Impossible Mission
Nothing's impossible? Just wait till you've seen US Gold's mind-blowing megagame.
Sorderon's Shadow
Beyond with more graphics, more characters and more adventure. There's just so much in it.
Disobey orders and go for blood with our red-hot preview of Ocean's game of the film.
See the storyboard - and get ready for Firebird's 3D thriller.
Joystick Jury
This month's hot new games taken to trial and tested to death by the boys born with joysticks in their hands.
Hands On!
128k Spectrum - First Internal Pic!
Your Spectrum

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Issue 21, December 1985
- contents -
Game Plan
Write the game of your dreams! Check out the chart to see how it's done ...
It's Compile Time
Colt and Mcoder III versus Blast - Basic compilers grow up!
The Grid
Face the fear and fury in our latest 100 per cent machine-coded arcade game!
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Frontlines 3 It's all there - news, gossip, Virgin and Ferguson compo results plus From the Hip, Microdrivin', Hard Facts and Hacking Away! Rabbit tales ... air-raising experiences ... shaggy dog stories ... Vulcanic eruptions ... prize-winning elephants ... new Spectrums for old ... Elementary my dear Robin - it's all in Frontlines ...
128k Spectrum launched in Spain (Sinclair Research)
Alphacom 32 printer price cut (Dean Electronics)
GunShot joysticks price correction (Vulcan Electronics)
Bounces / Enigma Force / Spy vs Spy (Beyond)
Costa Capers / Gerry the Germ / Rasputin / Runestone (Firebird HOT)
The Great Fire of London (Rabbit Software)
International Karate (System 3 Software)
Robin of Sherlock (Silversoft)
Robot Messiah (Alphabatim)
They Sold a Million compilation (Ocean)
Scooby Doo in the Castle Mystery (Elite)
The Way of the Tiger (Gremlin Graphics)
Ferguson Sprite competition winners
Frankie Goes to Hollywood sweatshirt winners
Operation Caretaker azimuth alignment kit (Global Software)
Virgin 'Spot-the-difference' competition winners
Your Spectrum to be replaced by Your Sinclair
Advice 3 From the Hip
Sprite High, No Limit (issue 19) correction, Hex/Dec conversion, How to input on any part of screen.
6 Hacking Away
It's just not Fairlight ... well, not any more it isn't as Chris Wood presents more hundred percent hacks and guaranteed no-joke POKEs. Fairlight, Pheenix, Jet Set Willy, Jumping Jack, Birds and the Bees, Glug Glug, The Empire Strikes Back, Herbert's Dummy Run, Gyron.
12 Hard Facts
Hardware hiccups are a hassle - write to Stephen Adams and he'll do his best to come up with a cure ... Using Brother HR5 printer with If.1, Black bars on TV screen, Colour fades on Toshiba TV, Speccy crashes when switched on, How to connect Carton ASCII keyboard to Spectrum, Problems with Beta disk i/f and Kempston 'E' Centronics i/f, Printing £ signs from Tasword on Brother printer.
13 Microdrivin'
Have you experienced the joys and heartaches of owning a Microdrive? Andy Pennell has and her's here to sort out your problems and share hints, tips and handy routines ... Running Repairs (issue 8) corrections, If.1 commands sometimes give '?' syntax errors, Stacking Microdrives, Max Phillips loses Droid Wars program data.
80 Hack Free Zone
More uncensored solutions to your favourite games. Hi, Hi, Hi games-playing hexperts. It's me Hex Loader with another helpful heap of your trips and ticks for winning at those wacky games ... Dun Darach, Pud Pud, Pyjamarama, The Way of the Exploding Fist, Dragontorc, Fairlight.
Software Reviews 47 Joystick Jury
Where do you go for arcade action? Rick, Ross and Dougie are game for a graft as they tackle this month's hot new releases.
Astroclone(Hewson Consultants)60%
Big Ben Strikes Again(Artic)50%
Critical Mass(Durell Software)90%
The Custard Kid(New Generation)90%
Fighting Warrior(Melbourne House)86%
The Great Fire of London(Rabbit Software)73%
Grumpy Gumphrey Supersleuth(Gremlin Graphics)56%
International Rugby(Artic)53%
Marsport(Gargoyle Games)90%
Maze Craze(Partyline)13%
Orm and Cheep - The Birthday Party(Macmillan)76%
Riddler's Den(Electric Dreams)73%
Rupert the Bear and the Toymaker's Party(Quicksilva)46%
Starquake(Bubble Bus)63%
World Series Basketball(Imagine)83%
33 Spectrum Adventures
It's a Spain in the ass! Terrormolinos and Adrian Mole plus adventure help and hope! The game in Spain falls mainly as a pain and we knock the spots off Adrian Mole ... Teresa Maughan lived to tell the tale ... Erik the Viking, Eureka, Sherlock, Warlord, Gremlins.
