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Issue 18, September 1985 - Jet Set Willy 2
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Willy or won't he? Well, someone has, 'cos Miner Willy's back in the major follow-up to his first appearance as a jet setter. Find out what he's up to and fear not for all your old POKEs. Chris Wood, Zareh Johannes and David Smith have hacked away and come up with a complete new set.
This is Willy's world ... and you're welcome to it! Here you can wander with him round the familiar rooms of the familiar mansion, cruise to the island of Crusoe, wallow in the watery well, rot in hell in Hades, indulge in a spot of Willy worship, suffer in the sewer, shoot for the stars in a space shuttle, seek out the secret subway on the planet's surface, mix it with the maid Maria and end up ... well, take a look at Manic Miner!
Another fine mess Willy's got himself into! Now he's on top of the passageway using the buglet in the adjoining room, there's no way he's getting down. Secret Passage SCREEN The same room appears on both sides of the Secret Passage - The Hole With No Name. Once you've uncovered the entrance to the tunnel, you can collect the objects in that room.
. Finding your way into the tunnel's the really tricky bit. The entrance is sneakily hidden halfway up the right-hand wall of the adjoining room. You're just gonna have to keep jumpin' till you find it. .
Arrow, arrow, arrow - what's going on 'ere then? Willy's getting a double dose of fire from the crossbows in this room. This is one part of the game where you'd be well advised to miss the point. Hero Worship SCREEN Ain't Willy amazin' - or is that just idol gossip? Inside the big Willy is a hidden maze that you're gonna have to suss out before you can collect the object in his eye. Don't get carried away now. It's easier than you might think 'cos all the floors in this room are conveyor belts. Is there no escape? Star Drive SCREEN Belt up and concentrate. The only way you're going to get out is to jump from here but you'll have to time it to the millisecond. You guessed - it's another conveyor belt.
. Double trouble here - schizophrenic Willy can't quite get it together. Not only are there twin Willies but the souls are walking backwards. Well, it's goodbye from me - and it's goodbye from him. . . Meet Willy as you've never seen him before. He dons this sartorially splendid space suit when he takes the shuttle up to the space ship and on the planet's surface. .

Yes, it's here! After all the waiting Software Projects has produced another Willy game - though it's not the now (perhaps) mythical Willy Meets The Taxman.
Jet Set Willy II started life on the Amstrad as a conversion from the original JSW. But the programmer added so many rooms that Software Projects heard the tinkle of the cash tills and thought it worth re-releasing on the Spectrum. And before you ask, this version was not written by Matthew Smith, who may or may not be working on something else - indeed, may or may not be working but by one Derrick Rowson.
This time round the game's been protected a might more than the original JSW and once again you have one of those funny colour charts to lose - but at least it's part of the insert this time! As all hackers know though, this only makes putting in the POKEs more fun.
So, how are the two games different? Well, all the original rooms are still there, although in some places new ones have been added to pad out the gaps in the original map. You can now get to the Conservatory Roof via the Banyan Tree and even complete it when you get there! The previously unique sprite from Under The Drive is also there now, plus plenty of other places. (Sounds as though someone's been cloning around! Ed). As for the rest of the re-decoration on the original rooms - well, the conveyor stairways in the Chapel and Halfway Up The East Wall are just ordinary stairways now and the music is the same as in Manic Miner. The reason for that becomes obvious when you finish the game.
It has to be said that some of the rooms aren't that thrilling - the first two you see after the Bathroom contain yet another dig at Eugene Evans (remember him? He wrote Wacky Waiters) and a reference to Technician Ted (the authors work for Marconi, geddit? Nope, well you'll just have to take a look!). From then on things start to look up - some of the rooms are really quite vicious and one, Dinking Vater? is impossible to escape from. There's also a room which you can't get to without cheating called, wait for it - Cheat.
Just take a look at the complete map of Willy's world to see how much it's grown. But that's enough about playing it. What I'm sure you're waiting for are the POKEs! All the data for the rooms is stored in a very different format to that used by Matthew Smith. Each room takes up a different amount of data depending on its contents. For that reason a room editor would be virtually impossible to write. Even the room names are compressed - every time the word 'the' crops up it's replaced with 01h and 'The Megatree' with 05h and so on. Each room's data address is found from a table at 47869 (BAFDh) so you can find the compressed room name followed by its four exits - and, of course, you can change them.
It looks as though the programmer has had a crack at trying to hide the lives counter - he uses a byte with the bottom bit set (11111110 in binary) and he rotates it when you die. So, when a zero falls in to the carry flag you've had your chips. It's tough luck on the programmer though, because when you've found this out, setting it to 255 11111111b
gives you infinite lives with only one POKE. If only all programs were that easy to doctor! One side effect of this method, though, is that you can't turn off the golden oldie of a tune when you're playing the game. 'Ows about that then boys'n'girls. Aaaargh!
If you're dying to see how the game ends, you'll have to collect at least 150 of the 175 objects. This time round you'll not see our Willy exploring the depths of his loo because someone in the sickbay is doing that (Now that's sick! Ed) and the loo in the bathroom is fatal. Of course, if you reckon 150 objects is a bit steep, you can select the number of objects you want to collect. We find that one is a good number!


