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The Really Hard Classics Quiz

The Really Hard Classics Quiz is back - 25 questions on classical subjects against the clock.

The questions are selected at random from a pool of hundreds - no two quizzes will ever be the same.

If you pass (90% required) you will be eligible for the coveted Classics Pages Dipoma, widely considered the equivalent of a First in Greats. Retakes are allowed. A certificate has yet to be awarded to a Johnson, B or Gove, M.

If (like me) you have a slow connection, it may take a few minutes to load up - once the picture of Oedipus and the Sphinx appears, you are almost there!

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The Odyssey Game

A very old favourite - it's considerably older than the Classics Pages, but still extremely popular. You adopt a character from the Odyssey (Odysseus, Telemachus or Penelope) and try to follow their adventures.

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The Iliad Game

A more complex game, which involves answering over 200 questions. You identify with a variety of characters as you attempt to show off your knowledge of the Iliad. Recently (April 2011) completely revised.

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The Oedipus Game

The most popular thing on the Classics Pages. A very testing series of multiple choice questions, which can stretch even those who think they know the play well. A timer is provided so you can tell how long you took to complete.

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The Antigone Game

A visual game where you try to piece together the sequence of events in Sophocles' play.

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The Medea Game

A picture-based exploration of the tragedy.

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The Lysistrata Game

Explore one of Aristophanes' funniest comedies by choosing the correct image as you progress.

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Olympic Games Quiz

How much do you really know about the ancient Olympics?

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The Architecture Quiz 

An illustrated guide to the basics of Greek Architecture in the form of a quiz.

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The Bacchae Game

An interactive web game based on Euripides' Bacchae.

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The Romans

Throughout The Romans site there are quizzes - some easy some harder - that you can use to test how well you've absorbed the material.

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