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Adventure Writer
Adventure Creator
CD Love Feb'85 68 TAP SP U B Y 8502
Adventures of Pat the Postman, The Gary Ritchie Jul'84 78 TAP,Z80 SP G B Y 8407
Alien Showdown ? Feb'84 22 TAP SP G D Y 8402
Astro Blasta
Astro Blaster
J Hall Dec'84 12 TAP SP G B Y 8412
Balloonist Niall M McIntyre Nov'84 94 TAP SP G B Y 8411
Boxing S Goodley Mar'85 18 TAP SP G B Y 8503
Driver S Goodley Jul'84 58 TAP SP G B N 8407
Fishy Fred CD Love Feb'85 54 TAP SP G B Y 8502
Grid Race
David Harwood Mar'84 13 TAP SP G B Y 8403
House on Misty Hill, The SW Lucas Jul'84 49 TAP SP A B Y 8407
Moon Rescue David Harwood Jan'84 53 TAP SP G B Y 8401
Runaway Robot Jon Smith, Simon N Goodwin Jan'84 83 TAP SP G B Y 8401
Sea Hunt
Beach Hunt
D Pashley Nov'84 18 TAP SP A B Y 8411
Slalom Race ? Mar'84 49 TAP SP G B Y 8403
Splat Superman ? Sep'84 65 TAP SP G B Y 8409
Spuckman Andrew Weekes Feb'84 94 TAP SP G B Y 8402
Storm Trooper RM Simpson Dec'84 102 TAP SP G B Y 8412