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Attack of the Mutant Horde Fin Fahey Dec'83 36 TAP,TZX,Z80 SP G B Y 8312
Data Mapping Routine Fin Fahey Jun'84 73 SP U B 8406
Display User-defined Graphics
Spectrum Graphics
Fin Fahey Apr'84 65 SP U B 8404
Entertainer, The ? Dec'83 94 TAP SP D B Y 8312
Flashing Border WR Billany Jan'84 92 TAP SP U B Y 8401
Gambler R de Ville May'84 74 SP G B 8405
Haiku Generator Fin Fahey May'84 56 SP D B 8405
Knockout Karl Brazier Jun'84 80 SP G B 8406
Maze Runner Fin Fahey Apr'84 24 SP G B 8404
Message Encoder Fin Fahey Apr'84 67 SP D B 8404
Missile Command Fin Fahey Jun'84 62 SP G B 8406
Money Man Karl Brazier May'84 72 SP G B 8405
Multi-Coloured Border Richard Couchman Jan'84 90 TAP SP U B Y 8401
Multiplication Quiz Lawrence Smith Apr'84 68 SP E B 8404
Music String Utility
Spectrum Sound
Fin Fahey May'84 68 SP U B 8405
Noise ? Dec'83 94 TAP SP U B Y 8312
Orange Border Jason Richardson, Barry Morcom Mar'84 83 TAP SP U B Y 8403
OUT 254 Tim Harrison Jun'84 80 SP U B 8406
Patterns Iain Radford Jun'84 79 SP U B 8406
Power Pedlars, The Fin Fahey Sep'84 72 SP G B 8409
Program Renumber Fin Fahey Jun'84 72 SP U B 8406
Random Tunes ? Dec'83 91 TAP SP D B Y 8312
Redefined Character Set Kai Weber Mar'84 82 TAP,Z80 SP U B Y 8403
Scrolling Routine Andrew Radford Mar'84 83 TAP SP U B Y 8403
Sound and Graphic Routines Kai Weber Feb'84 82 SP U B 8402
Spiral Andrew Ward Jul'84 77 SP U B 8407
Weird & Wonderful Patterns ? Jan'84 92 TAP SP U B Y 8401
White Noise Generator Kai Weber Mar'84 85 TAP SP U C Y 8403
Worm, The Adam Bull Jul'84 75 SP G B 8407
ZX Graphics R Travis Jun'84 81 SP U B 8406