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Issue 20, November 1985 - Frontlines & Hacking Away
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Artists are renowned for their fierce rivalry but now it's spread to software houses producing artist packages. On the one hand, meet OCP and its new graphics design program, Art Studio about which they claim "even Softek admit it's better". Better than Softek's recently released program, The Artist, that is. Softek retorts, "they haven't seen Artist II yet ..." Watch that paint fly!
And there's still more gossip. It seems there may be a mouse in both houses. At the PCW Show OCP was using an AMX mouse in conjunction with a Kempston mouse interface. Unfortunately,


Yikes, it's a mouse! No art package is complete without one.
Kempston is being very cagey about whether the interface exists at all, let alone when it'll appear. Fear not, we'll trap a release date out of them.
Softek's Artist II may also be bundled with a rodent of some kind - but for all we know at the moment, it could be eight foot tall with big floppy ears. They are saying, however, that they intend to undercut considerably OCP's mouse and package price of £70-80. Looks like it's hard cheese for one of 'em!
If you want to go mouseing, Softek hole out on nn-nnn nnnn and you'll trap OCP on (nnnn) nnnnn. The best laid plans of mice and men, eh? ...
Activision is not going to tell you what its new game's about even after the release.
Hacker has no instructions, no clues, no nothing. When the game's loaded, you're faced with the prompt, 'Logon Please'. After that, you're on your own. We can reveal that the game involves travelling by
HACKER screen undergound travelators, collecting information from your spies, and eventually saving the world. (Just for a change. Ed). One interesting touch is that your spies will natter away to you in their native tongues.
If you want more details, you don't have to hack the system, just ring (nnnn) nnnnn.
Who'd have thought it? Cliff Richard clone, Dr. Who, immortalised on silicon? Yeti is - in a new Speccy game from Micro Power. But exterminate all thoughts of getting it in your hot little hands el prompto - 'cos Micro Power says it's a long way off.
The biggest horror awaiting you in the
game, called Dr. Who - Mines of Terror, must be its attempt to emulate the View To A Kill scrolling window. I'm afraid to say, Who's old mates, the Daleks, don't appear to get a beep in!
The game's all about the good doctor's efforts to destroy the Tiru (Time Instant Replay Unit) and nab the plans
for the machine from the clutches of arch- enemy, the Master.
Micro Power's Time Lord seems powerless to reveal a release date for the game, but it should be some time before Christmas and at a price of £14.95. Phone (nnnn) nnnnnn for more info.
We're on our way to the 21st century, so start thinking android quick! Unless you want to be left behind on this Earth while everybody else leaves for bigger and better planets, you'd better shape up your brain and get into action as a Blade Runner! If you've seen the fast-moving, futuristic film, then you'll know that Blade Runners are inter-planetary bounty- hunting police. It's their duty to capture and kill super-human Replicants, those lithe and lethal, living androids. This mission isn't execution, but 'retirement'. You'll have a flying car and an information screen to help you, but with the Replicants bent on revenge, your task is tough. You could make enough money to retire if you outwit them, but the fight will be tight. If you think you're sharp enough, then apply to the headquarters at CRL. They'll let you know how to get in on the action but you may have to wait. Tel. nn-nnn nnnn and prepare for the future ...

It's the eighth of September, it's London's South- bank, it's hot, and it's crowded. It's the last of the GLC's Thamesday festivals before it's abolished next year. The start of someone's latest adventure?
Global Software has hired the Festival Pier to launch its latest Hobbit- style adventures. Shame that the programs aren't ready. Bemused, YS's mobile unit has to sit down, eat the food, drink the champers and watch the best fireworks in Europe. Why here? Why now?
The answer is Old Scores. Bored with dwarfs and dragons, Old Scores is set in the real world. You start off at a pub in Charing Cross - yourself and the inspector in the dog house for fluffing your last case. A copy of The Standard reveals a fab Mozart gig on the South Bank but someone has stolen the score. Hi-res graphics, genuine locations, some vaguely familiar faces and a few old scores to settle - so save up £6.95 before the end of September and it's all yours!
Mikro-Gen has two more games using the Mikro-Plus interface in the offing.
The latest Wally game, Three 'Weeks' In Paradise, uses advanced graphic techniques and all the available features of the Mikro-Plus. The other game, The Battle Of The Planets, is based on the tacky cartoon of the same name. Both titles join Shadow Of The Unicorn as the first batch of what seems to be a whole series of Mikro-Plus software.
The Mikro-Plus is certainly a meaty bit of gear. Lurking inside its ROM is a whole chunk of troubleshootin' routines to test not only your Spectrum but the tape and tape recorder too. Thus you'll be able to suss out what's wrong with your Speccy before sending back the tape. Also, some of the standard graphic sets are in ROM and should be rearing their squiggly heads in future Mikro- Plus games.
For more details, give Mikro-Gen a bell on (nnnn) nnnnnn.
Spotty Dog
Mr Tracey: "Well boys, it looks like it's time to crank up Thunderbird 1 and 2. Our creators have flogged the rights to a game based on us to Firebird."
Scott & Virgil: Firebird?. I hope ...
Mr Tracey: "Now, don't get hysterical Virgil, I'm sure Firebird wouldn't dream of doing us as a silver range game."
Mr Tracey: "Well boys, first of all you'll need to get out the Three-In- One and oil down T2's launch pad. It'll never get off the moss on that track."
Virgil: "Okay Mr Tracey"
Scott: "What's happening then, Mr Tracey?"

