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Why Nacoss ???

Because NACOSS is a regulatory body and not a trade association it has no members and firms cannot "join" NACOSS by simply paying a fee and agreeing to abide by certain rules. NACOSS is independent, and works to ensure that security systems are of the highest quality and reliability. NACOSS insists that systems installed by Recognised Firms comply with all relevant British Standards, such as BS 4737 for intruder alarms, and with the industry's own Codes of Practice.

To achieve NACOSS Recognition a firm must prove its technical ability to install and maintain equipment to relevant British Standards and NACOSS Codes of Practice. The financial status of the firm is assessed, its senior personnel vetted, and the standard of communication with its customers is regulated. The suitability of the company's premises, vehicles, insurance, training, procedures and protocols on customer service are all assessed. Every NACOSS Recognised Firm must have, or gain within two years, a system of quality management to the British and international standard BS EN ISO 9002. The award of a NACOSS certificate of Quality Assurance demonstrates all of the relevant criteria have been satisfied.

NACOSS is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) to award [SO 9000 quality management certification to Firms in the electronic security industry. These activities are covered under the accreditation number 019. This means NACOSS and its Quality Assured firms are permitted to display the 'crown and tick' logo showing that the standard to which they operate is one recognised by the government.

NACOSS also ensures that high standards are maintained by visiting each NACOSS firm on a regular basis. If a company falls below standard NACOSS applies strict disciplinary procedures which could ultimately mean removal from the Official List of NACOSS Recognised Firms.

Should a customer feel that his installation is not up to standard, initially he will be advised to approach the installation company to resolve the matter. If, however, this proves unsatisfactory, the customer may refer the problem to NACOSS for investigation. If the complaint is upheld, the installation company will be required to rectify the matter, usually within 21 days, and often at no cost to the customer.

Insurance companies have been very impressed with the way NACOSS has raised standards. if you own or run commercial premises, you should be aware that insurers now regularly insist on security systems which have been installed by NACOSS Recognised Firms before they will provide cover.

The police also acknowledge that NACOSS Recognised Firms comply with the requirements set down in the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) unified policy on intruder alarms. An intruder alarm installed by a NACOSS Recognised Firm may therefore be connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre to summon the police should the need arise.

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