes, in program file, Y=yes, in separate text file; indicates if instructions are included.
  • Issue Date (reverse numeric YYMM - for sorting)
The Author, Issue Date, Page Number, File & Computer Type fields may contain multiple values.


The column data in each row are each terminated with a TAB character, so the rows can be copied from any of the tables, the HTML tags stripped off, and the data loaded easily into a spreadsheet or database program, if so desired. (The Program Title and Article Title columns are separately delimited, so there's eleven columns in all.)
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