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In ancient times anyone who could afford it consulted an oracle whenever in need of help, reassurance or information unavailable elsewhere. At Delphi you asked Loxias (aka Apollo, Phoebus). Although I'm neither godlike nor infallible, I will try to answer your questions on anything to do with ancient Greece, Rome or Persia. Expect a reply normally within 48 hours.

Who is Loxias?

Should you be interested, you can find out a limited amount about me here! Go to "Who is Loxias?" To find out about Oracles in the ancient world, go to my page on ancient oracles.

Any questions?


Ask about any Latin or Greek author: recent questions answered on Sophocles, Euripides, Homer, Virgil, Horace, Aeschylus, Theocritus - also comparisons with Shakespeare, Miller. Ask about plots, characters, interpretation - anything!


Ask about anyone or anything in Greek or Roman mythology. Recent questions answered on Hercules, Oedipus, Amazons, Telemachus, Atalanta, Adonis, Prometheus, Cassandra.

Ancient History?

Ask about anything historical. Recent questions answered on Alexander, Philip of Macedon, Pericles, Nero, Elagabalus.


Any smallish chunk of Latin (or Greek) promptly translated. Try me if you're stuck on a piece of Latin - I won't do the whole book for you, but if it's a sentence or a few lines, ask! Type it out and if possible include a reference (eg Cicero Philippic 2.23).


Try me on any "civilisation" or social history topic. Slavery, women, Olympic Games, religion, philosophy ...

Classical tags or mottoes?

Want a Latin motto for yourself, your school, your company or club, or as a special gift for that difficult friend? Tell me roughly what you have in mind, and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Latin tags and quotations?

Alas Joanna from Sweden's superb site has disappeared. [No it hasn't (August 2005) - yes it has - gone again April 2011]. Here is a substitute, from the Forum Romanum site.

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"The Oracle of Loxias is an unusual web site in Bedford, England, where the webmaster not only provides links to classical Greek and Latin texts but, even more importantly, where a scholar answers your questions on antiquity -- across oceans and time zones (free of charge!) -- one of the finest sites I have come across." Dr Henrik Eger