James Mayland(abt 1770-?)/Ann Tudor(1771-?)
Married 1790 in Sheffield

George Mayland(1792-1868)/Jane Shaw(1794-bef 1861)
Married 1812 in Sheffield

James Mayland(1813-1874)/Eliza ???(1810-1890)
Married, about 1836

James Mayland (1847-1905)/Alice Chambers(1856-?)
Married in Tinsley,Sheffield 1872

William Henry Mayland(1883-1966)/Annie ???(?-1904)
Married in Grantham 1904

William Henry Mayland(1883)/ Mary Elizabeth Godley(1884-1965)
Remarried in Crookes,Sheffield in 1905

Winifred Mayland(1905-1985)/John Francis Haddock(1904-1979)
Married in Sheffield 1929

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