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Issue 21, December 1985 - Adventures
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S P E C T R U M   A D V E N T U R E S
The game in Spain falls mainly as a pain and we knock the spots off Adrian Mole ... Teresa Maughan lived to tell the tale ...
The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13¾
Mosaic / £9.95


The Secret Diary Of Teresa Maughan Aged 23¼

Oct 11th 1985: I received a copy of Mosaic's new game, The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13¾ today. The Ed insisted that I write a review - he said he'd give me £10 but then he's always been a bit tight.

Oct 12th 1985: I took my first look at the game today. It's Adrian's diary on the screen with a few graphics thrown in ... It's Max's (the errand boy) birthday today.

Oct 13th 1985: The game doesn't seem very intellectual to me - all you've got to do is press keys 1, 2, 3, 4 or Caps/ Shift to play it. Even I can do that, well nearly. Troubleshootin' Pete thinks it's dead brilliant and plays it all day long.

Oct 14th 1985: Censored.

Oct 15th 1985: Being somewhat of a megabrain I've already read Adrian Mole's Secret Diary so the game seems a bit repetitive - not for intellectuals! The Ed said I was fat. I told him it was probably because he forced me to sit and play computer games all day.

Oct 16th 1985: I don't think much of this game. First it says Adrian goes on holiday with Maxwell and the stick insect and then a week later he meets the stick insect for the first time. I think I'll ask Max if he can explain this reasoning to me.

Oct 17th 1985: Being a connoisseur of the arts I am of the opinion that the graphics are pretty naff - if I were Adrian I'd feel positively embarrassed. Adrian seems to lead a very eventful life for a boy of 13¾.

Oct 18th 1985: Adrian is now trying to teach his dog a few tricks and I can choose what he should do. I don't know why he bothers as the Ed always says you can't teach an old dog new tricks. I think I'm getting a complex about being fat!

Oct 19th 1985: I keep choosing the wrong options so I've made Adrian only a namby pamby schoolboy. This is making me lose confidence in my gamesplaying ability.

Oct 20th 1985: I didn't play the game today because of my complex over being fat!

Oct 21st 1985: I've just noticed (people tell me I'm very observant for a girl my age) Mosaic has put the CBM 64 instructions on the tape inlay card and covered it up with a Spectrum sticker. I think I'll write a stiff letter to Mosaic about this cheapskate behaviour.

Oct 22nd 1985: I've come to the conclusion that Mole is a game for 13¾ year olds and not 23 year olds. All you have to do is read snippets from his diary and make Adrian dead popular with everyone, especially that nymphomaniac Pandora.

Oct 23rd 1985: I finished the game today and Adrian is only a suburban schoolboy. I think this game will be dead popular but it's only a namby pamby computer game as far as I'm concerned.
GIVE US A CLUE ... this to kill the bear.
Finally John reckons the Pig, Clay Pot, Silver Skull and Vase are red herrings - does anybody out there know better? If so write in and tell us.
He's also got a few tips for Gremlins - surprise, surprise! To avoid the darts, GO DOWN. To kill the Gremlin, take the Sword and go to the lounge - sounds like Cluedo. Well that's all we've room for this month - sorry John. But don't worry we'll be putting even more of your hints 'n' tips in next month.
If you're still wandering about like a lost soul, have a shifty at the masters below and if that's no help write in and we'll publish your problems. You'll even gain instant fame. On the other hand if you think you know all the answers, write in and let us all in on the secret. You may even oust John Wilson from the position of 'El Supremo', though it'll take some doing.
All you've got to do is write to Give Us A Clue, YS, 14 Rathbone Place, London W1P 1DE. You too can become 'El Supremo' of the Adventure page.


The Hobbit, Urban Upstart and Dallas Quest
Neil McCabe, n xxxxxxxx xxxx, xxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxx xnn nxx.

Erik the Viking
Lorraine Weir, nn xxxx xxxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxxxxxxx, xxxx xxxxxxx, xxxxxxxx xxnn nxx.

The Hobbit, Twin Kingdom Valley, Lords of Midnight, Shadowfire, Urban Upstart, Mountains of Ket, Doomdark's Revenge and Eureka
James Elliot, nnn xxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxx, xxxxx xxnn nxx.
Paul McPherson, n xxxxxx xxxx, xxxxxx xx xxx, xxxxxxxx xxn nxx.

Dan Johansson, xxxxxxxxxx nn, x nnnnn xxxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxx.

Warlord, Spiderman, Gremlins, Twin Kingdom Valley and many many more!
John 'El Supremo' Wilson, nn xxxxxxxx xxxx, xxxxxxx, xxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxx xxnn nxx.


The Hulk - "How do I life the iron ring in the floor, and what's the use of the fan and the mirror?" Eduardo Neves, x xxxx xxxxx xxxxxx nn, nnnn xxxxxxx, xxxxxxxx.

Valkyrie 17 - "How do I go to the town; where is the key?" Robert Ridell, xxxxxxxxxxxxx nn, nnnnn xxxxxx, xxxxxx.

The Fourth Protocol - "Any help gratefully received." David Neeson, nn xxxxxxxx xxxxx, xxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxx.

Fantasia Diamond - "How do I open the musical door and the wooden chest?" Andrew Sumpner, nnn xxxxxxxxx xxxx, xxxxxxxxx, xxxxx xxnn nxx.

