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Issue 21, December 1985 - Hack Free Zone
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H A C K   F R E E   Z O N E
Hi, Hi, Hi games-playing hexperts, it's me Hex Loader with another helpful heap of your trips and ticks for winning at those wacky games ...
Zo, you haz come back ha? I knew you would - there we were last month poised at the very brink of solving Dun Darach when I suffered a tape loading error. Not to worry, the third and final part of the P Bradford serialised solution saga is coming up right now:
Go through the next door (bet you've tried that by now, haven't you?) and you'll be presented with a row of six doors (row A). Take the third door to row B. Third door again and you're on row C. Now take the fifth door and you'll come to row D. From row D, it's the fifth door. Betcha reckon all this took ages to work out! Nah, the 2**25 scroll from last month - and before you load up your YS Megabasic, that works out at 33554432 - gives you the route to take. So from row A, we took door 3, then door 3, then door 5 and so on. Easy enough.
Once you get to the end of the row of doors, you should be faced with a normal door. Inside, spell out the word O A K and pick-up the L-key. Find Loeg and give it to him and he will say "Fair exchange - let's go ..." and witter on much like I do. Now go to South Gate on Claw Lane. Make sure you put the asterisk on another object besides the L- key or the pickpockets will get it. Use the Portal to get to the Soke and go through the South Gate for the final message. And that's it - thanks a million 'P' - couldn' have done it without you!
So now I've given the game away, I might as well add insults to information and tell you what Charlie Morgan thought of the game. First, he thought the ending was a bit of an anti-climax - the final message is just "The End. Ta from GG!". Worse, you don't even have to free Loeg from jail to finish the game (ah, but it's more fun than just finishing it!) There's also a trawler full of red-herrings - deliberate or a last minute rush asks our man in Croydon?
Two examples; entry to Laydos is with the spell "Show
the lady" - you'll get the message "forbidden". Gargoyle says this is because there's all sorts of naughty, naughty goings on inside Laydos. But if you can't get in, why is it there at all? To enter 21 Cinder Bank you need "Gold in Ashes". Inside is a Pyrite which no one in the game wants and therefore seems to be of no use whatsoever. Umm ... yes, what does the Gargoyle say to that? Meanwhile, anybody been to Marsport or more importantly got out again?
Right then, who's next? Here's a letter from Peter 'Gutterheart' Page of Andover, Fist (sorry, Hampshire). Oh, and here's another one ... and here's another one. Thought you could crush me into printing some of your magic words, huh? You're right! Excerpt one coming up:
"... Aha! Yep, that's right! I've finished Ocean's Pud Pud (2nd September). To finish, you have to collect 10 puds then make your way to the last location (if you imagine the -map is on a 30 x 14 grid then this would be location 8,23). Try to eat power-giving objects, winged objects, snakes, crabs, bats, skulls and walking blobs. Make a map ... yours puddingly ... Peter Page".
Nice to see a pudding-head who writes in my own imitable style. More pages from the Page guide to games-beating coming up soon - he really knows his stuff.
James Fitzpatrick who's holed up in West London writes on Pyjamarama: always get the £1 coin and change it for the penny (those £1s burn a hole in your pocket anyway). You can then get into the bathroom and grab the hammer as well as the scissors which will help you cut the balloon and get the Box Key - provided the help-on switch is down. Phew!
Meanwhile, Fists are exploding all over East Lothian courtesy of Graham Cairns. The way to down an opponent of any Dan is to walk three side steps towards
him then kneel down and punch him when he's in range. Sounds a bit below the belt to me.
Evan Mason, live from Zimbabwe, talks of Dragontorc. If you find yourself in the Druid's Last Sanctuary and get transported to a room without any doors (Careful Hex, we're trying to find one for you! Ed) then don't go spair, sorry despair - just try your Leyrod!
Right, dammit, that's enough for one month. Next time I'm taking over ... they've promised me more memory space for my winning bytes so I'm going to need
more input from you lot out there - keep writing to me, Hex Loader, at YS, 14 Rathbone Place, London W1P 1DE and keep 'em tips a- coming which reminds me the Editor can't pull the plug on me this month 'cos I got Trouble-totin' Pete to screw the plug to the wall so they can't get away with that old trick and I can tell you about something that had slipped my mind when I was dumping that other stuff which is that hey, no, that's just not fair I mean ... L BREAK into program, 3000:8. (Sorry about that but we're running out of magazine! Ed).
Don't Get Cross: Small buglets rounded up for free, courtesy of Kit Simpson of Manchester ... 'cos I bet you thought that to get past the mad monk you'd need to get the cross from under the throne and chuck it at him didn't you? Well, yes, that does work doesn't it? Ah, why not save yourself the trouble and climb up on the edge of the stair, right at the top and next to the monk and then jump against the door frame. Huh! I didn't think you were thin enough to fit through the gap either ...
Cliff Hanging: Oops ... I accidentally erased the name of my valiant reader who helped me crack this one but here goes all the same: all you do is collect two stools from the Troll's cave and bring them back to the cliff. Push 'em as far over the cliff as you can (here's one time when it's not safe to fall between two stools) and fetch two barrels from the cave. Climb on the stools and chuck the barrels over the edge. Haha ... you can now climb down in comfort!
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