Kharlovka 2017


The demise of “good” Salmon fishing in the UK over the last 3-4 years has led me to decide to try my luck elsewhere, and after watching some videos on the internet, I’ve plumped to go off to the Atlantic Salmon Reserve in July 2017 to fish the Kharlovka and Eastern Litza rivers.

I’ll be going alone this year, and have made up a couple of boxes of flies especially for the rivers there.

Water levels are very high for the time of year, the Kola Peninsula having enjoyed a very cold & snowy winter - the worst for 80 years apparently, so that augers well for the later season fishing. 

2 weeks ago on the Spey, I had only 2 fish for 9 days fishing, and the previous visit in May yielded only one fish for the party of 6 rods - 36 rod days for one fish!  That’s poor fishing, and what has happened to the Tweed since its record year of 2013 is heart breaking- I have had only 4 fish there in 3 years since 2013.

So, its off I go, on Friday 14th July, all the bags are packed & ready to go, rods in the new rod tube, and flies in with them as well.  LHR- Helsinki, then Helsinki to Murmansk, followed by a 1 hour helicopter flight to the camp at the Kharlovka!

Last Minute fly tying done:

The Kharlovka Killer fly that accounted for about half of my fish

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