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Spurs Songs and Chants section, Visit to WHL and review of following Spurs away
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'The great fallacy is that the game is first and last about winning. It's nothing of the kind. The game is about glory. It's about doing things in style, with a flourish, about going out and beating the other lot, not waiting for them to die of boredom.' - Danny Blanchflower

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The Latest Spurs News on the Web Get the latest Tottenham Hotspur News stories on the web
Daily Editorial
The Webmaster gives his views on the days events relating to Tottenham - updated daily
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THFC Results & Fixtures 2001/2 All Spurs Results & Fixtures for the 2001/2002 season - goalscorers, attendances etc - with a link to the TOPSPURS match reports
Match Reports & Season Summary One line commentary on each match played with man of the match & League position details, along with a link to the TOPSPURS match reports
TOPSPURS Player Index & Player Profiles The most up to date Spurs player Statistics on the Web - matches played, goals scored and cards recieved. Click on the player name to get the individual player history & Spurs career stats, along with the TOPSPURS comments on all the players within the Squad. Updated after every match
First Team Appearances Complete line up's for all the matches this season - with matches played, goals scored and cards recieved by match for every first team player.
First Team - Player Ratings An assessment of each player's performance in each match with a seasonal average and man of the match ratings identified
Match Preview & Predictions A summary of the forthcoming Spurs matches, along with a (usually wrong) match prediction and betting opportunities
Premiership Results & Table Check out where Spurs are in the Premier League with an up-to-date League table and every Premiership Result and Fixture for the current season
Spurs League Progress 01/02 Follow Spurs League position throughout the season with League Positions after every game being recorded to form a bar graph


..and if you know your History The TOPSPURS History Index Page - Hours of Stuff on Spurs. A History of Tottenham Hotspur since 1882 in the form of a time line, with Club Records, Club, Honours, Cup Final team details and an assortment of other stuff related to Spurs glorious History and tradition.
Results and League Positions for each Season 1882-2001 To access the Spurs results for a particular season - click on the link and then on the season, or just type the season name ie 0102.htm for the current season, or 60/61 for the double season. War time seasons have the prefic ww1 or ww2 - eg ww2-4344.htm and seasons before league entry in 1908 have a pre- prefix eg pre-8283.htm for our first ever results
Tottenham Hotspur in the League A summary of the League position for each of the Spurs seasons since 1882, with details of the highest score that season, along with the a link to the full season details - dates, attendances, scores, scorers etc
Tottenham Hotspur in the
FA Cup
A summary of how Spurs have fared in the Oldest Cup competition in the world. Every match since our first, a 3-2 win against West Herts in Oct 1894 with dates, attendances, scores, scorers etc
Tottenham Hotspur in Europe A summary of how Spurs have fared in European Competitions since the double Team took apart Gornik 10-5 on aggregate in our first tie in Sept 1961. with dates, attendances, scores, scorers etc
Tottenham Hotspur in the League Cup A summary of how Spurs have fared in the League Cup since our entry in Sept 1966 with dates, attendances, scores, scorers etc
Review of all Spurs Managers A review of all the Spurs managers from Frank Brettell in 1898 to Hoddle - with details of all matches played (scores and scorers), overall records and a comparison of all the Spurs managers
Index of Former Spurs Players Information on every player to have played a competative match since 1908 - games played and goals scored.
MostAppearances for Tottenham Information on the players who have made the most appearances for Spurs in a competative match since 1908 - games played and goals scored - headed by Steve Perryman.
Most Goals for Tottenham Information on the players who have scored the most goals for Spurs in a competative match since 1908 - games played and goals scored - headed by Jimmy Greaves.
THFC - Transfers A listing of the most important Transfers in and out of Tottenham
Complete Record of Spurs Results vs Other Clubs Complete information on every match Spurs have played by Opposition Club. The index page contains a summary listing, while a click through link shows every match played with scores and scorers
League Record of Spurs Results vs Other Clubs Complete information on every League match Spurs have played by opposition Club. The index page contains a summary listing, while a click through link shows every match played with scores and scorers
THFC- CupFinalTeams All the line ups for Spurs many Cup finals from 1901 - 2002
THFC-Records All the Spurs records for best/worst/most/least etc
THFC-Honours All the Spurs honours from League Championships down to Tour tournaments
THFC-Timeline A chronological history of Tottenham Hotspur
TOPSPURS - The John Pratt Shrine The only place on the web to have a whole page dedicated to John Arthur PRATT - every one of the 415 matches he played in, every one of the 49 goals he scored along with a "pratt magic" section and photos
TOPSPURS Ricky Villa Tribute Page TOPSPURS tribute to the 1981 FA Cup final hero and sometimes TOPSPURS visitor - Ricky Villa
Sheringham's Spurs Goals A listing of all of Teddy Sheringham's 100+ goals for Tottenham Hotspur
Shaggy's Spurs Goals A listing of all of Spurs longest serving player Darren Anderton's 40 odd goals for Tottenham Hotspur

