Book your seat on the shuttle to the stars. Join the Elite from Firebird.
Gothic Horror
Fairlight - the game of the year? We've taken it to the edge!
Doomtown Rats
They came from the depths, clawing, gnawing, gnashing ... The Rats is reviewed in cold blood.
Deadly Nightshade
You'll be sick if you miss out on our full review of the new Ultimate megagame, Nightshade.
Play It Again, Sam
Here's looking at the hottest synthesiser software your Speccy's ever heard.
Shrink Wrapped
Small is beautiful, especially with this YS MegaBasic program.
Out Of All Proportion
If proportional printing spaces you out, we'll fill in the gaps.
Your Spectrum

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Issue 20, November 1985
- contents -
Don't miss the connection - get on-line to our very own Bulletin Board.
Joystick Jury
Bone up on all the latest arcade raves, including Bounty Bob, Macadam Bumper and Daley Thompson's Supertest!
Shoot Out
We're not Billy the Kidding. Here's a real humdinger of a game down at the OK Corral. OK?
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Frontlines 3 New stories, new games, new faces, news ... Plus Microdrivin', From the Hip and Hacking Away. D'you want to settle an Old Score? Have you won a grand day at the races? Will The Lord of the Rings be Hobbit forming? Who's the man behind the Mask? A Dumbo game? Rambo, cloth-ears! Then again ... it's all in Frontlines!
LTR-1 printer (Saga Systems)
SpecDrum drum machine (Cheetah)
Upright automatic data recorder (Philips)
Art Studio (OCP)
The Artist II (Softek)
Blade Runner (CRL)
Dr Who in the Mines of Terror (Micro Power)
Hacker (Activision)
I, of the Mask (Electric Dreams)
Melbourne House releases
Mikro-Plus games (Mikro-Gen)
Old Scores (Global Software)
Rambo (Ocean)
Riddler's Den (Electric Dreams)
Thunderbirds (Firebird)
The Young Ones (Orpheus)
Capital Radio competition
Kempston Chicane competition winners
London Adventure offer (Fridaysoft)
Advice 5 From the Hip
Using SCREEN$ with UDGs, Tape file header format.
7 Hacking Away
Welcome to the column where hacking's the name of the game. If you're into POKEing more fun into your games, then stick around and get hacking, Chris Wood style. Gyron, Jetpac, Monty Mole, Cosmic Cruiser, Digger Dan, Spectral Panic, Sam Spade, Push Off, Wriggler, Manic Miner, Jack and the Beanstalk, Road Racer.
12 Hard Facts
Hung up with hardware hassles? Then hand them over to Stephen Adams at Hard Facts ... Using Brother HR-5 printer with Interface-1, Microdrive and VTX 5000 modem, Printing 40 columns on GP 50S printer, XK System 1 (TV services) with 32K Cheetah RAM pack & 16K ZX81 RAM pack, TV interference with Microdrive, Building a loudspeaker & volume control.
13 Microdrivin'
Do you still have th 'L' plates on your Microdrive? Are you having problems running it in? ... Whatever your microdrivin' difficulties, Andy Pennell's here to help you pass your test! Epson RX80 crashes during graphics dump, Cambridge Computing Intelligent Joystick incompatibility with If.1, Interface 1 compatibility considerations, New ROM Antics (issue 18) correction.
72 Hack Free Zone
Hacked off with the hackers? Hex Loader's here to help! Hi there, Hexophiles. Hex Loader's here again, with some more winnin' hints and triffic tips. Dun Darach, Herbert's Dummy Run, Wriggler, Highway Encounter.
Software Reviews 51 Joystick Jury
Are you ready for a software siege? It's time for our trusty panel of joystick jurors to line up all the latest and greatest games and put them through their paces! Let Ross Holman, Rick Robson and Dougie Bern lead you to the hottest arcade action around!
