New French Naval Binoculars


I have always fancied a pair of large stable binoculars for just cruising around the sky. I have seen some wonderful models, but they all seem to be horrendously expensive. As I cannot afford something in that league at present, I have been on the look out for something a little less grand. Sometime ago I came across a pair of French Naval binoculars in Surplus Shed in the US. As these were 90 degree eyepieces, were of a size 10 x 62, and more importantly only $199, I thought I would have them. I was lucky in that my mate Brian was hoping to come back from the states, and would carry them back for me, so saving on shipping. Unfortunately this didn't quite happen, and after about 18 months we shipped them here. They arrived with only a couple of days to go before the Thetford Star Party, but unfortunately they had no obvious way of mounting them. I gave my mate Tom Stewart a ring, and said, any chance of a small favour :-). Knowing my small favours he promptly set aside Sunday afternoon to make a small mount so that I could take them away. After three hours we had a very solid, and somewhat Heath - Robinson mount which worked a treat.

........ .........


Whilst not the most stable of systems they are now usable when mounted on a Vixen tripod. I did have problems with dew, but some foam from young Percy - official Equinox Party Sleep Warden, and a dew heater from a C11 coupled with a phono lead and adapter we managed some very nice views. They are by no means astounding, but they are very comfortable to use. Now all I have to do is wait from something bigger and better to come along at the same price.

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