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Issue 19, October 1985 - Adventures
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S P E C T R U M   A D V E N T U R E S
Here are two new offerings from the pioneers of the adventure game. Peter Freebrey checks 'em out to see if they're still ahead of the field. Is this a record? John Wilson of Rochdale has sent in so many clues that we've now repapered the walls of Castle Rathbone with his reams and reams of printer paper. And there, just above the nasty stain on Troubleshootin' Pete's desk, oops that is Troubleshootin' Pete, are John's tips for Witch's Cauldron. So, fasten your broomstick belts and prepare for a quick spin if you're having trouble changing from ape to man.
On top of the cupboard is a jar with a key inside that opens the south door. In the hall of Mirrors lies a large key that'll let you leave the hall if you go S- E- E- S- W- W- S- E- N- W- N- E- N OPEN EAST DOOR. To make the change you'll need the ten pence piece, a lock of lion's hair, the red bow and the gold coins. Now lay your hands on a wand by taking the magic dust from the chest at the top of the laundry stairs and then it's off to the wall of flame in the cellars where you must THROW MAGIC DUST OVER FLAMES. Then nab the pencil. Now beetle back to the cauldron (go out of the window and along a ledge) and WAVE. Find your way te the beach and say the password - COVEN. Success at last! Perhaps this'll be of some help to Bob Calliton of Brentwood - he's been stuck on it for the last five months!
Mind you, if the game's still making a monkey out of you - just get in touch with John. And his talents extend way beyond the one game. As he says rather modestly in his letter (this bit's just to the left of the Ed's ear), "Compared to me, the rest are mere amateurs!" Perhaps he'll help paper your walls too!
Another John, John Rundle of Aldershot has been almost as busy. But first a bit of biology - how do you stop a gremlin from reproducing? The answer is keep him away from water, so make sure you drain the swimming pool. Well, would you want to go swimming after a gremlin had been in there? If you're havin trouble locating the Gizmo in Gremlins, he's in the chute - and you can open that by using the remote control twice, then twice again and once more for luck.
Now, James Webb has set sail with Erik the Viking from his home in Co. Tipperary. (Mmmm, that's a long way to go! Ed). But he warns fellow Norsemen to find the needle in the haystack pretty smartish or your sails'll rip and your days of pillage and plunger will be over.
That's it for another month. But don't forget to send in your hints, or pleas for help to Give Us A Clue, Your Spectrum, 14 Rathbone Place, London W1P 1DE. And if there isn't room on the page for your name and address, don't despair. You can keep on trying or better still, get in touch with someone who can offer help on the game that's currently causing you nightmares. Just think of all those YS readers dying to hear from you - but do try to send them an sae or they may not be able to reply.


Tir-Na-Nog, Ground Zero, Knight's Quest, Se-Kaa of Assiah, Witch's Cauldron, Jewels of Babylon, King Arthur's Quest, Wrath of Magra, Heroes of Karn.
John Wilson, nn xxxxxxxx xxxx, xxxxxxx, xxxxxxxx, xxxxx. xnn nxx.

The Hobbit, Witch's Cauldron, Valhalla, Hampstead, Gremlins, Forest At The World's End, Colditz, Lords of Midnight.
John Rundle, nn xxxxxxx xxxx, xxxxxxxxx, xxxxx.

Erik the Viking, Ten Little Indians, System l5000, Snowball, Lords of Time.
James Webb, nn xxxxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxx, xx. xxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxx.

Hulk, Spiderman. (But still lost in The Hobbit and Twin Kingdom Valley!)
Graham Thomas, nn xxxxxxx xxxxxx, xxxxxxx, xx. xxxxxx xxn nxx.

Jason Goodall, nnn xxxxxxxx xxxxx, xxxxxxxxxx, xxxxx xxnn nxx.

Twin Kingdom Valley
Stewart Robinson, nnn xxxxxxxxxx xxxx, xxxxx xx xxxxxxxx, xxxxx xxnn nxx.

Ship of Doom, Invincible Island, In Search Of Angels.
Steve Lodey, n xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx, xxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxx xxnn nxx.

Emerald Isle.
Jack Lockerby, nn xxxx xxxxx, xxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxx xxn nxx.

Emerald Isle, Return To Eden, Lords of Time, Dungeon Adventure.
Mr. M Kerr, nn xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx, xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx, xxxxxxxxx xxn nxx.


Witch's Cauldron
Bob Callinton, nn xxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxx, xxxxx xxnn nxx.

Mugsy - "How can I get a contract?"
Anders Wihlgaard, xxxxxxxxxx nx, nnn nn xxxxxxxxx, xxxxxx.

Bored of the Rings - "How do I get past the Morons Gate?"
June Wilson, nn xxxxxxxx xxxx, xxxxxxxx, xxxxxxx xnn nxx.

Dun Darach - "How do I get a job?"
R Brand, xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx xxn nxx.

Valkyrie 17 - "Where's the shaving foam?"
Erik Thelander, xxxxxxxxxx nn, nnnnn xxxxxxxxx, xxxxxx.
MORDON'S QUEST screen A stately setting which befits this authentic adventure. The blanket can hardly be classified as a 'valuable treasure', but Mordon's a funny chap, he'll probably find a use for it!

Melbourne House / £6.95

So, Melbourne House claims that this, their latest text-only adventure comes from the same authors as Classic Adventure ... same programmers, yes, but it's certainly not written by that famous duo, Crowther and Woods, who started us all off way back, with their Colossal Caves - of which Classic Adventure's a very good copy.
So, following this gripe about the hype, I've got to admit that Mordon's Quest ain't all bad and should keep you occupied for many hours.
What's the plot, then? Well, fairly novel really - you've been chosen to
save the world by finding and returning a number of strange devices to Mordon. Your quest takes you through many different times and cultures where you'll pick up other valuable treasures - a sort of mythical antiques roadshow!
Follow the usual adventurers guidelines and you won't go far wrong. Map your progress from the start, try all directions and if you get lost in the fog, pop back indoors for a breather.
You'll find that the puzzles are all pretty logical and combined with the large number of locations and vocabulary, you won't get that 'I've wasted my money' feeling. Oh, and one last tip - remember that the sword is sometimes mightier than the pen!
RED MOON screen You can stash the cash safely in this run down, ruined shack, but don't hang around shivering, there's a whole world of Magik to be discovered out there ...

Level 9 / £6.95

How do they do it? It seems that every game Level 9 brings out is better than the last. This is their third truly graphical adventure and it's easily the most brilliant yet. There are, hold your breath, over 200 piccies and although you can turn them off if you want to race through at top speed, it hardly makes a difference with this game. You can even type in your next instruction while the pictures are being drawn.
Your aim in the game is to track down and take back the Red Moon Crystal. The text is as descriptive as ever and there's the usual sprinkling
of Level 9's wacky humour.
As you may have gathered, I reckon this is a pretty magic game but it also has the added attraction of real Magik. So, in addition to the usual commands, there are a number in the format, CAST XXXX. Now, you can teleport, locate objects, look into nearby rooms and so on.
This game will occupy adventurers with a wide range of skills - the beginner will have plenty to explore without becoming too frustrated, while hardened head-bangers will find plenty to frustrate them!
If I were to rate Red Moon on a scale of one to a hundred this would be up there in the nineties. Go on, treat your friends to a quiet week or two!
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