I took Kylie for a suprise weekend to Harrison Hotsprings. I started her off with a bike ride. The plan was to bike up Bear Mountain, but that was closed so we found a lake in Sasquatch park instead.


I found a rather slick bridge that involved me wiping out and hobbling round for a couple of minutes as I was recovering from my saddle connecting with my butt on the way down!


Kylie drove Fanny to the hotel....


We went out for dinner and then had a 2hr treatment and massage at the spa. Time to convince Kylie to go out for a walk (at 10:30pm). We walked to the end of a wooden jetty on Harrison Lake, I warned Kylie that I was about to ask her a question - which she wasn't expecting!.....dropped to one knee and asked her to marry me! She said yes and then a nicely timed random firework went off in the distance! We walked back to shore, so I could give her the ring.


Kylie in my jacket still looking a little stunned!

Sunday we drove to White Rock to suprise Kylie's parents with the news!

Some quotes from family and friends:

My Dad: "You've had a good run son, I was 29 when I got married."

Kylie's Parents: "Great, she's finally off our hands!"

Kylie's Grandma: "There's a sucker born every minute!"

My sister Jackie: "Why wait 'til next year to get married, how about next month? Natasha, Michelle and Hudson need cousins!"

My sister Di: "Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! Say hi to my future sister-in-law for me!"

My good friend Tom:"If she loves Fanny as much as you then she's a keeper! "

Matt tripped and fell head over heels,

and when Kylie helped him up,

he put a ring on her finger!

Another one bites the dust!

Amine:"Matt, you crazy Brit!!! Congratulations on your engagement! What's with PG instructors and school teachers? =)

Phil:"I cannot believe how you wilted under the pressure.... You folded like a cheap tent...YOU ARE SPINELESS!!!!! hhrmmmppphhh Congratulations anyway!!!!"

Anne: The Story of Princess Kat


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