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Issue 21, December 1985 - Rasputin
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R a s p u t i n

Rasputin from Firebird is the game that has everything. The programmer, Paul Hibbard, describes it as a 3D platforms and Pacman style game with a strong plot and a difficulty rating that goes right off the scale. But you don't have to take his word for it - this month you can check out Nick Davies' version of the storyboard and next month you can play the game. That's right, there's a demo version free on the cover of the new-look YS!
Welcome to the world of the evil Rasputin where a battle is about to take place between the forces of light and darkness. You are a crusader, a medieval Time Lord, sent to this universe by the Powers of Light to prevent the spirit of Rasputin, the mad monk, from escaping. But Rasputin has surrounded himself with all that's most wicked in the world and you have only your sword and your shield to protect you.
Such is the basic scenario for the game. Whether Paul Hibbard has managed to include all the details of the game exactly as they're shown here is another matter. What is certain from our preview of an unfinished version, is that this is a spectacular 3D-style arcade game that beats anything similar on both speed and style.


If you can't wait to check out whether our rough draft of Rasputin matches up to the finished game - well, you're just gonna have to! But only for another month 'cos that's when you'll receive a demo version of the game FREE with the new-look YS. Whip the cassette off the cover, load it up and check to see whether we got all the details right. Then play the game!
We're not offering you Screen$ or a version that plays itself - this is a fully working copy of a game that'll cost £7.95 in the shops. The only difference is that you'll get to play just four of the forty different rooms. The rest remains the same. You'll die at Rasputin's evil bidding just like in the real thing. You'll succumb to his evil eyes just like in the real thing. You'll burn at the touch of the dragon's breath just like in the real thing. This is the real thing - and it's free to YS readers!
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