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EVOL records


The record label was added to the list of other things we do in 1997 with the release of Blind's "Radio Infectious" single and Pilotcans debut LP "Socially Inept Disco". Originally we started the label to put out Pilotcan's records which had until then been released on Mogwai's own Rock Action Label. But we ended up paying for those early releases ourselves and thought we might as well be putting them out on our own label.

band news

Pilotcan recently finished recording their third LP with the lovely Michael Brennan Jr at The Substation in Cowdenbeath. A full diary of the recording will be posted soon. The band have also recently completed a mini tour with NYC rockers New Wet Kojak. The last night of which in London we got the chance to play on the second last Ligament show ever. As usual they kicked our asses. And we will be very sorry to see them go. The last gig is on July 1st, Upstairs at The Garage, London. See the most rocking band of all time...... one last time.

The Zephyrs will be playing on the PRS stage at T in the Park this year (at 6.50 on Saturday 8th July). The Stargazer EP is being released via Rock Action (yes, it's the mogwai connection again!!) later on this summer ... those of you who attended the album launch party in March will already have heard rough mixes of the songs to be included on the EP from the untitled EVOL 11 tape which was given out free. The Zephyrs will also be playing a few gigs in Ireland in late July or early August ... check back here for more details.

I am Scientist are to release the Glasvegas EP thru Evol late summer and will hopefully be touring at a venue near you soon. We'll post the dates as soon as we get them. Also they recently won a scottish & Newcastle Brewery sponsored battle of the bands which will see them flown to New York for a long weekend in July.

We will be updating this site as regularly as we can and trying to improve it as we go. Add yer name to our mailing list and stay tuned........

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