The Iliad Game

Revision 2011

Now revised, checked and corrected, with masses of illustrations and easier-to-follow clues.

My Game is intended to guide you through the most important characters, events and themes of the greatest poem ever written. The Iliad Game is still the most sophisticated thing on the Classics Pages (written originally in 1998).

You need javascript enabled. And to allow scripting windows, if your browser asks.

The game is mainly text based. There will eventually be a quiz at the end of each book (still under development).

There are something like 200 pages in the Game - you need to have some time available (although you can pause - see the Help menu)

You need to know the answer to a question before the game will allow you to move on. The menus (see a list of possible answers, in other words), and the pictures will give you clues if you get stuck - but the game isn't intended for people who aren't already fairly well acquainted with the Iliad. A copy by the computer for reference will occasionally be needed even by an expert. But it's easy to cheat, if you really need to!

The navigation bar is always there at the top of the page if you need help - or if you just want to choose a certain book or books. Or if you want to cheat!

You can use a variety of spellings - achilles, Achilles, ACHILLES, akhilleus, Akhilleus and AKHILLEUS are all acceptable - in other words the common anglicisations - Hector, Hecuba etc are acceptable alongside more accurate Hektor, Hekabe etc. But mis-spellings are not allowed (Appolo Apolo and Appollo will be rejected).

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