Bounty Bob(US Gold)90%
Bryan Robson's Superleague(Paul Lamond)70%
Cluedo(Leisure Genius)66%
Codename MAT 2(Domark)60%
Daley Thompson's Supertest(Ocean)90%
The Evil Crown(Mind Games)73%
Macadam Bumper(PSS)90%
Monopoly(Leisure Genius)70%
Monty on the Run(Gremlin Graphics)90%
St Crippens(Creative Sparks)33%
Street Hawk(Ocean)66%
35 Spectrum Adventures
Adventure hints'n'tips plus reviews of Robin of Sherwood and The Secret of St Brides! It's time for an adventure or two! Let's see what Steve Cook has found for you to explore ... Sherlock, The Hobbit, Valkyrie 17, Red Moon.
Robin of Sherwood(Adventure International)
The Secret of St Brides(St Brides School)
Software Features 28 Elitism
Are you ready to face that final frontier? Space is a dangerous place so stay at home if you're faint-hearted. But the rest of you should join Commander David Bishop as he battles his way through the infinite variety of Firebird's Elite.
36 Doomtown Rats
They were big (well, ish!). They were black. And they were ugly. Soon there were swarms of them. They teemed into the shops and took over people's homes. They were the Spectrums. Now Hodder and Stoughton has released a new game designed to tame them. YS Pied Pipers, Peter Shaw and Penny Page, have joined The Rats race ...
40 Gothic Horror
Fairlight is a land of mystery and magic with a castle that holds as many secrets as Castle Rathbone. It's also the new game from The Edge - Simon Forman has come under its spell.
43 Hacker's Guide
Two games in the three dimensions - Fairlight and Nightshade. Dave Nicholls ventures into the code.
45 Deadly Nightshade
Plague and pestilence, death and destruction. You'll find them all in Ultimate's newie, Nightshade. Sounds like a job for Sabreman - with help from Teresa Maughan!
Programming 25 Play It Again, Sam
A big noise in programming, Tony Samuels, has composed a zippa-de-do-da of a music package that'll set your Speccy buzzin'. You're not going to believe your ears!
31 Shrink Wrapped
YS MegaBasic is a big program that's had an emormous impact. But for all you who believe that small is beautiful, Keith Symonds has a solution. A YS MegaBasic program that'll shrink your screens and then print them onto a ZX Printer.
46 Out Of All Proportion
Normal Speccy printing is ugly, ugly, ugly and boring, boring, boring. Here's shaped crusader Tony 'Slim' Samuels with a pretty neat alternative!
Miscellaneous Features 32 Buzzwords
Brring-brring ... Click ... Phweeeeee ... Welcome to our whistlestop tour of a Bulletin Board with guide, Iolo Davidson. If you're after info, looking for a chat or you just want a nose around, remember it's only a phone call away.
Reader's Programs 59 Opportunity Knocks
Shoot Out - Howdy partner, it's doggone Opportunity Knocks time. Shootin' star Alan Trevartha's machine code revives the traditional shoot'em up down at the OK Corral. OK?
Books 11 Paperdata
Z80 Reference Guide (Melbourne House)
Competitions 24 Star Compo - Star Struck
If you're seeing stars before your eyes, count 'em and win a new Star printer. Are you seeing stars before your eyes? Don't worry - they could win you one of ten Star STX-80 printers. Bash on!
Odds & Ends 17 Forum
Go on, write us a letter. It's what your right arm's for - unless you're left-handed, of course! If you've got something to say for yourself, then speak out! The star letter writer is in for a bundle of free software! Mail us a missive to Forum ...
The Saga Continues(Barrie Fairest)
Keyboard Klutz(Andrew Tisdall)
Double Trouble(Thomas 'The Original Erauqs' Smith)
Not Known At This Address(Richard Relf)
From Bad to Verse(Miss J R Wood)
Shaw Thing(David Shaw)
Space Invader(From just your normal average one horned, three eyed guy)
Cut Up Rough(John Hawke)
You Can 'Ave 'Im(Brian 'Wimpo' Hitch)
Splash It All Over!(Jason Hinney)
More Interruptions(Richard Chaney)
New Poke Sensation?(Ian Ravenscroft)
The YS Trainspotter Award(Peter Plumbley)
20 Go for Gold & All Time Top 10 Chart
Send in your pot shot for the hot slot, the YS high score chart. Could you be a champion gamesplayer, a YS Gold Medallist? Join in the fun and Go For Gold, you could be in the running to win!
67 Input/Output
Selling or swopping Speccy stuff? It's free in YS.
68 Binders
Get it together - with a YS binder!