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General Resources and Supersites

There are so many wonderfully comprehensive sources of Classical information on the web : if you need a specific answer, then Perseus or Google are the best places to start.. If you want in depth coverage on a topic, the Oxford site should be your first port of call.

The Oracle of Loxias

My own service! Classical questions, translation, argument and discussion all promptly dealt with by email.

Cambridge School Classics Project Official Website

The website for the world's most popular Latin Course. The games and resources are still at

What do you want to know today?

This is a fantastic resource from the University of Kentucky: you can search directly for information in Perseus (including the new Lewis & Short Latin Dictionary - new on the www that is) - and in almost every other Classical resource you could imagine. For the scholar rather than the layman, however.

Ancient Greek Sites on the World Wide Web

This is very popular site, where favorite Classics sites are listed under 4 headings - Texts, Art, Geography, Essential Resources. I approve highly of this site, especially as my Exekias' Page is currently (November 1997) top of the Art listings! If you want instant access to sites of proven quality, this is your best first port-of-call. The webmaster, Bob Fisher, also runs the superb Bulfinch's Mythology. Not updated since May 2000 - some links are out of date, but still a useful resource. site.

Top Twenty Classical Sites

A selection I originally made for an "Introduction to the Web" course for JACT.

The Classics Bookshop

A direct link to Barnes and Noble, where you can select from thousands of New and Secondhand Classics books.

The Classical Civilisation Bureau

This is David Swift's treasury of resouces for the teacher of Classical Civilisation (specifically aimed at those teaching the JACT syllabus for A Level). Now free access via

Bill Thayer's List

This started off as a list which Bill updated for you regularly via email. There is now a website (with the longest URL I've ever come across!) - but some of the files are enormous, and some of the links are dodgy. Bill maintains an active list of well over 1000 ancient sites all with some ROMAN connection (Greek is there, but normally only sites which have Roman stuff as well). All sites are reviewed and classified - this is a truly amazing resource, which is automatically updated every few weeks.


Serious students of Greek literature, art and civilisation will already know about Perseus. If you want detailed information supported by references and pictures, go there directly now using the new Lookup tool . It is extremely easy to use, if you know roughly what you are looking for. Just type in any word or name you wish to look up, and the tool will connect you to data from the art and archaeology catalogs, the encyclopedia, the browser, the English index, and the English-Greek word search and gives them a simple standard interface. In addition, the lookup tool deals with alternate names such as Heracles/Hercules and Athena/Athene. Since October 1997 there's also a growing amount of Roman material (including commoner authors and Lewis & Short's dictionary. Nothing visual, as yet.
PS If you really want to know how to get Perseus to display proper accented Greek text on your PC screen, this is how. Perseus only gives you half the story! If what you want's not in Perseus, keep on searching ...


The Classics Pages, and other useful sites, are listed under Arts.Humanities.Classics.

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Research it!

Immediate access to dictionaries, thesaurus, and many other facilites (including the Bible). Translate any word from one language into any other (it's not too hot on Latin, though!)

Ultimate Index of All Things Ancient

An excellent general source for the Ancient World (not restricted to just Greece and Rome) It is long, but is amazingly comprehensive. Try not to get distracted by the links to discussions on the revival of prehistoric bacteria and other amazing things! Recently upgraded and massively expanded.

Classics at Oxford.

One of the best starting points for information on Classical sites.

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