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Issue 15, June 1985 - Hack-Free Zone
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Are you hacked off with hackers? Would you have trouble hacking your own hands off? You couldn't even POKE yourself in the eye! If you play games but don't play about with them, this is the page for you. What you'll find is everything for the pure games player. So, c'mon play the game!

... In Everyone's A Wally from Mikro-Gen. If Wally Week and the rest of the gang are ever going to have a holiday, they've got to find the combination to the safe and earn some money. We join them after they've repaired the fountain and the pylon on the trail of the letter K.
Overdue at the LibraryEaW Library screen Wally: Rightio then, let's get cracking.
Wilma Week, Wally's wife: OK, Wally I'm just nipping off to the library to exchange my book for the jump leads.
Wally: Make sure you've got Book 1, Wilma, or you'll be wasting your time. And don't forget to leave the leads somewhere easy for
Harry to find before some other dolt comes and picks them up.
Fill 'er up!EaW Petrol Station screen Harry the Hippy: Hey, wow, like heaveee man.
Tom the Punk: Course it's heavy, you great hairy half- wit. It's a fork-lift battery. Let me get it down, you flower-powered fool.
With a swift headbang to the battery, Tom lifts it out of the fork-lift and hands it to Harry who carts it off to the Petrol Station.
Harry (in a really heavy scene): Hey, I hope I've got everything man. I've got the battery and the jump leads so I'd better charge it up before lugging it all the way back to Tom. Hey, this is really bad Karma!
Tom: 'Bout time too, I was just gonna stick a pin in ya to see if you'd died.
Harry: I kept tripping over my flares, that's all!
Building SighsEaW Letter K screen Wally (whistling while he works): It's off to work we go ... Take the bucket to the fountain and fill it, done that, get the sand and off to the cement mixer to swop it with the cement. Now where is the cement mixer?
Dick (from the depths - well, he is a plumber): Er, it's by the tool room, Wally, Ner, what a wally, not
knowing that!
Wally: I 'eard that. Rightio, where's my trowel. Oh, yes. Better go an build the wall at the building site. At least it's the easiest bit of building I'll ever do - walk past it and, hey presto, it's there.
Harry: Hey, Wally, I've fixed the fork-lift, man. Like crazeee. If you come and stand on the front you can walk along the wall.
Wally: Okey Dokey, and I can swop the cement for the letter K and, bob's yer uncle.
And so we leave them. S'pose it's always possible that they'll get on their hols but there are still four more letters to collect, so it won't be till next winter!
There are some games that are so incredibly difficult it seems impossible that anyone could have completed them. Well, not without POKEs for this and POKEs for that until there's very little left of the original game! But we have a great deal of faith in the YS readership. If you've finished a game just by playing it and you're the only one you know who has, then tell us and we'll tell the world. Let's show the hackers that it can be done without rummaging around in the code.
For starters, has anyone finished Alien 8 yet, or Knight Lore or Starion or Wriggler or Dragontorc ... The list is endless, so add to it as you choose. All we ask is that you've done it without POKEs or really there's no point. Sure, use them to practise tactics and pick up tips but make sure you do the final run through without.
Course, if you have cracked a game without hacking it,
you're gonna be pretty hot on the ol' hints n' tips. No-one's going to get round Knight Lore without knowing just about everything there is to know on it. That's why we're asking for your expert advice as well. Tell us how it's done, what score you got and everything else of interest - help others to do what you've done and stop them from drifting off to join the mighty hordes of hackers. It's your duty as a games player!
So, fill in the coupon below and send it to Nothing's Impossible, Your Spectrum, 14 Rathbone Place, London W1P 1DE. Bung in a passport size piccy as well - we want to see what someone that good looks like! And finally, get someone who's seen you do it to sign the form as a verification.
Oh, and one last thing, we only want to hear from those of you who haven't finished Jet Set Willy. (Now that is impossible! Ed.)
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