Your Spectrum
Issue 18, September 1985 - Hack-Free Zone
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Gamesplayers! Get back at the hackers. Enter the Zone!
The world of espionage is a grey area. Shady men in shady streets. Except for two spies that is - the famous black 'n' white ones from Beyond's latest game, Spy vs Spy. Phil South has vays of making zem talk!
First, belt ze Blackski over ze head. Zat way he'll lose precious time - a minute at least. Oh, so you like a little fisticuffs, eh? C'mon wimpo, put 'em up. Ouch!
Prepare to meet three remarkable hack free zoners. First up is Andy 'Tipster' McEvoy who's written in from Nottingham with enough hints 'n' tips to fill a book, let alone a megaissue of YS. In all he's sent tips for sixteen games plus complete maps of Cauldron and Atic Atac. Let's start with a few of his tricks for Beach Head - always go through the hidden tunnel to up your points and then you'll only have to shoot down ten planes. When you come to blowing up the ships, you'll find that the aircraft carrier at about 40 degrees and the little boat on the right at about 20 degrees. Keep on blastin', Andy - we'll be coming back to you over the next few months.
Now for Jim Greenwood [D'oh! They spelled my name wrong, dammit!] - he admits he's not the first to finish Starion (Melbourne House reckons he's fifteenth in line) but he's certainly the first to send us the complete solution. There's no room for all those anagrams here but it's a wonder Jim's brain's not scrambled after sorting them out. Well, don't Emphysema and Metabasis look more like anagrams than real words to you? When it comes to playing the game, Jim's obviously pretty hot - his high score is 40,225. To boost it this high he recommends the following tactic - if you know the zone where your next word belongs, don't 'go for time warp' or 'fly to planet' until your oxygen level is low 'cos you can use the time to boost your score by blasting more aliens.
And now it's welcome back to Paul Allan who looks like becoming a Hack Free regular. Last month it was Shadowfire, this month Dun Darach. He's cracked the game wide open but rather than give you the complete solution so soon, here are a few pointers. There are four picture galleries and each of the pictures matches up with an object. In room one, you'll need an arrow, an adze, a hoe and a needle. You'll then be presented with a broach that you should give to Pita. In exchange, she'll tell you that "Rats are not rain" - a hint that you should follow the rat when you see it. It'll take you to a secret door where you'll find the jailer.
But that's enough of the Blarney for this month. if you've completed any games that everyone said was impossible, you know who to tell - Nothing's Impossible, Your Spectrum, 14 Rathbone Place, London W1P 1DE. And don't forget to tell us how you did it!
Best thinks to boobytrap are ze doors and ladders, Tovarich. Using ze cleverly designed proletarian string and gun trap. (Heh heh!) Just a cotton-pickin' minute there, finko-pinko, the string and gun trap was designed and built by Uncle Sam.
Da, Bratets. Now, I have ze totally brillski ideaovitch ... look for ze aeroport, vile Blackski collects all ze items for you. Zen boobytrap ze doors leading there and vatch him valk right into it. Three cheers for our side! I've got all the goodies and no sign of that White Ruski. Now to find the airport and wing my way back to Mom.
Zat capitalist fink has fallen for the boobytrap. Marx my vords, he von't be back. Ze vorkers rejoice! Oh, shoot! At least I'm on the side of the angels.
All I have to do is collect the zings he's dropped and then it's back to the aeroport and ze Motherland. Help! It's all gone black, doggone it. I'm in limbo - it's a bit like Sunday afternoon in Pennsylvania!
Damnski and blastovitch! I vas too slow ... ... and now I've got it all back again. Hardy-har! It's the salt mines for you, sonny.
Ze glorious vorkers prevail! I make good ze escape in cleverly built proletarian Aeroflot plane. Oh, oh! Mr Hoover ain't gonna like this! I must do the decent thing ... (blam!)
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