Your Spectrum
Issue 18, September 1985
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Frontlines Hypersports control pad (Konami)
The Goonies (US Gold)
Red Moon (Level 9)
Rupert the Bear (& the Toymaker's Party) (Quicksilva)
Zorro (US Gold)
Clive Sinclair in Jane comic strip (The Mirror)
Gyron competition winner (Firebird)
Advice Hacking Away
Are you into POKEing fun? Then send your hacking hints to Andy Pennell ... Manic Miner, Defenda, Project Future, Ad Astra, Jack and the Beanstalk, Road Racer, Invasion of the Body Snatchas, Chuckie Egg 2, Astro Blaster.
Give Us a Clue
If you're constantly clueless about adventures, keep in touch here. Urban Upstart, Hampstead, System 15000.
Hack-Free Zone
No hacks please, we're gamesplayers. Plus the mad, mad world of Spy vs Spy! Gamesplayers! Get back at the hackers. Enter the Zone! Beach Head, Starion, Dun Darach.
Software Reviews Joystick Jury
Have we got some great software lined up for you! But first a surprise - the hairy hacker is taking his annual rest (he calls it that 'cos it usually lasts a year!) so we welcome a new joystick juror to the bench, Rick Robson. Now join the three Rs - Rick, Roger Willis and Ross Holman as they find out where the arcade action is! Buck Rogers, Frank Bruno's Boxing, GLASS, Go to Hell, Hyper Sports, Knockout, Metabolis, Nick Faldo's Open, Nonterraqueous, One on One, Paws, Poker, Quackshot, Rocco, Tales of the Arabian Nights.
Software Features Will Meet Again
Willy or won't he? Well, someone has, 'cos Miner Willy's back in his major follow-up to his first appearance as a jet setter. Find out what he's up to and fear not for all your old POKEs. Chris Wood, Zareh Johannes and David Smith have hacked away and come up with a complete new set. Jet Set Willy 2.
Dam 'n' Blast
Sqd.Ldr. Badger Blenkinsop pushes the starter. The four mighty engines splutter into life. The big Lancaster bomber lurches up the runway and takes off into the night. One of the most daring exploits of the war is about to begin. Now you can join the valiant airmen of 617 Squadron in US Gold's new game Dambusters ... You won't earn your wings back at base - Squadron Leader Ross Holman didn't. He's flown more active missions in Dambusters than anyone else. Prepare for his pre-bomb briefing.
Intelligence Test
You can't trust anybody these days - or almost. What with spies, counter spies, double agents, triple agents, it's a relief to find someone you can rely on - Peter Freebrey takes you into The Fourth Protocol the adventure based on Frederick Forsyth's novel. Now it's up to you to find out who's on your side and who's on theirs. But you'll need all your intelligence for the task.
Hardware Features Bits 'n' Pieces
My, how it's grown - almost a MegaSpectrum! Which of these useful little add-ons could you do with on your Speccy? To help you choose, Stephen Adams has done his bit and come up with a piecemeal review of them all. A/D and D/A boards, EPROM blower, Input and Output ports, MicroSlot, Printer interface, RGB monitor adaptor, Sound board, SP ROM uploader, VTX 5000 modem.
Programming The Ghostwriter
Have you made good your Escape from Castle Rathbone yet? Or are you still haunted by the fiendishly difficult adventure that appeared in last month's YS? Either way you probably never noticed the ghostly presence of the code that created the adventure. Dougie Bern, a shadow of his former self, reveals all ... or nearly all!
Hidden Extras
If you reckon you know all there is to know about Z80 machine code, prepare for a shock. As well as the documented instructions, there are over a hundred that have been hidden away. David Jones uncovers them and adds the missing info. Now you really can have your chip with everything!
Miscellaneous Features New ROM Antics
Ever since the new Interface 1 ROMs appeared, there's been a lot of confusion over converting from the old to the new. Well, now Andrew Pennell has come up with the complete ROM service!
Reader's Programs Program Power
Get Organised! - We've pulled out all the stops to bring you this real time organ program, Recorder. Keith Bowden calls the tune!
Opportunity Knocks
For Eric Verland, opportunity has knocked. His game Bounzai leads us off on the YS search for six of the best. Now follow that!
Books Paperdata: The Spectrum Shadow ROM Disassembly (Melbourne House)
Odds & Ends Go for Gold & All Time Top 10 Chart
Join the YS gold rush in the search for those elusive medals. On your marks, get set ... Go! The race is now on to find the YS Champion Gamesplayer of the Year. Join the fun and strike out for the YS Games Gold Medal.