Observing the Sun in White Light


As mentioned in the previous page when using suitable means of filtration, or projection it is possible to see the changing face of our Sun.


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Two images taken at the Thetford Equinox Star Party showing the movement of the sunspots across the solar disc. Takahashi FCT76 - 31mm Nagler in an Intes Herschel Wedge taken afocally with a Nikon Coolpix 950 digital camera.


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A selection of sunspot images taken with a Sony Digital camera at prime focus of a Takahashi FS128 with and without a 2x Barlow.




Two colour images captured using a Basler Digital Camera and Archive4Images software provided by Micromotion of Germany.


Imaging in daylight can be awkward when using the LCD screen on a digital camera, the use of a tube from a kitchen roll with a lens hood can make life a lot easier.




Imaging with a Sony DKC-CM30 digital camera.

In addition imaging afocally can be quite successful. See the images on the H Alpha page.

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