The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole(Mosaic)
Terrormolinos(Melbourne House)
33 Better, Bigger, Faster
Speccy Basic compilers have been no big thing but the choice is getting bigger and the packages are getting better. Dave Janda has his finger on the stopwatch ...
Blast(Oxford Computer Systems)
Mcoder III(PSS)
Software Features37 Impossible Dream
Phil South your mission ... should you decide to accept it ... is to penetrate US Gold's new blockbuster ... discover amazing secrets ... complete the Impossible Mission ... reveal all ... should you fail, you'll never write for YS again ... this tape will self-destruct in 5 seconds ... 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...
45 Rasputin
Rasputin from Firebird is the game that has everything. The programmer, Paul Hibbard, describes it as a 3D platforms and Pacman style game with a strong plot and a difficulty rating that goes right off the scale. But you don't have to take his word for it - this month you can check out Nick Davies' version of the storyboard and next month you can play the game. That's right, there's a demo version free on the cover of the new-look YS!
56 Rambo
Peter Shaw - no man, no law, no war could stop him. Flown to the far north-west and dropped behind enemy lines. His mission - to discover how well Ocean is coming along with the game based on his troubleshootin' rival, Rambo!
64 Beyond Midnight
Sorderon's Shadow is a major new epic, complete with a cast of thousands and glorious landscaped sets. Peter Freebrey becomes the un-named one and prepares for adventure ...
Hardware Features 14 The Spectrum With No Name
The 128K Speccy hits the streets in Spain this month but we still don't know if and when we'll see it over here. Beyond the call of duty free, Max Phillips flew to Spain to try out the secret Sinclair.
Miscellaneous Features 28 Game Plan
Worse things happen to Dougie Bern than writing for Your Spectrum - you see he's also a professional programmer when we let him have the time off. Now you can learn how he tackles the difficult task of translating his ideas for games into reality. And who knows, perhaps you'll end up writing for YS!
Reader's Programs 69 Opportunity Knocks
Blast off to the 21st century with Conor O'Neill's entry in the Opportunity Knocks fame trail. Can you beat it? Can you save the human race at all? Your're gonna have to face ... The Grid
Books 5 Paperdata
Advanced Z80 Machine Code Programming (Interface Publications)
Competitions 55 Thunderbirds Are Go ...
YS to the rescue with your chance to win a copy of Thunderbirds! Just match the members of the Thunderbirds team to their craft and win one of 30 copies of the new game about them from Firebird. Go for it!
Odds & Ends 20 Go for Gold & All Time Top 10 Chart
YS High Scorers ... can you beat 'em? Ready, steady ... Go! Are you in on the great race to find the YS champ - the Greatest Gamesplayer of the Year?! Make your break, and be our Gold Medallist!
23 Forum
From the lunatic to the laid-back, your letters keep on coming! Sticks and stones may break Pete's phones but your letters will never hurt him. Write away right away ... and you could be the star with the bundle of free software!
Split Jury(Chris Lee)
Shop Soiled(Chris Barker)
Stuff 'n' Nonsense(Steven Robertson)
Tape Trouble(Tim Doulton)
Willy Nilly(Michael West)
Situation Not Vacant(Mark J Weirdo)
Skol Daze(Steven Duke)
Computer Crazy(Daniel Murray)
For the Chop(Andrew Hunter)
Picture This(J A Snagg)
Savage Beast(Ian Williamson)
Are You Shaw?(Sam H Waghar)
On the Dole(Steve Thrashmore Thurlow)
Jerry Built Games(Christopher Lewis)
Little Pleader(Dennis Carroll)
The YS Trainspotter Award(David 'Eagle Eyes' Hosier)
74 Input/Output
Free ads for your Speccy swops and sells. Are you on the hunt for hardware, screaming for software, or pining for a pen pal? Whatever your message, you can leave it here for free!
75 Binders
Stay clean, stay together! You can tell at a glance. Some people have just got it while others don't even come close. It's tricky to pin it down exactly. P'raps it's the way they walk - as if they owned the world? No, that's not quite it. There's definitely something about them though, that makes the others envious of their success. Of course! It has to be the Your Spectrum binder - can you come up with a better explanation?
79 Subscriptions
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