Your Spectrum
Issue 9, November 1984
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Frontlines Anirog drop Spectrum development
The Chip Shop radio program (BBC Radio 1 & 4)
Forth on MicroSource ROM (Currah)
Spectrum & QL News Rumbles
Our sleuth on the software scene, Ron Smith reveals the rumours. Automan (Bug-Byte), Crystal Caverns (Dream Software), BMX Racers (Mastertronic).
Concurrent Affairs
Our man at the PCW show, John Torofex, got out and about to check out the rumours of the moment - here's his report ... QL sales at PCW show, LISP on QL, New bug in QL 'JM' version, Sinclair software duplication, New QL products from: OE Ltd, Computer One, GST.
Advice Hacking Away
Welcome to our regular column for hacker's hints and tips. Poke some fun into your programs and write to Andrew Pennell ... Lunar Jetman, Sabre Wulf, Tutankhamun, Tranz Am, Kosmic Kanga, Cavalon, Jet Set Willy, Wheelie.
Software Reviews Joystick Jury
Check out the verdicts of our panel on the latest software. Success in the charts doesn't always mean it's the best game around. Check out the thoughts of our jury this month - Ron Smith, Roger Willis and Dave Lester - and you'll see what we mean ... Alcatraz Harry, Automania, BC Bill, Crusoe, Full Throttle, Hyperblaster, Humpty Dumpty Meets the Fuzzy Wuzzies, Madhatter, The Perils of Bear George, Pi in 'Ere, River Raid, Terrahawks.
Spectrum Adventures: A 'Venture into the Unknown
Welcome to our regular adventure page. The cast of contributors includes Clive Gifford, author of Adventures For Your Spectrum, Gary Smart and Neil Mackintosh who are all avid adventure fanatics. The Green Goblin is our own Peter Shaw, author of Creating Adventures on Your ZX Spectrum. The Hobbit, Lords of Midnight, Sherlock.
Software Features Manic Mimicry
Could it be that there are too few original ideas coming out of UK software houses? Ross Holman examines three new releases - Astronut, Frank N Stein and Monty Mole - and draws the inevitable conclusion ...
Hacker's Guide
Codebuster Dave Nicholls examines the major problems experienced by designers of the ever-popular 'platform' games, discussing the methods of program storage that make this kind of multi-screen adventure possible in just 48k.
Hardware Features The New Spectrum - The Shape of Things to Come?
More than just a rumour ... Your Spectrum's Roger Munford gives you a sneak preview of the latest addition to the Sinclair Research range of computers - the soon-to-be-released ZX Spectrum+.
Spectrum Speakers
The word is that attaching any speech synthesiser to your Spectrum will allow you to have cosy chats together. Henry Budgett determines whether this is one of the first signs of madness. Fuller Box/Orator, Currah MicroSpeech, DCP S-Pack, Cheetah Sweet Talker, Timedata ZXS Speech Synthesiser.
Programming Spectrum Spooler
Having problems interfacing? Peripherals won't talk to you any more? Simon Goodwin has a solution for QL and Spectrum owners throughout the land ...
YS MegaBasic: The First Tutorial - part one
Your Spectrum presents the first in a series of tutorials on the amazing new language for the ZX Spectrum - YS MegaBasic. Mike Leaman details two of its most outstanding features - windows, and the manipulation of character sets.
Reader's Programs Program Power
Get set to type in two great games for your Spectrum:
Ocean Defence - Save your home base by dropping depth charges on the submarines lurking beneath the waves. (Danny Sheehan)
Turn-Up - A new implementation of an old classic. A board game you'll never get bored with! (Adrian George)
Interviews Colin Stokes (Software Projects)
Sue Denham tackles Colin Stokes of Software Projects. Surviving the software market is no easy ride ... even if you do have Matthew Smith in tow. Sue Denham tackles Colin Stokes of Software Projects on topics past, present and future.
Odds & Ends Forum
Readers' revenge! Hints, harassment and humble pie. Is there something you're not telling us?
The YS Top 20
Readers poll their fave raves. Will nothing knock Sabre Wulf from No.1 position?