Your Spectrum
Issue 19, October 1985
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Frontlines Interface 007 program copier (ZX-Guaranteed)
Mikro-Plus / Shadow of the Unicorn (Mikro-Gen)
Astroclone (Hewson Consultants)
Ballblazer (Activision)
Blast BASIC compiler (Oxford Computer Systems)
MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) on-line (Firebird)
Starquake (Bubble Bus)
Copyright Amendment Bill becomes law
Robert Maxwell pulls out of Sinclair deal
Advice Hacking Away
Prepare to POKE where you've never POKEd before! Don't hide your hacking hints - hurl them at Andy Pennell ... Airwolf, Planetoids, Booty, Ah Diddums, Orion, Zip Zap, Hidden messages in Warlock of Firetop Mountain and Psytron, Bug Eyes, Fall Guy.
Hack Free Zone
Meet the scourge of the hackers, Hex Loader, with tips a-plenty on Knight Lore. Ger-reat! A big hand for our child of the computer age, Hex Loader who's commandeered the column that beats the cheats. Over to you, Hex ... Dun Darach, Avalon.
Software Reviews Joystick Jury
It's all change again this month as we say goodbye to the irrepressible Roger Willis - you haven't heard the last of him though, you can be sure of that - and welcome Dougie Bern in his place. He joins the other two joystick jurors, Rick Robson and Ross Holman as they pass judgement on all the latest games. Abu Simbel - Profanation, Action Biker, The Covenant, Dynamite Dan, Juggernaut, On the Run, Pole Position, Popeye, Red Arrows, Roland's Rat Race, Southern Belle, Super Pipeline 2, Talos, That's the Spirit.
Spectrum Adventures
Give Us A Clue for both hapless and hardened adventurers. Witch's Cauldron, Gremlins, Erik the Viking. Plus a double dose of games reviews. Here are two new offerings from the pioneers of the adventure game. Peter Freebrey checks 'em out to see if they're still ahead of the field. Mordon's Quest, Red Moon.
Software Features Fist Fight
Pain is the name of the game. And the game is The Way of the Exploding Fist from Melbourne House. Dougie Bern has been playing it for kicks!
The Big Bang
Pssst. Hey, you. Wanna become a hundred per cent real person? NO, this ain't no jibe. Peter Shaw and Louise Cook welcome you to the Pleasuredome to talk it over ...
Road Runner
Beep, beep! Vortex's new game, Highway Encounter goes on the road. Join Ross Holman as he follows the Highway code ...
Hacker's Guide
There's always someone digging up the road. Well, this time it's Dave Nicholls who's taken the tarmac off and started roadworks on Highway Encounter!
Programming Sprite High, No Limit
Calling all loony tunesmiths! Chris Wood is gonna show you how to create cartoon sized sprites and get 'em moving. Well, he's smarter than the average programmer ...
Movin 'n' Groovin
Lights, action, music ... Our own top of the pops programmer, Andy Pennell, has brought to light a spectacular all-action program that'll knock your eyeballs for six. All you have to supply is the music!
Miscellaneous Features Second Opinion
So, you used to be indecisive, but now you're not so sure, eh? Fortunately, Chris Somerville has come to your rescue with a program that'll help you reach some more definite conclusions.
Reader's Programs Program Power
Kitchen Chaos - What's cooking then? It's a high-calorie caper in the kitchen from Christopher Hardy. So, if you're hungry for a great game, this one certainly has the recipe for success!
Opportunity Knocks
Macroids - Who's that knocking on the door? It's Stuart Jamieson with an amazing version of the arcade fave, Asteroids. Prepare for piles of fun ...
Books Paperdata: Spectrum Wargaming (Collins)
Odds & Ends Forum
Hurrgh ... ergh ... it's yer postbag, mate ... eeeghaaah ... Make a postman unhappy! The writing's on the wall. Just peel it off and send it to Forum ... And there's a bundle of free software waiting for this month's Star Letter!
Go for Gold & All Time Top 10 Chart
It's the mug-shot slot for YS high scorers! On your marks, get set ... Go! The race is now on to find the YS Champion Gamesplayer of the Year. Join the fun and strike out for the YS Games Gold Medal.