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Spurs Songs & Chants The most comprehensive collection of Tottenham Hotspur (and Anti Arsenal) songs and chants on the web
ArsePaste-Story of the Goons The history of the rivalry between Spurs and Arsenal & why they are the most Evil club in History
A Visit to White Hart Lane Information on visiting White Hart Lane - tickets, directions and what to do before and after the match
WHL Area Map To go with the guide to visiting White Hart Lane, I have prepared a simple map to show where the facilities are located
Travelling away with Spurs A guide to travelling away with Spurs - a section on each club including previus matches, contact and travel information as well as a few do's and don't and a review of what the trip is usually like


Magic Spurs Moments Video footage of some of our greatest moments from our recent history - inc Hoddle, Sheringham, Klinsmann, Gazza, Ginola, Ronnie, Nayim and Roberts
TOPSPURS - Recent Goals Video footage of some of the goals score during recent seasons (under construction, coming in the new year)
Spurs Sounds Downloads avaiable of some classic Spurs Songs
TOPSPURS - WebPolls Cast your vote on the latest issues concerning Tottenham
TOPSPURS - Postcards Send a TOPSPURS Postcard of a famous Spurs occasion
White Hart Lane WEBCAM Check out what is happening at this very moment at White Hart Lane with the WebCam (apparantly kept on during matches)
Link to Live Spurs Commentaries As TOPSPURS will always be at Spurs matches, the best place to go for Live match commentaries on Tottenham matches is to our Friends on the Official Spurs site (you will need Real player to listen, available for download)


TOPSPURS SPURS SHOP All sorts of Spurs goodies inc Home and Away kits (with naming and numbering) available online at the TOPSPURS Spurs shop with Free Postage anywhere
10 Free Bet - Blue Square Open up an account with Online Bookie Blue Square & they give you a free 10 bet. They always have odds on Spurs matches, Correct Scores, Goalscorers etc, as well as on jest about everything else in you could think to bet on
20 Free Bet - Sporting Odds Open up an account with Online Bookie Sporting Odds & they give you a two free 10 bets. They always have odds on Spurs matches as well as a wide range of sporting activities and are well known for excellent special offers.
Spurs books, Video's & CD's The TOPSPURS Amazon link offers a wide selection of Spurs books, video's, CD's and an Auction area, as well as a link to the main Amazon Store.
The Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust was set up in 2001 to help give the Spurs fans a say in how our club is run. Please click on the logo to find out more..
Jesse Spurs player links Today, we will be mostly linked with...........................
TOPSPURS Football Quiz Try your luck at the TOPSPURS Tottenham Hotspur quiz and also the general Football quiz which is updated weekly with a chance to win 15
TOPSPURS Prediction League Follow the fortunes of 6 players in a Premier League Prediction League for the 2001/2002 season
TOPSPURS Prediction Cup Follow the fortunes of 6 players in the spin off Cup competition of the main Prediction League for the 2001/2002 season
TOPSPURS 01/02 SeasonPredictions Have a look at what I forecast at the Start of the season for each of the 4 English Divisions and major cups, as well as some Spurs predictions
Mid Season Spurs Predictions Follow the fortunes of 10 players who predicted the results of every Spurs match in the Premier League for the rest of the season from the Charlton match in Dec 01
TOPSPURS THFC Crossword Have a bash at the TOPSPURS Tottenham Hotspur crossword
Latest Football Scores - Live! In association with GoalsLive - you can now access the latest Football scores from all over Europe, as well as check previous scores by clicking the link.
TOPSPURS Feature Articles Check out the Archive of Feature articles written either by guest columnists or stuff taken from the press with
Countdown to the Next Goon Game Countdown the days, hours, minutes and seconds to the next Spurs - Arsenal game with some Tottenham heroes
Sign the TOPSPURS Guestbook Become a TOPSPUR and sign the guestbook, as well as looking at the other entries from Spurs fans from all over the world who have visited this site.
View the old Guestbook View only the old Guestbook which ran from the Day TOPSPURS opened in Sept 2000 to earlier this season, with one very famous entry in the list of topspurs
TOPSPURS - THFC Links Page Links to the official Spurs site, a number of the best Spurs Websites, Fanzines and Player sites - as well as too Spurs Supporters Clubs
Celebrity Spurs Fans A selection of the Celebrities who have supported Spurs over the Years
The Closure of TISA Click on the link for important News on TISA and the transfer of funds to the Tottenham Trust
Complete Season Review 2000/2001 Results, Match reports, Full Squad details - appearances & comments and a full Season Review - in short, everything from the 2000/2001 season

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