Your Spectrum
Issue 15, June 1985
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Frontlines Falcon Patrol 2 (Virgin Games)
The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole (Mosaic Publishing)
April Showers competition winners
Advice Hacking Away
POKE fun into your games! Send your hacking hints to Andrew Pennell ... Monty Mole, Horace and the Spiders, Horace Goes Skiing, Stop the Express, Arcadia, Frank N Stein, Adventure Quest.
Hack Free Zone
Hackers keep out! All new hints 'n' tips for gamesplayers only! So, c'mon play the game! Are you hacked off with hackers? Would you have trouble hacking your own hands off? You couldn't even POKE yourself in the eye! If you play games but don't play about with them, this is the page for you. What you'll find is everything for the pure games player. So, c'mon play the game! Everyone's a Wally.
Software Reviews Joystick Jury
Judge, jury and executioner, all rolled into one - Dave Nicholls, Roger Willis and Ross Holman - pass sentence on this month's selection of supreme Spectrum software. A Day in the Life, Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge, Bug Eyes, Death Star Interceptor, Dragontorc, The Dukes of Hazzard, Fantastic Voyage, Finders Keepers, Formula One, Grand National, Mighty Magus, Ski Star 2000, Spy Hunter, World Series Baseball.
Spectrum Adventures
Lost? Confused? We're here to help. Plus, the gruesome Gremlins! There's something so monstrous happening in Castle Rathbone that you may not be able to read on. Ugh, it's horrible ... it's Peter Shaw ... Gremlins.
Software Features Painting by Numbers
Forget the pens and paintbrushes - how about painting with pixels? Penny Page has taken a peek at four new graphics packages and Peter Shaw completes the picture. The Artist, Leonardo, Lightmagic, PaintPlus.
Interior Decorating
OK, we'll come clean - we did know where the extra room in Jet Set Willy was. And it wasn't long before you all found it as well. Now Dave Nicholls shows you how you can start re-arranging the furniture in Willy's mansion.
Space Ace
Welcome to the YS Space Academy. Here you'll receive full in-flight training from Space Commander, Ross Holman. Master the techniques of time travelling in Starion, the stunning new 3D space game from Melbourne House. Time waits for no man, so go for it now!
Hacker's Guide
Join Chris Wood on a journey through time and space - into the centre of Starion.
Hardware Features Hot Heads
If you're not that flush, but you need a printer, stay cool and go thermal. Peter Green comes in from the cold to consider the hottest ones around. Alphacom 32, Brother HR-5, Epson-40, Floyd 40.
Programming Pic 'n' Mix
Pick up a handful of your old screen pics and mix them together to create some stunning new visuals. Chris Somerville sketches out the possibilities.
Snap, Crackle & Pop
If you thought all had gone quiet on YS MegaBasic, keep listening 'cos we're about to break the sound barrier. Prepare to have your ears pierced by L A Privett's program on the MegaBasic PLAY command.
Miscellaneous Features Mastermind
The lights go down as you sink into the YS Mastermind chair - but the questions you answer are as tough as you want to make them. Chris Winterton has come up with a program that'll test you to the limits and make all your exam revision FUN!
Reader's Programs Program Power
Something for everyone in this month's Program Power. Arcade addicts'll go headlong for the Gold Rush (M Rai) and Shooting Gallery (Adam Leonard), and all you clever clogs'll want to Drop Out (B Herivel & M Rapps) and TasCount (Malcolm Paknadel) is one utility that'll have you out for the count! Get those programs powered up.
Books Paperdata
The Hacker's Handbook (Century), The Hacker's Handbook (Longman).
Odds & Ends YS All Time Top 10 Chart & YS Go For Gold
What's this? - the YS Top 10 and news of our great chart challenge. Check it out! If you're an all-time great games player, you could be in line for a medal. Go for it now - it's gold!