Now, we've got a bit of a confession to make. Having hacked the game and come up with all the obvious POKEs we got a bit carried away. You'll see from the list that no normal person should ever want another POKE for JSWII again. But then again how many normal people have ever played JSW in the first place? Not us!

* Invincibility

This is pretty self-explanatory. With it you'll never be killed and you're free to walk wherever the whim takes you. The

only trouble is that if you walk off the Bow into the sea you just fall through it, out of the bottom of the screen and back to the top again. That's why you'll need the POKE for ...

* Walking on Killer Objects

Willy walks on water - and everything else that spells death. Combined with the Invincibility POKE, you can do some neat tricks like standing on the stars in the Cold Store. Good ol' twinkle toes, eh?

* Infinite Lives

The most obvious and most useful POKE of them all - so we could hardly leave it out.

* Random Number of Objects

If you reckon 150 objects is a bit over the top, then this is the POKE for you. As we've said, it's 149 too many for us!

* Select Start Room

You'll have to be careful when you're picking the room you want to start in, as poor old Willy can get walled up. And if you land on a nasty without the invincibility POKE it can get more than a little frustrating. [This Room List will come in handy as well.]

* Number of Monsters

You can use this to choose the maximum number of sprites you feel like facing in any
room. This way you can give yourself a sporting chance in rooms like Eggoids and the Nightmare Room. Although you can pick a number from 1-15, there can never be more than 9. This is part of a binary AND instruction and not a simple COMPARE. This means that if you choose 3 and there are four sprites in the room, you won't get any. Of course, you can select zero but surely you want some sort of challenge. Ropes aren't affected by all this but you'll see that swing a lot faster when there's less to print on the screen. Tarzan-type tactics, I'm afraid.

* Fall Any Height

Although you can already do this if you're in vincible, it can often be more fun to play the game with just a couple of useful POKEs like Infinite Lives and this one.

* Trip Switch On

If you're really lazy you can use this POKE to save yourself the bother of even having to set the trip before you toddle off to the yacht.

* The Teleporter

Now you can really join the Jet Set - this is the age of the teleporter! As there wasn't one built in we've added it and made it a doddle to use. All you have to do is press T and that'll stop the game. Then type in the three digit number that corresponds to the room of your choice. But make sure you use three digits for the number - so, room 8 is 008.
Any number larger than 134 will be ignored and any number bigger than 256 will have 256 subtracted from it until it isn't - if you see what we mean. Probably best to stick to the correct range and then you won't have to stretch the old maths.
So, what happens if you transport to a room and are found dead on arrival? Or rather you land on a sprite. Well, you're just returned to the room you started from where you can give it another go. Now we can't exactly claim any credit for this as it's a built-in feature of the game. And a right pain it is too sometimes if you're not teleporting. When you lose a life you're plonked back in a safe place but if that just happens to be a sprite start position, tough luck. It's a shame but because of the messy coding we couldn't do anything to remedy this.

* Screen Saver

To save a screen, select the teleporter with T and then press S. But remember to start your tape recorder before doing so. When it's finished, you can get the game going again by selecting room 000.
Has YS reader William Thompson found the final POKE for Miner Willy?

* POKEs A Plenty

The Quick Shot

This first listing is for all those of you who want infinite lives but can hardly wait to tear the cellophane off the game, let alone spend time typing. It's short and as well as all those lives it lets you choose your start room and the number of objects you need to finish. Alter the numbers in lines 20 and 30 to the ones you want and run it.
10 CLEAR 64999
20 LET obj=150
30 LET room=32
40 FOR n=65000 TO 65047: READ a: POKE n,a: NEXT n
70 DATA 221, 33, 0, 64, 17, 56, 185, 62, 255, 55, 205, 86, 5, 243, 48, 240
80 DATA 33, 6, 254, 17, 197, 100, 1, 59, 0, 237, 176, 195, 0, 95
90 DATA 62, 255, 50, 67, 117
100 DATA 62, obj, 50, 126, 135
110 DATA 62, room, 50, 75, 117
120 DATA 195, 0, 112

All the POKEs and more ...

