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Issue 20, November 1985 - Hack Free Zone
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H A C K   F R E E   Z O N E
Hi there, Hexophiles. Hex Loader's here again, with some more winnin' hints and triffic tips.
Haw've you been, old sport? I feel terrible! I've got a cold in my CPU, and my joystick port is running like a tap ... aaaa- AAAAA-CHOOOoooooo!!!
Still, you don't want to hear my problems, (sob!), I'm here to listen to your tips and hints on all the wackiest new arcade games. Just a second, I'll dip a tendril into the jolly old mailbag ... Aha! Here we go then ... here's the next instalment to P. Bradford of Nottingham's help list for Dun Darach, begun last month ... Go to the Magick Shop on Cinder Bank, and buy a spell for 1000Ir. Press 'offer' to activate the Tele-stone, and it'll show you where Skar is. When she's passing you, quickly change the asterisk to the spell and offer it to Skar. She'll say "I am seen", and now you'll be able to see her all the time. Now offer her the pearl, and she'll give you a scroll saying 2**25. In old fashioned ZX Basic this is 2 to the power of 25. The answer to this is 33554432. Make a note of this, as it is an important clue. Go to 3 North Wall, and buy a statue. That'll set you back 600Ir. Take the statue to Teth on Claw Lane - just follow the rat! When you give the statue to Teth, he'll offer you the D-key in return. With it you can pass through the door in the north of the Castle, hence the clue "Teth is jailer". Drop objects on the three altars, under the spinning letters to spell D.P.E. The door to the right of the screen will now be unlocked. Go through this door, retaining the 2**25 scroll plus one other object. And then ... Ha-hah! That's where I've got you, because you're gonna have to wait until next time to see the final solution. Stop griping! You don't expect me to give away the whole thing in one go, do you? No, you don't! Wait until next ish, or I'll send you to bed with no tea!
While I'm on the subject of Dun Darach, I have notes here from Barbara Winterton of Wetherby, Paul McLean of Tyne and Wear and Major W. Beardwell (Rtd) of Taunton
to name but a few of the hordes of people who wrote to say that Paul Allen was wrong. He said that in return for the brooch you received a script which reads "Rats are vain" not "Rats are not vain" as quoted. Shoot! Look folks, don't blame me, I wasn't even built when that issue was printed! As for not giving away too many clues, why d'ya think I only release a piece of the solution a month? Well yes, I am a sadist, but the other reason is that I want you to enjoy the games! Simple really!
For those of you that never made it out of nappies (I for one still drop little batteries around the house) here is how to make it out of Herbert's Dummy Run. Paul and Darren Robinson of Dundee sent me this little list of hints:
1. Get the light bulb, and then the torch to allow you to see in the darkroom to the right of the swimming pool.
2. Get the cork, then the popgun to allow you past the soldiers.
3. Get box key and honey pot, return to first screen and stand on the Jack-in-a-Box; you're then able to get the teddy bear.
4. Use the Teddy to help unlock the door in the dalek room.
5. In the dalek room you will see a short rope. Jump at this with the rope and it will lengthen.
6. The duck in the swimming pool is now accessible, although difficult.
7. Try using the duck to get stones from the castle, they might help with the catapult.
Thanks, boys!

Mark Watts of Burton-on- Trent writes "I have a few tips for Wriggler players ..." Do Tell! ... Get the bags of gold and immediately drop them. This increases your score dramatically. Also, get to the scrublands, get to the screen with the clockwork spider - go up, up, right, down, left, left, and then follow the ant." Huh? Surely you mean follow the bear ... oh no, sorry. That's a lager commercial.
"Next go down and then right and you'll be in the screen with two clockwork spiders" Yuk! "Here go through the bottom right, go down and then left and you'll be in the scrublands. There are a lot of extra lives in the scrublands." Go for it! "Hang on, I'm not finished ... One last tip. Go down the first two passages in the Underground ..." Cryptic, huh? Thanks, Mark. Triffic!

Now Stephen Trask of Rochdale. "On the 18th of August I finished Highway Encounter. Am I the first to do so?" Dunno. Is he? Tips include sending one Vorton forward to clear Zones 29-20, then sending him back to release the rest, and continuing like that. Don't spend too much time on the pathways, just clear them enough to get through - time is precious. On zone 5, block the alien and push to trap him. Go to the corner of your block, turn toward the alien and push - it'll move just enough for you to get the
Lasertron through! Nice one, Steve.

Right. That's enough from the mailbag. You know, I've been playing a lot of games lately. No, really! My favourites of the moment are Macadam Bumper by PSS, that old rave from the grave PSSST! from Ultimate before they got sassy, and The Covenant also from PSS. Give 'em a try ... they're wangy! Hey, drop me a line and tell me what your favourite game is, and why you play it, rather than any other.
Right, that really is it. I've run out of space. Besides, my printer's getting hot! OK, see ya next month, and keep those letters flying in. Oh yeah, something else ... hey, take your hand off my plug! You're not going to do that again ... (Click, buzzzzzzzz)
(If you really must, send your missives to his mechanical mouthship, Hex Loader, Hack Free Zone, Your Spectrum, 14 Rathbone Place, London W1P 1DE. Ed.)
Mark Watts from Burton-on-Trent has a few suggestions on how to play Wriggler - Hex has some other ideas ...
  Hey, it's a Hex-tra life (geddit?). Looking at the state of my existence surplus (that's hi-tech for lives left!), it may be a wise move to collect it!   Once you've become Hex- pert at this game (oh I know they're corny, but megastars can get away with murder!), you'll learn to avoid these energy- draining ants.  
  It's frothy man! A double quick shake for boosting the energy reserve works wonders. Yeah, I know it's out of immediate reach, but us megastars take things slowly, right?  
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