William Godley(1710-?)/Ann Sheppard(abt 1712-?)
Married 1730 in Cuckney

Thomas Godley(1732-?)/Sarah Rhode(abt1733-1771)
Married 1766 in Cuckney

William Godley(1767-?)/Anne Nicholson(abt 1768-?)
Married 1770 in Blidworth

William Godley(abt 1791-after 1851)/Elizabeth Radford(1793-?)
Married ~1815 in Ashfield,Notts

William Godley(abt 1791- >1851)/Anne Glazebrooke(?-?)
Remarried 9 Dec 1835 in Farnsfield Notts

David Godley(1822-1900)/Ann Hayes(1822-1869)
Married 1839 in Halam,Lincs

Joseph Godley(1840-1902)/Elizabeth Cooper(1841-?)
Married 1861 in Sheffield,St.Mary

Herbert Godley(1863-1932)/Sarah Ann Stanley(1830-1901)
Married 1883 in Sheffield

Mary Elizabeth Godley(1884-1965)/William Henry Mayland(1883-1966)
Married 1905 in Crookes Parish Church,Sheffield

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