Your Spectrum
Issue 17, August 1985
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Frontlines Polyprint multilingual interface (Cambridge Microelectronics)
Bobby Charlton's Soccer (DACC)
GLASS (Quicksilva)
Komplex City (Legend)
Ocean's new releases
Style graphics package (Saga)
The Great Space Race offer (Legend)
Robert Maxwell interest in Sinclair Research
Advice Hacking Away
Calling all hackers! You can contact our red hot POKEr, Andy Pennell by writing to Hacking Away ... Monty Mole, Android, Ghostbusters, Mutant Monty, Cavern Fighter, Black Hawk, River Rescue, Sky Ranger, Zombie Zombie, Giant's Revenge, Halls of the Things, Mugsy.
Give Us A Clue
If you're going up the wall in an adventure, we're here to help you down. Sherlock, Gremlins, Valkyrie 17.
Hack-Free Zone
Chuck the cheats. Here's the page for those who play the games! Plus a hag-ridden review of Cauldron. You know what they say. Those who can, play. Those who can't, hack. Welcome to the page for all of us who can! Cavelon, Pyjamarama, Shadowfire, Knight Lore, Dragontorc, Bruce Lee, Evil Dead.
Software Reviews Joystick Jury
Our three good men and true try out the latest arcade action. There's joy for the good games and stick for the bad 'uns! Our three-ring circus of Roger Willis, Ross Holman and Dave Nicholls is back in town. Watch 'em put all the latest arcade games through the hoops - and have a laugh at the clowning around. 911TS, Battle for Midway, The Bulge, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Don't Buy This, Don't Panic, Fahrenheit 3000, Falcon Patrol 2, Herbert's Dummy Run, Match Fishing, Nodes of Yesod, Pipeline / SOS, Tapper, Video Pool.
Software Features The Generation Game
Games creators aren't new exactly but they're still the best and quickest way for even the duffest programmer to knock out some ace arcade action. And talking of duffers, we've asked Tony Samuels to create a couple of classics while Peter Shaw looked over his shoulder and took notes. Games Designer, HURG.
Celtic Ranger
Begob and Begorrah. Prepare for a blast of the blarney from your man in Ireland, Chris Cockayne as he casts an emerald eye over Dun Darach, the new wan from Gargoyle Games.
I Spy ...
Bond is back - as if you hadn't noticed! And now he's making his software debut in Domark's latest game based on the new film, A View to a Kill. The YS spies, Tony Samuels and Ross Holman have decoded the following message.
Hacker's Guide
Join the spy who came in from the code - Chris Wood has been doing a bit of espionage on A View to a Kill.
Hardware Features Black Magic Boxes
If you're rarin' to go microdrivin' but you're havin' trouble convertin' your tapes, here are two black boxes that'll help you change your gear. Iolo Davidson takes a look at these drivin' movers. Interface III, Microdriver.
Programming Just a Tick
It may be rude to interrupt but it's certainly dead easy now, 'cos Toni Baker's back with a program that lets you have up to sixteen interrupt routines running at once. You'll wonder how you ever managed before!
(letter), (letter)
The 3D 3
In last month's YS, Mike Leaman presented a 3D graphics creator in machine code. He follows up this month with three extras that turn the program into a complete 3D system. There's a turbo-charger for extra smoothness, an on-screen 3D sprite desginer plus the promised conversion to YS MegaBasic. Well, they say that all good things come in threes!
Miscellaneous Features Escape from Castle Rathbone
This is your Commandant speaking. Velcome to Castle Rathbone. Make yourself at home - you are going to be here for a long, long time. No-vun has ever eskaped and no-vun ever vill. Dougie Bern has seen to that!
Reader's Programs Program Power
Ding-dong! Quazzi calling all you computer campanologists. R C Coombs has come up with a game that's as sound as a bell!
Books Paperdata: Winning at the Races Using Your Computer (Interface Publications)
Odds & Ends Go for Gold & All Time Top 10 Chart
It's the YS Chart Challenge. Are you in the running for a medal?