Hampstead - "How do I meet the man on the train?" Toby Blake, nn xxxx xxxx, xxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxx xxx xxx.

Sherlock - "How do I get into Basil Phipps' London house?" Neil McCabe, n xxxxxxxx xxxx, xxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxx xnn nxx.

Quest for the Holy Grail - "How do I get past the rabbit without being torn limb from limb?" Tony Wiltshire, nn xxxxxxxx xxxx, xxxxxxxxx, xxxxx xxn nxx.

Mountains of Ket - "Where is the hat needed to enter the skull?" A Saleh, xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx, xxxxxxx, xxxxx xxn nxx.

Spiderman - "How do I kill Electro?" J Mullan, nn xxxxxx xxxx, xxxxxxx, xxx xxn nxx.
Norsewoman of the Year, Lorraine Weir has just completed Erik the Viking and has decided to let you lot in on a few secrets. To get to the North Sea from the beach you must go West four times and then South seven times. You can then reach Denmark by going East and to enter the church type: PRAY TO THE TOMBSTONE. Some objects have pictures on them such as the Book, Bracelet, Stewpot and Medallion. If you have the Ragbag, stand on the deck and rub an object with a picture on it - you'll then appear at that location after you open the bag. So, don't look a gift Norse in the ... Sorry!
Seems a few of you are still having trouble with Eureka. Never fear, Dan Johansson from Sweden is here with a few hints. He says you must pick up the flint and the rib bone and use these to make an axe. Then go West from the river and you can use it. What you use it for is a complete mystery since Dan didn't tell us!
Paul McPherson has been having some fun with Sherlock. He's succeeded in stealing bodies, losing Lestrade, getting the cabbie to pay him £60 (Sounds sensible to me. Ed), and locking Basil Phipps and Daphne Stracham in a safe. Wow!
First you must take the lamp, wait for Watson to read the newspaper article, go to platform three at Kings Cross and there you should find Lestrade. Then go to Leatherhead by train. Once you've arrived give the lamp and your money to Watson, so you should then be carrying
nothing. Take the bodies from Sandstone Bridge and Jones' lounge and place them in Cobden Lane.
Having done this return to Kings Cross and wait for Lestrade to appear. He'll call a cab and get into it; you must then tell the cabbie to go to Bishop's Road - hoorah you've dodged Lestrade.
Return to Leatherhead and wait until 12 am, go to Basil's bedroom and you'll find him asleep. Type TAKE BASIL, go to the library and open the safe then put Basil in the safe. Go to Daphne's room (in Brown's house), take her and carry her back to the safe. If you want to have even more fun put the bodies in the safe as well. (Is that for safe- keeping? Ed) Bit of a joker is our Paul!
Finally John Wilson is back again with yet another War and Peace of hints and tips - you'd think he'd have run out of printer paper by now. He complains that he's never going to be 'El Supremo' if we don't print all the hints and tips he provides. What d'you want John, a whole issue of YS dedicated to hints 'n' tips?
Right John, here are a few of your supremo tips just to keep you happy. First Warlord. In order to get your mitts on the bronze helmet release the hare from the trap, go to the cavern on the beach and 'CLIMB INTO POOL', go East then North, 'CLIMB OUT OF POOL' and then retrace your steps. Once you've got the helmet you can cross the causeway. You can then get the sword by going North, East and North to the lake and SLEEP. You'll need

Melbourne House / £7.95


[The screenshot printed in the magazine for Terrormolinos was another one from Adrian Mole; I've used a correct one here.]

Terrormolinos isn't just the kind of place you only visit once it's also one of those games you'll never return to.
You've decided to visit Terrormolinos on the Costa Brava with Beryl, the wife, and Ken and Doreen, the kids. Sounds wonderful eh? Little do you know that Terrormolinos is a real dive and that you'll have to face such perils as being gored by a raging bull, getting heatstroke, suffering severe food poisoning and losing an argument with a Euro- juggernaut.
The aim of the game is not only to survive the worst package tour of your life but to bring back ten snapshots to prove you actually did it!
The trouble starts before you've even left your cosy semi in the murky depths of Slough. You've got about ten minutes to pack and get the kids out of the house. Sounds easy huh? Well it certainly ain't!
There are numerous catches designed to hinder your departure. But after a while they get to be a dead bore rather than an intellectual challenge. Not only do you have to search for your passport, tickets and suitcase, but you've also got to remember daft things like locking the step ladder before you climb it or you'll break your neck!
And if you attempt to board the taxi without dropping the ladder you'll get more than a mouthful from the indignant cabbie.
Having successfully packed and survived the journey to the hotel with Ken throwing up all over the place, the adventure really begins ...
Once you reach the sun- soiled shores of Spain you're confronted with seven greasy- haired, tight-buttocked prima donnas who fancy themselves as waiters and a crazy Spanish coach driver offering every excursion under the sun. It's here you've got to be selective as there are only twelve exposures in your camera and you must take ten successful pics.
Every time you suffer a fatal experience or take a decent piccy, a picture will magically develop on the screen. The graphics in Terrormolinos are supposed to reproduce those saucy seaside postcards. If you ask me, they've got a real cheek to try it!
I got a bit fed up with being arrested for flashing or for taking a really good pic of a wild nightclub and I got even more cheesed off with dying every time I put a foot wrong.
Terrormolinos is original and quite fast but its predecessor, Hampstead, is much the better game!
Wish you were here playing Terrormolinos ... instead of me.
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