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Issue 17, August 1985 - Escape from Castle Rathbone
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This is your Commandant speaking. Velcome to Castle Rathbone. Make yourself at home - you are going to be here for a long, long time. No-vun has ever eskaped and no-vun ever vill. Dougie Bern has seen to that!
Pssssst! Who me? Yeah, you. Come over here where it's not bugged. You mean there are bugs in this program? Well, you can never be too sure. (I do hope you're joking! Ed.). You've just been nominated as head of the escape committee. What an honour! Well, we've chosen you as the most important member of the team because you're the only one who can possibly help our cracked troops to escape. Don't you mean crack troops? Have you met them?
Now pay close attention 'cos there isn't much time. Your task is to help Troubleshootin' Pete, Tony 'Slim' Samuels and Roger Willis to get away from the confines of Castle Rathbone. Why? Well, how would you like to be locked up for years on end with the three of 'em? The escape committee has come up with a fiendishly ingenious plan that'll confuse our captors completely - it's confused us already and we reckon you're the only one who can suss it out.
There are four different escape routes for the three of them and you, of course, and each is tailored to the needs of the individual. That means you can't get Roger out using the route planned for Tony and so on. And you must get them out in the right order, as decided previously by the escape committee.
In fact, if you succeed - and you ought to know the odds are against you - the remaining prisoners of Castle Rathbone will be overjoyed. So much so, that they've persuaded the Editor to stump up a bundle of ten free pieces of software if you're the first to get word to us that proves you all got out alive. Plus, there's another five pieces for the best complete map of Castle Rathbone.
Look I've got to go now, I can see one of the guards coming. Oh, and good luck - you're gonna need it. Say you get stuck down a tunnel with Tony! Ugh!
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Before you can escape from Castle Rathbone, you're going to have to type in the main listing. But be warned - as the messages are all encrypted, you must be very careful when tackling the task. If you're more daunted by the typing than the escaping, then remember that the game appears on this month's Digi't'ape cassette.
No Help Here
Please don't ring the real Helpline if you get stuck. Remember you're supposed to be trying to get Pete out - he's just as much in the dark about the solution as you are.
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