Thunderbirds puppets

Phew, it's all go for the YS team!
Mr Tracey: "It seems, boys, that a group of Egyptologists have got themselves trapped in an ancient maze-tomb."
Scott: "You mean we've got to take out each stone, block by block to save them?"
Mr Tracey: "Exactly."
Scott & Tracey: "Okay"
Mr Tracey: "Right boys, if you have any problems then don't bother to ring me - I'll probably be tied up with Penelope all weekend. Ring nn-nnn nnnn if you want more information, and remember, anything can happen in the next 48K."


Z80 Reference Guide
by Alan Tully

Melbourne House / £9.95

Learning and then understanding machine language is not so very different from learning any other language - English,for instance. The only difference being that English is far more tricky - but you learned that OK, so why all the fuss about learning another one?
When you set out to learn a language the first two things you'll need are a tutorial and a dictionary. This book is quite simply a Z80 dictionary. Inside you'll find a detailed description of each instruction just as a dictionary defines words. There are tabulated lists of them all, with their timings and the effect they have on each flag. A whole page and sometimes more is dedicated to each so they can be covered in full, including a table of their object codes in both Dec and Hex.
More than this, though, the same instructions occur in other parts of the book in different formats according to the different but relevant types of information that surround them. Perhaps a closer analogy is of a dictionary combined with a thesaurus as well.
Moving through the book, you'll first come across a chapter on the three types of Z80 registers - general, specific purpose and the flag register. Most room is devoted to the flag register for the simple reason that it's the most important of them. There's also a useful table showing which instruction affects which flag.
Now, very few books highlight the importance of timing in machine language and how crucial this is to games programming. Well, this one does! So, if you've no idea what a T or an M cycle is, or more to the point, if you've forgotten, then you can look it up here.
But be warned, this book is not bedtime reading - unless you're in the habit of taking your dictionary to bed with with you. As its title tells you, it's a reference work and as such it won't even teach you machine language - for that you will need a tutorial. What it will provide is a solid back-up to your language learning and it'll prove a handy memory jogger for even the most hardened machine code programmer.
Tony Samuels
Melbourne House has certainly got its hands full. Apart from the new Spanish-set, seaside and suntan oil adventure, Terrormolinos, there are five more megagames in the pipeline for a Christmas release.
First, ask your mummy about Fighting Warrior, an arcade adventure set in Egyptian times. It's the old, old story ... our hero has fallen for a girl about to be buried alive with her master. Tomb much!
Next, is a sailing simulation, The Whitbread Round The World Yacht Race. It's like this ... you've got a yacht and you have to sail round the world, but then you'd probably sussed that already. But where does the Whitbread come in?

LORD OF THE RINGS cover picture

Lord of the Rings under the eyes.
(Answers in a pint pot please! Ed).
Da boys are back. Mugsy is in town and he's out for revenge. Dat's why dis sequalled hoodlum hokum is called Mugsy's Revenge. Can you refuse de offer?
Now for some galling news. Asterix The Gaul has a new 3D software slanging session with soldiers, pirates, and even killer boats. (What no gallstones? Ed).
And finally, the bad news for all of you trying to kick The Hobbit, you'll now have to face up to Lord of The Rings. Yes, the long-promised follow- up is almost with us and with it comes the sleepless nights ...
If you want someone to ring, try Melbourne House on nn-nnn nnnn.
Activision has launched a new company headed by ex-Quicksilva MD, Rod Cousens.
Electric Dreams as the company's tagged, has kicked off with two new games for the Speccy. In Riddler's Den, you're a man- elephant on a quest to steal the golden tusk from a golden god called Gregogo. It looks rather like a cross between Sabre Wulf, Paws and all other games of that ilk.
But, fret not, 'cos Electric Dreams' second release, I, Of The Mask, saves the day. It's written by Ant Attack author, Sandy White and boasts stunning 3D

