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Issue 9, November 1984 - Frontlines & Hacking Away
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BBC Radio kicks off with a double-helping of computing this Autumn with Barry Norman re-opening The Chip Shop on Radio 4 and Radio 1 listeners getting their own computer show with the launch of Radio l's Chip Shop which makes up part of the Saturday morning Mark Page Show.
The Radio 1 Chip Shop will be broadcast at 7:33 am on Saturday morning, starting on September 29th and will be presented by David Freeman. Free Basicode software will be broadcast on Sunday morning at 5:55am and repeated at the same time on Saturdays. You'll need a Basicode Kit for this though, costing £3.95 from Broadcasting Support Services, n xxxxx xxxx, xxxxxxx xxnn nxx.
If you really can't stand the thought of getting up so early on a Saturday morning, you could always tune into The Chip Shop on Radio 4 at the slightly more reasonable time of 4:15pm though you won't get the software.
Barry Norman broadcast his second show of the series 'live' from the PCW Show on September 22nd this year.
Currah, manufacturers of the MicroSpeech unit, has announced a new product to be available from them ... 'soon'.
Called the MicroSource, it allows you to write and use assembler or Forth in Basic lines, which means you can run either added languages on their own or even 'integrate' them into Basic programs.
Looking uncannily like the MicroSpeech, the MicroSource is another one of those flat black boxes. At the time of writing, Currah weren't giving away enough for us to find out whether there would be an expansion port carried through. This was one of the only big criticisms of the MicroSpeech and is probably the reason for the launch of their MicroSlot motherboard.
The MicroSource has a planned release price of £44.50 but more details should be available from Currah by the time you're reading this. If you want the info first hand, give em a ring on nnnn nnnnn.
In one fell stroke Anirog software have deleted all but one of their Spectrum titles and are going to start concentrating on Amstrad and MSX titles.
A spokesperson on their stand at the PCW Show said that because of the immense competition in the Spectrum software market they only want to keep their one strong Spectrum title going, Specgraf.
The company is looking to establish itself as major competition for Amsoft in the Amstrad market and, among other imaginary pastimes, also want to make a big hit in the MSX scene. If you reckon you're going to miss the software, contact Anirog on 0322 92513.


Welcome to our regular column for hacker's hints and tips. Poke some fun into your programs and write to Andrew Pennell, Hacking Away, Your Spectrum, 14 Rathbone Place, London W1P 1DE.
To kick off with this month the irrepressible Dave Nicholls has sent in some POKEs for Sabre Wulf, along with a couple for other games. For those from Ultimate, you have to duplicate the single line of Basic, as it normally loads as line 0, which is un-editable. Add the POKEs just before the PRINT USR command.
They are: Lunar Jetman - for infinite lives, do POKE 36966,224 and POKE 36945,3; Sabre Wulf - for infinite lives, do POKE 43575,255 and POKE 45520,255; Tutankhamun (never heard of this!) - for infinite lives POKE 27783,0 and to enter on any screen do POKE 34970,63, and then press the ASCII for the screen number + 48; and finally, Tranz Am - for, guess what, infinite lives, do POKE 25446,0.
Still on the subject of Sabre Wulf, Gavin Beny and young Peter Featherstone both supplied POKE 44929,0, which disables the baddies in the game, so that they only appear when you press Fire. To get an object after this you've got to
stand on it and Fire, though you don't have to actually collect anything to be able to see what happens when you finish!
At a recent ZX Microfair I had the misfortune to be accosted by three lunatics who wished to be known as the Romford Hacketeers, who gave details of some more alterations for Kosmic Kanga, namely POKE 35136 with the height you wish to jump, and POKE 23994 with the number of lives you want to start with - it allows up to 255 lives, no less. They also told me of an interesting feature of Cavalon (by Ocean), whereby if you hold down the complete row of keys starting with QWERT and the row ASDF, etc, all at once, the program says "Hi Chris, what do you want" and you can then jump to any screen. The best ways of holding these keys down is with two rulers, or several cassette boxes. (I have reason to believe that the real identities of two of these guys are Steve and Daz).
Also at the ZX Microfair I bumped into a chap who told me a long time ago about JSW having the remnants of TRS-DOS in it, which I mentioned in a previous article though I neglected to give his name, so under threat of death I must mention Steve as the source of the fact. Yet more POKEs have come in for JSW - there can't be many left now, surely! Anyway, here goes: A Wiseman sent in POKE 37874,0 which makes you collect any object as soon
as you enter each room, and POKE 36353,60 which improves your jumping abilities. M Firby sent in POKE 36353,44 which makes it much easier to get the object in The Nightmare Room, and Andy W (what's with the anonymity Andy?) reveals that POKE 38207,24 removes the dreaded Maria (though you can still see the final effect).
A Wiseman also gave info on two other progs - namely Wheelie and Sabre Wulf. About Wheelie - to get to different levels just press these sequences:
2. WITTY 6. ZX83B
3. SHARK 7. 2MQL3

Regarding Sabre Wulf he told me that you can work out where the Amulets are by looking at the natives - when they are directly in line vertically or horizontally they turn slowly, go yellow and play a tune. That's the sort of useful fact Ultimate would never put in their very brief instructions.
Next month in response to your letters, I'll be explaining how to go about hacking Chuckie Egg (among others) and how to get it going with a joystick. If I've not yet covered a game that you've successfully (or unsuccessfully) hacked into, drop me a line to the YS office and tell me about it.
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