T H E   T Y P E   F A N T A S T I C

Julian Goodchild's

A selection of some of the more original, imaginative or unusual efforts submitted to the magazines.
If you have any other personal favourites, send me a note and I may give them a place in the Hall.

Adventures of Pat the Postman, The Gary Ritchie Jul'84 78 TAP,Z80 SP G B Y 8407
Trace of a Solution
Stuart Nicholls 6.Apr'85 18 TAP SP U C Y 850406
Caveman Gus
Gus the Caveman
Anthony Sherwood Jan'85 56 TAP SP G B Y 8501
Fall Through R Entwhistle and son Aug'83 39 P 81 G B Y 8308
Future War Jerome K Laskowski Jul'84 9 P 81 G B Y 8407
Heroic Hubert and the Caverns of Fire Darren Wombwell Apr'85 32 TAP SP G B Y 8504
Litterbugs T Sherwood Feb'85 23 Z80 SP G Y 8502
Mad Jumper Henning Jon Grini Jul'84 6 TAP SP G D Y 8407
Monster Mansion T Sherwood Sep'85 22 Z80 SP G Y 8509
Skyscrape Anthony Sherwood Sep'84 56 TAP SP G B Y 8409
Sprite Creator
Sprite Designer
Roger S Allen Dec'84 40 TAP SP U D Y 8412
Sub Sea Leigh Howells Jan'85 23 TAP SP G D Y 8501
UFO Attack Anthony Sherwood Feb'85 60 TAP SP G D Y 8502
At the Sign of The Dancing Ogre Chris Bourne Annual'86 79 TAP SP G B Y 8600
Battle 1917 Mark Lucas May'84 73 TAP SP G Y 8405
Blake's Seven
Ice Diamonds
Jason Glover Sep'84 78 TAP SP G Y 8409
Columbus N Holgate Jan'85 106 TAP SP G Y 8501
EasyEdit David Wright Jun'85 69 TAP SP U Y 8506
Forest of Long Shadows Martin Page Oct'86 100 TAP SP G Y 8610
Goblin Mountain Martin Page Jun'87 85 TAP SP G Y 8706
Oligopoly N Holgate Jun'84 74 TAP SP G Y 8406
Stuart Box Nov'84 106 TAP SP G Y 8411
Aliquid Simplex David Aspinall Nov'84 85 TAP SP G B Y 8411
Betta BASIC Jason Judge Apr'84 125 P 81 U D Y 8404
Hi-Rise Hive Dave Rogers, Colin Hogg Jun'84 103 P 81 G D Y 8406
Impulse Chris Handley Oct'85 56 TAP SP G D Y 8510
Multitasking BASIC Extension
Multitasking - Spectrum Interrupts
Richard Taylor Nov'84 147 TAP SP U D Y 8411
Pac-81 Philip Harwood Mar'84 89 P 81 G C Y 8403
Pikchachanja Timothy Closs Apr'85 94 TAP SP U D Y 8504
Plane Annoying Kriss Buddle Jan'84 99 P 81 G D Y 8401
ProgAid Albert Olivera Mar'84 151 P 81 U D Y 8403
Scram-81 Philip Harwood Nov,Dec'83 126,191 P 81 G D Y 8311,12
Singlestep 48K Ian Potts Apr'85 110 TAP SP U D Y 8504
Sprite Editor
Spectrum Sprites
Robert Newman Jun'85 84 TAP SP U D Y 8506
U-Boat Hunt
Submarine Mission
Rod Hopkins Aug'83 108 TAP SP G D Y 8308
ZX Panel
Head-Up Display
Alan Lee Jul'84 123 P 81 U C Y 8407
Chopper Mission M Rai Jan'86 58 Z80 SP G Y 8601
Maclone Tony Samuels Feb'86 83 TAP SP U C Y 8602
Mega-Bert Chris Gresty Mar'86 49 TAP SP G Y 8603
Pixy the Microdot David Box May'87 48 TAP SP G Y 8705
SuperColour Simon Crampin Jun'86 81 TAP SP U D Y 8606
Three Into One Will Go
Max Phillips Mar'86 81 TAP SP U D Y 8603
Trainspotter Game, The Christiaan Coenraad Aug'86 46 TAP SP G Y 8608
Triscroll John Allen Jan'92 57 TAP SP U D Y 9201
Big Deal! Toni Baker Apr'85 20 TAP SP U C Y 8504
Bounzai Eric Verlind Sep'85 54 Z80 SP G Y 8509
Dumps of Distinction Andrew Pennell Jun'84 55 TAP SP U C Y 8406
Escape from Castle Rathbone Dougie Bern Aug,Sep'85 49,46 TAP SP G Y 8508-09
Interrupt Manager
Just a Tick!
Toni Baker Aug'85 22 TAP SP U C Y 8508
Krazy Katapilla
Katapilla Crazy
Peter Shaw Jul'84 78 TAP SP G Y 8407
Mac Man Stuart Jamieson Mar'85 59 TAP SP G Y 8503
Machine Code Breakout! Toni Baker Jan'84 17 HTM SP U C Y 8401
Multisearch Simon N Goodwin Mar'85 47 TAP SP U C Y 8503
Screen Effects
Movin' and A'Groovin'
Andrew Pennell Oct'85 48 TAP SP U C Y 8510
ZIP Compiler
Adding ZIP!
Simon N Goodwin May-Aug'84 many TAP SP U D Y 8405-08
Ganeymede II
Collecting Xylenium Crystals
Nick Wilson Aug/Sep'82 18 P 81 G B Y 8208
Gencalc David FM Carmichael Feb/Mar'85 67 TAP SP D B Y 8502
Illuminator Alan Davis Jan,Feb'87 18,12 TAP SP U D Y 8701,02
Random Memory
Clyde W Bish Jan'87 32 TAP SP U B Y 8701
Reconnaissance Alert Stephen Smith Aug/Sep'83 32 P 81 G B Y 8308
Signalman Duncan J Munro Jun/Jul'85 98 TAP SP G B Y 8506
Tabcalc John F Tydeman Feb/Mar'86 86 TAP SP D B Y 8602
Valley of Death, The Jerome K Laskowski Feb/Mar'84 110 P 81 G B Y 8402
War of the Shires, The Alan Davis Nov'86-Jan'87 10,61,75 TAP SP G D Y 8611-8701