I OF THE MASK screen

Electric Dreams' new Masking tape.
graphics. Seeing is certainly believing!
The plot revolves around a super- computer, dismantled by world rulers because of its yearning for world power. You, as an aspiring megalomaniac, must collect the bits of robot and assemble it for your own no-good.
Both games should be available at the end of September. I, Of The Mask will cost £9.95 and Riddler's Den £7.95.
Future plans for Speccy software from Electric Dreams include Winter Sports, using 3D Bio-vision. Yummy!
For more details, ring Electric Dreams on (nnnn) nnnnnn.

h a c k i n g . a w a y

Welcome to the column where hacking's the name of the game. If you're into POKEing more fun into your games, then stick around and get hacking, Chris Wood style.
Hi there hackers! As you know, Andy Pennell is far too busy microdrivin' to continue the column on hacking, so I've slipped into his slot instead. I may not be as famous as Andy (yet!), but I, and the rest of the YS readers, are just as interested in your POKEs, so keep them rolling in! Let me know of any problems you're having with games too. If I can't help, then I'll throw the challenge open to the rest of you!
OK, so let's get POKEIng. It's too late to be the first to complete Gyron, but if you want to be in the running for the playoff then here are a few POKEs to help you practice! There's no cheating though, because although you might finish the game, the code you see at the end depends on whether you took the correct route or not, and whether the program has been tampered with! You've only got until the 6th of November to get there, so send your entry to Firebird pronto!
Start with CLEAR 65535: LOAD "" CODE. For infinite viability (energy) to you and me, POKE 299552,201 [sic] and 29089,0. You can then ram the wall without fear. Type this in for immunity against Tower flak and Sphere contact.

10 FOR n=24781 TO 24786: READ a: POKE n,a: NEXT n
20 DATA 49, 255, 255, 195, 176, 96

To blast yourself through walls POKE 61498,195. RANDOMIZE USR 24580 will start the game. Try not to wander off the top or bottom of the playing area, and use the map.
Now for a hacking 'bug-fix'! Apparently the POKEs for infinite Jetpacs didn't work so try POKE 25018,0.
Paul Hargreaves from Brentford has come up with a mean-screen- scam for Monty Mole! His little program allows you to start at any screen you like, and he reckons number 18 is a good one to try.

10 BORDER 0: PAPER 0: INK 0: CLEAR 32767
40 LET LEVEL-LEVEL-1: FOR I=30000 TO 30011
60 POKE 54951,205: POKE 54952,48: POKE 54953,117
80 DATA 50, 0, 91, 62, LEVEL, 50, 172, 228, 58, 0, 91, 201

Do you want to kill the aliens in Cosmic Cruiser really dead! Try POKE 25373,0, that should settle their hash.
K Gillan of Leeds wasn't taking any chances when he sent in a mammoth list of POKEs - he's determined to see his name in print. They're easy to get in with MERGE "". Here are a few to start with: Digger Dan: Infinite lives, POKE 25559,0. Infinite energy, POKE 26363,0. RANDOMIZE USR 24576 to start.
POKE 28522,0 will give you infinite lives on Spectral Panic. You can have infinite lives in Sam Spade with POKE 25215,0 and infinite oxygen with POKE 26381,0. Finally Push Off ('Bout time too - Ed.) can be improved with Infinite lives, POKE 26862,167, and Infinite alarm time, POKE 27136,0.
Not to be outdone, Barry Start of Merseyside has sent in one large program instead of lots of small ones! This one's for Wriggler.

20 FOR I=23296 TO 23348: READ A: POKE I,A: LET CS=CS+A: NEXT I
50 FOR I=1 TO 7000: NEXT I
70 DATA 49, 255, 255, 221, 33, 0, 64, 17, 0, 27, 205, 31, 91, 221, 33, 200, 92
80 DATA 17, 40, 163, 205, 31, 91, 33, 253, 195, 54, 0, 195, 92, 195, 175, 55
90 DATA 20, 8, 21, 243, 62, 15, 211, 254, 219, 254, 31, 230, 20, 246, 1, 79
100 DATA 185, 195, 107, 5

Play your fully rewound Wriggler tape, and voilá, infinite lives will be yours! Alternatively, if you have the Mirage Microdriver you can try 50173,0 in POKE mode. Get wrigglin'!
Maxwell Clark of Tyne & Wear has a clever little trick for Manic Miner. POKE 36123,0 to make some of the nasties go faster than normal and some slower. If you're good at the game. it'll make it more manic than ever ... and Maxwell is only ten so I daren't think what he'll be doing when he grows up!
Two quickies from Martin Barrio of Clywyd. Try for infinite lives on Thor's Jack and the Beanstalk with POKE 56110,0 and for the same on Road Racer, the magic numbers are 27150,0.
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