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The Computer & Video Games magazine type-ins list - ZX80/81

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Nov'81 (p.54)City Bomb

Dec'81 (p.58)Cosmax

Jan'82 (p.60)Android Attack
Jan'82 (p.61)Catch-a-Bag-of-Swag
Jan'82 (p.61)Mole

Feb'82 (p.54)Cosmos Landing

Mar'82 (p.53)REMload
Mar'82 (p.50)Reversi

Apr'82 (p.28)ZX Poker

May'82 (p.59)Avoid the Projectile
May'82 (p.58)Earth vs The Flying Saucers
May'82 (p.59)Grand Prix
May'82 (p.58)Ski/Racer/Wormhole

Jun'82 (p.55)Bet
Jun'82 (p.27)Go
Jun'82 (p.54)War of the Worlds

Jul'82 (p.909)Microvaders
Jul'82 (p.913)Pontoon
Jul'82 (p.911)Stargates
Jul'82 (p.914)Towers of Hanoi

Aug'82 (p.42)Fur Trader

Sep'82 (p.40)Fox at Dusk
Sep'82 (p.53)Mini Defender

Oct'82 (p.36)Word Search

Nov'82 (p.61)Four-a-Side Soccer

Dec'82 (p.42)Yacht II

Jan'83 (p.46)Curse of the Aztec Tomb

Feb'83 (p.903)Dracula
Feb'83 (p.48)Escape from the Pyramids of Mars
Feb'83 (p.937)Graphical Golf

Mar'83 (p.60)Positron 4

Apr'83 (p.32)Trafalgar

May'83 (p.42)Dodgems

Jun'83 (p.64)Cannon Master

Jul'83 (p.88)Golf
Jul'83 (p.104)Zax's V

Aug'83 (p.64)Gladiators

Sep'83 (p.76)3D Escape

Oct'83 (p.52)Chicken

Nov'83 (p.58)Colditz Castle

Dec'83 (p.149)Black Hole

Jan'84 (p.102)Space Blockade

Feb'84 (p.903)Chopper Chase
Feb'84 (p.908)Escape
Feb'84 (p.928)Frogga

Apr'84 (p.106)Walking the Plank