This program is hacker's paradise. It contains the teleporter and the save screen option as well as all the other documented POKEs - yes, even those in the smaller program. Even if you don't want all the POKEs, it's an idea to type them all in, save it, delete the ones you think are redundant when you run the program. That way you'll only have to do them once if you change your mind. Once again, lines 20 and 30 let you change the number of objects and the starting room and line 40 is for the maximum number of monsters per room.
10 CLEAR 64999
20 LET obj=150
30 LET room=32
40 LET mons=15
50 FOR n=65460 TO 65529: READ a: POKE n,a: NEXT n
52 DATA 205, 84, 31, 210, 152, 116, 62, 251, 219, 254, 203, 103, 194, 145, 117, 33, 3, 0, 229, 205, 142, 2, 205, 30, 3, 56, 248, 205, 142, 2, 205, 30, 3, 48, 248, 246, 32, 254, 115, 204
54 DATA 122, 115, 214, 48, 254, 10, 48, 227, 225, 6, 10, 132, 16, 253, 103, 45, 32, 216, 61, 254, 134, 210, 145, 117, 50, 130, 80, 195, 86, 117
60 FOR n=65000 TO 65044: READ a: POKE n,a: NEXT n
62 DATA 221, 33, 0, 64, 17, 56, 185, 62, 255, 55, 205, 86, 5, 243, 48, 240
64 DATA 33, 176, 244, 17, 176, 247, 1, 179, 143, 237, 184, 62, 247, 50, 164, 100
66 DATA 33, 76, 254, 17, 197, 100, 6, 1, 237, 176, 195, 0, 95
70 LET n=65100
72 READ a: IF a=999 THEN GO TO 1000
76 POKE n,a: LET n=n+1: GO TO 72
80 DATA 33, 221, 100, 17, 121, 115, 1, 51, 0, 237, 176, 33, 180, 255, 34, 140, 117, 62, 195, 50, 139, 117, 24, 51
82 DATA 0, 221, 229, 221, 33, 155, 115, 17, 17, 0, 175, 205, 198, 4, 27, 122, 179, 32, 251, 221, 33, 0, 64
84 DATA 22, 27, 61, 205, 198, 4, 221, 225, 62, 255, 201, 3, 22, 10, 10, 18, 1, 74, 83, 87, 32, 170, 0, 27, 0, 64, 0, 128
90 DATA 62, 201, 50, 248, 121: REM invincible
100 DATA 62, 255, 50, 67, 117: REM infinite lives
110 DATA 62, obj, 50, 126, 135: REM number of objects to collect
120 DATA 62, room, 50, 75, 117: REM start room
130 DATA 62, 255, 50, 115, 119: REM fall any height
140 DATA 62, mons, 50, 169, 123: REM maximum number of monsters
150 DATA 62, 0, 50, 222, 131: REM trip switch on
160 DATA 33, 254, 3, 34, 227, 118, 33, 220, 13, 34, 229, 118, 33, 123, 62, 34, 231, 118, 33, 4, 40, 34, 233, 118, 62, 8, 50, 235, 118: REM stand on death objects
999 DATA 195, 0, 112, 999
1000 PAPER 0: INK 0: BORDER 0: CLS
1010 RANDOMIZE USR 65000

Room Finder

Lost? Dazed by the maze of rooms? Let these two programs help. The first one saves off the data of all the room numbers and their exits. Type it in and then run it remembering to start your tape recorder to save the data before you press Enter as it won't wait for you.
10 INK 0: PAPER 0: BORDER 0: CLEAR 65439: FOR n=65440 TO 65511: READ a: POKE n,a: NEXT n
30 DATA 221, 33, 0, 64, 17, 56, 185, 62, 255, 55, 205, 86, 5, 243, 48, 240, 33, 185, 255, 34, 198, 100, 195, 0, 95
40 DATA 6, 134, 17, 0, 64, 33, 252, 186, 197, 35, 126, 35, 229, 102, 198, 12, 111, 48, 1, 36, 205, 77, 128, 43, 1, 5, 0, 237, 176
50 DATA 225, 193, 16, 231, 221, 33, 0, 64, 17, 246, 9, 175, 205, 198, 4, 195, 0, 112

This program will load and print the data to your printer. Of course, If you want the info to go to the screen, change LPRINT to PRINT in line 50.
10 CLEAR 39999: FOR n=50000 TO 50011: READ a: POKE n,a: NEXT n: RANDOMIZE USR 50000: LET l=40000
20 FOR n=1 TO 134: LET a$=""
30 LET a=PEEK l: LET l=l+1: IF a>127 THEN LET a=a-128: IF PEEK l>127 THEN LET a$=a$+CHR$ a: GO TO 50
40 LET a$=a$+CHR$ a: GO TO 30
50 DIM b$(32): LET b$=a$: LPRINT 'b$;n;":";" Lt:";PEEK (l+1);" Up:";PEEK (l+2);" Rt:";PEEK (l+3);" Dn:";PEEK (l+4): LET l=l+5: NEXT n
100 DATA 221, 33, 64, 156, 17, 246, 9, 175, 55, 195, 2, 8
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